I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I assure you … I do not!!

That was my response to the lady on the phone. Her question was. ” well first, we have to see if you have to lose any weight?”  Huh?? Exsqueeze me bitch!! I guess you haven’t seen my almost-47-year-old-always-carefully-watching-my-body body? This whole thing, the finalization of the operation, comprised of many queries from both parties, them and me … the helper and the helpless … regarding my ill-timed, urgently impending, emergency under-the-knife procedure, that up until last night I never foresaw. Came right outta left … field, that is!! C’est la vie … what the fuck you gonna do?

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1 year already … ohmyfuckingGod!!

I can’t believe it!! I flew to visit my Mom on June 3rd (possibly the 5th) last year. I stayed until June 11th, told her how much I enjoyed spending time with her, said my thank yous, said everything a good son says, said my goodbyes, flew home. Exactly 3 weeks+3days later she was gone. She died!! I still can’t believe the whole fucking thing, how it happened so quickly. Mom, I miss you, and I love you!!

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my old rejaw pic!!

Kinda dig this one. And, really it’s not that old … 2, maybe 3 years, certainly recent enough in life’s grand scheme. And I’m certainly not trying to misrepresent myself …unlike other douche-bag, dick-wads using 5-10 years old pics, attempting to keep Father Time at bay, trying to make themselves as gussied-up-good-looking as they possibly can. This is who I am, I’m sharing a lot here, and believe me, I’m not fond of it all either. This one though, for whatever reason … I like!!