I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Mountains of B.C. … at peace with myself!!

Just a few pics during my last trip (I believe it was July 10th) … the healing process was necessary, it really, really helped me get through the difficult realization of what just transpired … I will FOREVER remember it all!!


Beautiful, breathtaking view!!


View from the dashboard, showing the narrowness of the road … Jesus Motherfucking Christ are we ever close to falling off the mountain!!


Yours truly … uh, that means me folks!!


Mika the dog(not wolf) … I swear she’s not vicious, just appears to be in this pic … BTW, look how high we are … it was so fucking beautiful!!


My bro … I love my family!!


The postcard pic!!

My sis-in-law shot this … so fitting having  a beautiful photo cap it all off … on a such beautiful, wonderful day!!


Another great beer … Victory Prima Pils!!

I heard about this beer quite some time ago (I seem to recall Lester Holt doing a beer segment on the Weekend TODAY show where it was included) and fortunately for us in Ontario the LCBO brought in this fantastic item ($14.95/6 pack-355ml bottles). Personally, I love pilsners and to have such a high quality beer available … well, nothing can beat that. I’ve been driving to various locations, scooping up (and drinking) as much as I can. I fear that at times while the LCBO is adventurous with the products they showcase, they just as quickly, inexplicably remove them from their shelves … without reason!!


It got a 92, an extremely high and respectable rating on www.ratebeer.com

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Perogies anyone?

Toronto had two great street/neighbourhood festivals this weekend … both in High Park too. The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles and The Toronto Ukrainian Festival in Bloor West Village. Both offered so much culturally, but what drew me was the great food. This type of food takes me back to my childhood, and to what I grew up eating. These European foods are incredible … I particularly love the perogies first and foremost. My Mom made the BEST perogies, only we didn’t call them perogies. We called them vereniki and the were absolutely without equal. It was really great to go and enjoy the day, and thankfully the weather Gods co-operated too.(I know, I know, I should have posted before it started, not when it’s wrapping up … sorry)

Polish Festival Poster

Here’s the poster for the Polish Festival, I was unable to find anything for the Ukrainian Festival.

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quick recap

So, where do I begin? I’ve been absent for quite awhile, but now feel the return of danistrulytheman is ripe, and long, long overdue. After suffering a huge, HUGE personal loss early in the month of July, actually just days before my birthday I picked up the pieces in my life, and wonderfully, miraculously had the BEST month in my life … that I can recall at least. I always tell friends, co-workers, people in my life that the best way to deal with life, life’s adversity it to approach it with “baby steps” … one day a time, sorry for the Bonnie Franklin/ Schneider reference … completely unintentional. I mean fuck, Rome wasn’t built in one day, right?  Take it slow, take it easy. That was to be MY approach, but I was taking huge steps … Fred Flintstone motherfucking brontosaurus dinosaur sized steps!! And it was working … everything was coming up roses for me, and inexplicably my personal life, my professional life all fell into place. My life was becoming incredibly incredible!!I dunno, I can’t even begin to explain it.  But, I am so thankful, so appreciative to the people in my life, people who I love, people who love me, people who mean EVERYTHING to me for helping me through this difficult time in my life and helping me see what’s what!!