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Mountains of B.C. … at peace with myself!!

Just a few pics during my last trip (I believe it was July 10th) … the healing process was necessary, it really, really helped me get through the difficult realization of what just transpired … I will FOREVER remember it all!!


Beautiful, breathtaking view!!


View from the dashboard, showing the narrowness of the road … Jesus Motherfucking Christ are we ever close to falling off the mountain!!


Yours truly … uh, that means me folks!!


Mika the dog(not wolf) … I swear she’s not vicious, just appears to be in this pic … BTW, look how high we are … it was so fucking beautiful!!


My bro … I love my family!!


The postcard pic!!

My sis-in-law shot this … so fitting havingĀ  a beautiful photo cap it all off … on a such beautiful, wonderful day!!


Another great beer … Victory Prima Pils!!

I heard about this beer quite some time ago (I seem to recall Lester Holt doing a beer segment on the Weekend TODAY show where it was included) and fortunately for us in Ontario the LCBO brought in this fantastic item ($14.95/6 pack-355ml bottles). Personally, I love pilsners and to have such a high quality beer available … well, nothing can beat that. I’ve been driving to various locations, scooping up (and drinking) as much as I can. I fear that at times while the LCBO is adventurous with the products they showcase, they just as quickly, inexplicably remove them from their shelves … without reason!!


It got a 92, an extremely high and respectable rating onĀ www.ratebeer.com