I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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my own artwork

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!! Thought I’d share this … as if the rest of my shit isn’t for sharing, eh? Yeah, right!!

Very first pic with my brand new toy … my dSLR!!Kinda fitting it’s a beer shot too. Note the pilsner glass only being semi, quasi frosted due to valuable time lost preparing, posing the props, trying to get it perfect. Note my trustworthy kick-ass KitchenAid bottle opener too. Nice thick handle, solid construction. This is not your crappy, run-of-the-mill,  piece of shit either, as you can see. Certainly worthy of cracking open my precious beer … and as a bonus, it also matches the rest of my KitchenAid collection!!

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Motherfucking Workhorse!!

That’s Doc Halladay in a nutshell. The guy is a Goddamn motherfucking machine!! I’m not going to get all in depth with a crap-load of crazy stats, verifying his greatness.This isn’t a fucking bullshit baseball blog for Christsakes!! Go elsewhere and read that shit for more info. I will say this though, he’s leading the Majors with 4 wins (and 0 losses) to start the season with a 0.82 ERA and also with a league leading 2 complete games, and 33 innings pitched. Like I said ‘motherfucking workhorse’ !! It was a sad day last year when he was traded from Toronto. A city and team which was his for the past dozen years. His only team … EVER for that matter. Man, he was so, so loved, and appreciated. Everybody had nothing but good things to say about him … and not just as a player, but as a person, a man of the community. Now he’s in Philadelphia … the City of Brotherly Love plying his trade. And I hope your moniker is true, and I hope you embrace him … ’cause right now y’all really don’t know whatcha got with Roy Halladay. In time though, I hope that you do!!

BTW, you didn’t think I’ve have him in a Phillies uniform did you? Not a motherfucking chance!!

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Worst parker

I should have posted this last fall when it happened. Yesterday the courts handed down its sentence, and refreshed my memory of this funny shit. So, the driver … Tripta Kaushal was fined $500, ordered to pay restitution to the car owners, and is banned from night driving (between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.). Oh, also as a funny side-note, days after this went viral, after it became a YouTube sensation… Hyundai Canada gave the Hyundai owner a free car!! Can you believe that? Imagine that!! A free fucking car!! Sweet!!

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I love it when good people do good things!!

A couple of wonderful ladies had a decorative table set-up this week-end at my local LCBO trying to raise awareness and gain support for breast cancer research. They were selling various knickknacks and accepting donations. I love being supportive of good causes … many, different good causes, but cancer hits home hard with me in particular, so I was more than happy to donate money generously. Also I bought this beautiful pink bracelet (actually a variation of it … mine simply says HOPE ) that I am now proudly wearing as a sign of my support. I’m just trying my best to do my small part, hoping that everybody else does too … and I’m hoping that in the long run, with everyone pitching in that it helps!!

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Fuck you horoscope!!

Cancer should listen, not dictate – It was there in black and white … leafing through, reading my morning paper. In bold letters too, and that’s why it caught my eye, ’cause I normally could give two shits about my horoscope. And after my meeting this morning … the meeting where I felt like I was kicked in the fucking balls, because I let this douche-bag start in as the aggressor and subsequently let him walk all over me … all I can say is a big FUCK YOU HOROSCOPE to you and your retardedness!! Honestly, I blame the whole fucking fiasco on subliminally reacting in an uncharacteristic danistrulytheman manner after seeing and reading that Goddamn bullshit!! See, normally, that’s my game … calling the fucking shots. But, he busted outta the gate like his ass was on fire and that had me reeling right from the start. Plus eye candy Elizabeth (whatever her purpose for being there was, I still don’t know) unexpectedly showed up, so without even realizing what had happened, I became this guy’s personal punching bag. What a waste of fucking time!! Couldn’t wait to get my ass outta there. But now, on the bright side I appear to have turned the tables as my newest, most agreeable, best bud Wendy and I are poised to do business … leaving poor douche-bag with a limp dick and more importantly leaving him without having two pennies to rub together!!

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You make me dizzy running circles in my head

One of these days I’ll chase you down
Well look who’s going crazy now
We’re face to face my friend
Better get out
Better get out

You can see this on my face
It’s all for you
The more and more I take
I break right through
And therapy still scares me
Puts me on my back again
I may be crazy little frayed around the ends

One of these days I\’ll phase you out

Burn it in the blast off
Burn it in the blast off
Watching me crawl away
Try to get out
Try to get out

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Copenhagen Carlsberg crew gets curtailed!!

Or better yet … screwed!! Talk about beer drinking and hell-raising, well this is absolutely it … personified!! What a great motherfucking gig … drinking on the job. This is literally a dream job for anybody working in North America. Fuck, drinking beer makes perfect sense!! It makes everything better!! I envy you, I bow my head in respect!! Keep up the great work!! Oh BTW, did I mention I’m moving my motherfucking ass to Denmark? Pronto!!

beer drinkers have rights too!!


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Overcooked bacon is a crime!!

Sorry, but I must address this. Listen … first of all, I love crispy bacon as much as the next person. What I am saying is that people who love crispy bacon, usually cook it to the correct, exact doneness, ready to eat at this perfect stage. But, ideally, you want to let it rest while you are busy getting the rest of your food ready to be eaten, and maybe cleaning the kitchen, etc. during this time(at least this is what I do). And it is here during this waiting to be gobbled-up period that it can become ultra-crispy and overdone!! I don’t like that … just saying!! Be wary, and be careful!!