I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Seema, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were dolling up your coiffe in anticipation of our appointment!

… musta been my complimentary comment last time, good memory girl. you came out from your office to greet me … smiling, strutting like a model, hair glammed up … all Nick Chavez like. Flock me, lol!

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… and so it begins!

Exactly what I wanted/expected! I almost stopped a million times, but I didn’t … I pushed. I wanted my 8K, I got my 8K. Considering it’s my 1st run of the season, and that I’m about 8 pounds away from optimum running weight, AND, that it’s still mucky, so much debris from the ice-storm littering the sidewalks – felt more like a mud run than anything, lol … I’m very pleased! Yep, right where I wanna be …


… now off to watch the game … GO Spartans

Memphis v Michigan State


there’s no crying in marathons!

OMG, I just realized something! As you all are aware, I signed up for my 1st marathon, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (October 19). Unfortunately, I’ve been housebound w/ training … building a cardio foundation best I can. I tried hitting the roads about a month back, but winter wouldn’t let go its nasty grip. Now the plan is to FINALLY start/resume full-on training tomorrow (stay tuned) – YEAY!! Looking at the weather forecast, looks like were in for double digit temps for at least a week. Ok, back to my realization!! I see from my Running Records that I PR’ed a 12K on October 20th of last year. Took me a second putting 2+2 together … but that was the day LAST year’s marathon was run … and now I recall it completely; I purposely went for a dedication run of sorts that morning, acknowledging all the competitors. I also remember it because afterwards, I spent the entire day working doing demolition/construction/renovations! Even though it was a record run (I don’t run 12K often), I did it running well within myself! And, seeing that time/run … AND now focusing and visualizing for what lies ahead, all I can think is; if I could repeat that effort (3 1/2 times over) on October 19th, I’d be chuffed as fuck! AND, I know my title has absolutely nothing to w/ any of this … it just came to me. All the hard work anyone who attempts a marathon must endure isn’t lost on me in the slightest … and I thought it was appropriate knowing I’m in for a world of hurt …

… for old time’s sake y’all!


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schmoozing & networking!

boy, sure felt good good grabbing the bull by the horns and by the balls, flailing that bitch called life around and around today. fuck you, fuck everyone purporting to be trulyondans side as well. i see my side, i see clearly, but i don’t see you. i only see me!

everyone’s a cunt in this life no one’s there for me!

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I just want you to know I got no trouble with what you said. I don’t even think you’re wrong!

Doesn’t matter what I done or if I even crossed the line
You start to holler going for blood girl it doesn’t have to be a fight

Throwing out the blame when you know it ain’t my fault
Messing with my brain when you wanna see me fall
There may come a time when I don’t bother you at all
It isn’t my call it isn’t my call

Take a minute to tell you now and I don’t have to raise my tone
Take the level and bring it down I just want you to know
I got no trouble with what you said I don’t even think you’re wrong
It’s how you say it you lose your head girl I’m standing right in front of you

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sausages & chickpeas!

This is another one of my famous throw everything in the pot and hope for the best type of creations!! I bought sausages (hot Italian), and used whatever else I had in the house. I’ve been on a chickpeas roll of late, incorporating them in many meals I’ve been making … talk about awesome and healthy!! I grilled the sausages, then combined them w/ sautéed sweet onions, red peppers and kale. After a few minutes of sizzling ‘n flippin’ on high heat, I deglazed w/ white wine, added a bit of chicken broth, tossing in the chick peas, and bringing everthing to a simmer before placing in the oven to finish! Served w/ the obligatory/proverbial Italian crusty peasant loaf to sop up all the goodness, the best cheese you have in the icebox, a glass (or bottle, lol) of red vino, the lights dimmed creating the perfect ambience, Sting, or maybe Annie Lennox, playing softly in the background setting the mood… and yep, dansyermothereffinguncle

mungia mungia! farmer style mungia mungia …



yum, yum, and YUMMO


my stingy/meager portion (another blog post/lesson – another time) …


leftovers w/ fried & caramelized onions! leftovers are ALWAYS better …


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are you wanting inspiration?

wake me when the day breaks
show me how the sun shines
tell me about your heartaches
who could be so unkind?
do you dream to touch me?
and smile down deep inside
or could you just kill me?
hey, it’s hard to make up your mind sometimes

… let your love life shine …


I’ll see you in 7 months!!

I did it! Natalie Morales inspired me. And, if I don’t commit beforehand, I won’t afterward! So, today I did. And, I’ll be sure to put my fastest feet forward!

October 19, 2014, my 1st ever Marathon is officially marked! Wish me luck!



My Killer Bolognese!!

… and, I’ve made many variations, today’s was extra killer! It hit me? I haven’t been food bloggin’ for quite some time. And, knowing it’s cyclical (people come, people go), it made me realize many newcomers to danistrulytheman don’t have a clue about me, especially when it comes to my cooking skills. I really have neglected this part of me, my blog … and I also realize, no one can be bothered to peruse a blog that extends 4 years+ back, just want you newcomers to know, I do have exceptional (Italian) cooking skills. So much, that lately, things I see on other blogs that would make me cringe, now elicits a friendly “like” … lol! I could go on ad nauseam about it … in fact, I MAY have previously. I kept it basic for today … I think that’s been my problem of late; too lazy … can’t be bothered to teach y’all! typically, I use minced veal, today my market had gorgeous beef (cheaper too) … was an easy decision. normally, I put my tomatoes (San Marzano) through a food mill, but at a dinner party once, a non-foodie commented that she used an immersion blender … her thinking was that any tomato skins/seeds contained nutrients, and she didn’t want to waste any of it. I’ll never forgot her words, and it made me rethink my method, and to this day, I use her approach. BUT, today pressed for time, went sans blender, dumping the cans into the browned meat, breaking up the tomatoes with my wooden spoon … pulling out any obvious tomato skins. here’s a pic of my bolognese (chunky) simmering …


and here’s my pasta boiling away. notice the high boil? plus, I don’t use ANYTHING but pasta from Italy (sorry, another topic, for another day). when the water comes to a boil, I dump in about 5 tablespoons of salt; the pasta water should taste like the ocean ( again, another day – oh, and kosher/sea salt too).


and, finally plated … my bolognese linguine piccolo w/Romano Lupa and OMG’s focaccia. and, please believe me; this pic doesn’t even begin to give the meal justice – it WAS more awesome than you can imagine!



and for the record, it’s 110%!!

… not 101% as you erroneously referred to it – ‘101% for sure’ to quote you verbatim, when I asked one final time about combining – a price match from a competitor, with the Save The Tax Event my fave Lowe’s was offering! You really shouldn’t have been so confident either since you really didn’t have a clue. As it turned out; pursuing it further, I was able to score both deals, adding up to BIGTIME $AVING$ on my big ticket item purchase! Yep … 110% for sure I did, lol!

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everything old is new again!!

… a SPECIAL shout-out to my very good blogging bud! And ok ok, so this song ain’t EXACTLY bill fitting, but I think the hammer hits hard on the nail head of its proverbial meaning! There’s something very mystical and magical about that … least I think so! And, if you don’t see its profoundness? No problem … shut-up, sit back … listen and enjoy! Hey, at the very least … it’s a cool motherfucking song, lol!

oooh, you make me live. oooh, you’re my best friend.

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I’ve seen your face before my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am

Well, I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes

How could I ever forget, it’s the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence up, no you don’t fool me
The hurt doesn’t show but the pain still grows, it’s no stranger to you or me