I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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another ‘I’m turning 50 and you’re not’ iPhone pic!

… end of the month mofos … tomorrow we flip the calendar over to July (Happy Birthday Canada), the BEST month … the month of my birth. I’m in the homestretch y’all!!

snapped & sharing only ’cause I liked the coiffe, lol!

… and get this … ’cause of my recent healthier lifestyle, and with my newly transformed tighter/toned/slimmer physique – Tiffany K even suggested I take up modeling, LOL!!


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it’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right

I hope you had the time of your life

for what it’s worth it was worth all the while

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Redrum Redrum! I Effing Murdered Today’s Run!

A few thoughts, a few numbers. I obliterated my previous 8K record by a whopping 1 minute & 12 seconds. That’s a HUGE improvement! I think because I’m usually trying for a great halfway split (4K), or a fast 10K time, neglecting running as hard as I can trying to improve on my 8K time … but today I did. Maybe it has something to do with my Saturday runs, lately they’ve all been PR’s. Funny, it wasn’t till later (at home, after my shower) that I thought to myself I could have annihilated my previous 10K PR as well (sub 46 minutes was def attainable), but like I said, I can only attempt one record at a time, and I’m happy I accomplished this one. I was at 4K in 17:50 (only 5 seconds slower than my fastest time), and I finished (the second 4K) in 18:37 – a very fast time in itself. And, I’ve never run (or timed) a 5K race … but adding my first five kilometers totals 22:26 … for those who have finished a 5K run, lemme know what you think – please (and thanks)!

I think was really amazes me, is my continual improvement. Whenever I achieve a new benchmark, I say to myself, “that’s it, that’s the best I can do” … and I mean it, but you know what? It never is, I eventually do better, and it seems like leaps and bounds better!

Also, I should provide a bit of background. I’ve never been a runner. I’ve never considered myself a runner. I’m a 50 year old dude who recently decided to take up running. I’ve also started to become smarter about what I put into my body – I’m talking healthier eats, if it’s beneficial – I’m eating/drinking it! Uhm, I know my body weight, my BMI (21.8) has worked in my favour (oh, and that’s another story … that was through hard work as well), perhaps providing me with a bit of a head-start. Also, my youthful athletic prowess shouldn’t be discounted, despite the great distance separating the what was, and what is, I still know the most important part of what makes a top athlete is … NEVER SAY QUIT … above and beyond everything else, THIS is it! And it’s still a part of me, who I am … Intestinal Fortitude y’all!! But, I’m curious, and for those runners who may read this, REAL runners (hardcore runners) … I would love any thoughts/insight/opinions you may have on my progression/my accomplishments to date … and on anything I should/need to do to keep advancing further … muchas gracias!

thirty six thirty …


quick splits …


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hitting a new skinny

… snapped this morning at my daily weigh-in! My protein smoothie awaits, then on the 8K road again!

Brand New Low


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“limitations, I’ve none” – danistrulytheman

… I ain’t restricted nor constricted … by anything or anyone!!

… eye of the tiger motherfuckers … eye of the tiger!!

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“try saying excuse me dildo” – sidewalk-walkin’-woman

… LOL!! Can’t believe I hadn’t posted earlier … shoulda the night this episode of Elementary aired. Funny fucking line – she was pissed that dildo didn’t say boo when bumping into her, so she quickly turned & offered up this gem … a second later dildo was dead! Splat, air-conditioner killed him – murdered him … fucking dildo, lol!!

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2 pints of booze, tell me are you a badfish too?

Are you a badfish too?

When you grab a hold of me, tell me that I’ll never be set free
But I’m a parasite, creep and crawl I step into the night
Ain’t got no money to spend, I hope the night will never end
Lord knows I’m weak, won’t somebody get me off of this reef

Ain’t got no quarrels with God, ain’t got no time to grow old
Lord knows I’m weak, won’t somebody get me off of this reef