I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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someday we’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done

someday when your head is much lighter

someday we’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun

someday when the world is much brighter



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my sweet sweet lily!


Nov. 9, 1999! I’ll never forget it! My sweet little Lily came into my life! Sadly, she left it too soon. It was then I realized … Lily’s the only hope/reason I have for heaven’s existence … and I ain’t fucking joking! As I said before, if it does exist, and when my time comes … I’ll be barreling through, pushing ALL family members aside who went before, wanting to greet me, looking for her, wanting to snatch her in my arms letting her plant those doxie-lapping-kisses all over my mug like she always did! Speaking of heaven – afterlife … November 9th is also the day one of greatest geniuses of this place we call EARTH was born … Carl Sagan! And I leave you (along with a pic of my Lily) with one of his many great quotes, and this one in particular, pertaining to heaven/afterlife!

“It is…

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Oscar Omelette!

4 cheese – Manchego, 5 year old Cheddar, creamy Havarti, and Burrata straight outta Italy, along w/smoked turkey breast! served w/sweet onion/potato rösti, sausage, AND Dimpflmeier Prebiotic Bread… toasted and buttered!

AAANNNNDDDDD, that’s a fecking platter, NOT a plate!!


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Cams is closed – don’t open till 4?! ‘Sup w/your antiquated late Sunday opening meanwhile losing business shit?! Never mind, not my probs douches – YOURS!! Monkey wrench was for only a blip of a moment… danistrulythemanwithabackupplan!! Always!!

I wanted to order from yous guys for SOOOO SOOOO long anyway… like, forever (but, assumed I was outta the delivery area and never attempted to… till today)! Have read nuthin’/heard nuthin’ but the highest praise/best TO pizza ’bout you! Go ahead, Google online reviews, see for yourselves!

… still can’t believe they delivered this pizza goodness this far… for me, lol!