I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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substitution mass confusion

clouds inside your head
involving all my energies
until you visited
with your eyes of porcelain and of blue
they shock me into sense
you think you’re so illustrious
you call yourself intense

I can’t feel this way much longer
expecting to survive
with all these hidden innuendoes
just waiting to arrive
it’s such a wavy midnight
and you slip into insane
electric angel rock and roller
I hear what you’re playing

were fogging all my energies

bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love

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Have a wonderful day!! Keep spreading your sunshine!!

That’s exactly what the lady at the market said to me today!! Verbatim … her very words!! I say this because I’m a very positive, friendly person, and people who I don’t even know but I come across in my daily life sense it and comment on it, or react to it. Funny thing, after she said this to me, an hour later I was about to do something I had to do, something I knew I had to, but was dreading and not looking forward to. And let me tell y’all … I wasn’t spreading any sunshine!!

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Van Halen

These fuckers exploded onto the scene in the late ’70’s wailing like a motherfucking banshee!! Led by the greatest frontman in the history of rock music, the incomparable David Lee Roth, their first four albums spanning from 1978-1981 still stand out as some of that generation’s best!! Check out the album cover photograph on Women and Children First … un-fucking-believable!! Everybody wants some … I want some too!!

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Slut Bag!!

I heard someone say this yesterday … I was within earshot!! I couldn’t fucking believe it!! It made me think  … and I swear I hadn’t heard it for 30 years … I completely forgot about this word, this phrase. Funny how popularity of words/phrases/sayings is ever changing. Back in the day, I fucking always used to say this … a teen-ager in high-school, I’d throw it around like it was nobody’s fucking business!! Whoever you are … thanks for taking me back to the fond memories of my youth!!

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weight maintenance!!

Mine specifically!! I work hard at it … really hard, sometimes too hard, going to great lengths ensuring it’s bang on, ever the same, never fluctuating, or worse yet, gaining … yikes!! Today, two people made it a point to approach me and ask if I had lost some weight. I hadn’t. I think at times certain clothes I wear give that illusion. I was flattered, but I hadn’t. Hours later it made me smile thinking of my response to the guy who asked me about it and how differently I reacted when a sweeter smelling, smoother-skinned person of the opposite gender inquired about it. Suffice it to say, I was happy to hear both comments … but only one got an eager and excited shirt hiked skyward past my chin, flat stomach flashed view, with plenty-o-smiles and a shitload of gushing, ‘ geez, what, who me’ thanks and appreciation for the comment … thankfully the other did not!!