I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Doctor’s visit!!

I wanted to book a last minute appointment today, and luckily they had an opening. I don’t want to get into details of why I went, but I wanted to get it diagnosed by a professional. And I was somewhat expecting the possibility of a x-ray. Not only did I go for x-rays, I got a prescription, and was to get blood work done at the lab as well, something that I opted to forego due to lacking time and also due to lacking a spine. No time, no spine (nice rhyme eh?)., Actually I went for three x-rays, oh and as a side note … the radiologist, with my form in hand, detailing my personal information asked me for my date of birth … can you fucking believe it? It happened again. I’m starting to think that it’s not necessarily that I don’t look my age, but perhaps that I don’t act my age … lol!! Ok, getting back to the Doctor and my visit. After this (his diagnosis and rehabilitation advice) was concluded and settled, and just as I was preparing to leave, I inquired about the H1N1 wanting to get his thoughts. I know that when the clinics first started offering the flu shot, it became a motherfucking zoo!! Long lines, people were panicking … this too he confirmed from what he saw during all the mayhem … even he couldn’t believe how wild it was!! Not only did he convince me it was in my best interest to get it, he also convinced me to get the seasonal flu shot as well!! So on the advice of my good Doctor, I got the double whammy … the motherfucking duece!! A matching pair … a shot in the arm (both arms in fact) . As of today danistrulytheman is motherfucking immunized for 1 whole year!! Sweet!!

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25 year old microwave oven!! Are you kidding me?

Today my microwave quit. Just fucking died. It was a GE Profile Spacesaver model, and after I removed it (no small feat considering it was built like a motherfucking tank … and weighed like one too) hanging from under my kitchen cabinets, I saw the back sticker on the unit indicated it was manufactured in October 1984 … in Japan no less. Can you fucking believe that? It’s over 25 years old!! Nothing nowadays lasts that long!! It survived all that time, serving me well. So today, out of necessity, and perhaps out of urgency too, I went shopping for a new microwave oven. I really had my heart set on a GE, since this one outperformed its intended lifespan, or any expectations that I might have had … plus my fridge and stove are both GE profile models. Unfortunately, what I saw in terms of build quality wasn’t what I expected, or wanted, so I had to settle for a Panasonic model. But, after a few test runs, I must say it appears to be very, very good. I’m looking forward to many, many¬† years of usage with the improved performance. My question is … will it be as good as the original? My answer is … not a fucking chance!!

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tiff at Tiffany & Co.

OK, so it wasn’t an argument, or even a disagreement. Just pent-up frustration after a long, long, day Christmas shopping at the mall. There was a huge lineup just to get in, even the local nightly news channels had coverage of it on their broadcasts … and I even knew what I wanted. I already had the item picked out from their website. It was something for myself. It was gonna be a slam-dunk, no-brainer for the salesperson … all she’d have to do is ring it up, and blue box and white ribbon the motherfucker!! Sadly, when we were let in (20-30 minutes later) I find out they are ‘out of stock’ on this particular item. Goddamn, I hating hearing that fucking phrase (out of stock). I just wanted to curl up into a fucking ball and cry!! Merry Fucking Christmas danistrulytheman!!

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Christmas … we’re almost there!!

Today I went to TheBeerStore for the last time this year. Actually to return my empties and clear out my house. I told my 2 buddies who work there, they’re both good shits … “I don’t want to see your ugly mugs till next year!!” I also told them I’m done with all of my LCBO shopping too. So fucking happy about that, what a relief. I’ve got beer and wine up the wazoo to last me well into the new year!! Now, tomorrow is gonna be another story!! I’m kinda committed to going Christmas shopping at Yorkdale. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be a Goddamn motherfucking zoo!! I actually drove by on the 401 today at 1:30 p.m. and couldn’t see any parking spots!! So multiply that craziness by a gazillion for the last Saturday shopping day left, and you get the idea of what I’m in for. I’ll endure, I’ll persevere, I’ll get through it … er, I hope!!