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Woodbine Racetrack!!

Saturday April 2 marks the return of thoroughbred racing … opening day!! I have such great memories of Woodbine … seeing the Queen, the Queen Mum (I was standing on a level above her as she making her way to her private seating area, walking directly beneath me … very cool), The Breeder’s Cup in 1996, so many, many more memories too. Great horses as well … With Approval, Sky Classic, Dance Smartly, Play The King (my favourite), Afleet, Peteski, Izvestia, Awesome Again … and many more great horses too. There was a time when I never missed it, or many other days on the racing calendar for that matter. Now? Hardly ever go … but love it when I do. And, love watching the major races throughout the year on TV (the computer now too)!!

Woodbine has such a beautiful paddock!! Hands down the best in North America … bar none!! And that’s not a stretch … “and down the stretch they come”, lol!! I’ve got a GREAT picture on a warm and sunny autumn Rothman’s Day (unsure the year off the top of my head) standing in front of the paddock with Tiffany K. that I have framed … and would love to share it here with y’all, but also … would love to just wake-up tomorrow, lol!! Hey, can’t blame me for betting on ‘a sure thing‘, lol!!


P.S. These old-time railbirds always came around looking for inside information, prying my picks. As a joke, a goof, I’d alway tell’em the same thing, ” You wanna tip? … Seabiscuit to win!!” LOL!!

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“my indignation trumps your oppressive arrogance” – danistrulytheman … BONUS QUOTE!!



Like it, the thought at least, and the ease of use, but unfortunately still needs work. Two recent posts of mine aren’t being displayed as originally posted. One simply was unable to recreate the symbol for π leaving it omitted, and leaving readers scratching their heads. The other was posted in Cyrillic, and was missing completely, while the content in Cyrillic remained.


Sounds wonderful!

Love your work!

Absolutely wonderful. I look forward to playing around with it. Thanks!!

Wow!! Thanks WP!

Terrific idea!

Amazing!!! Technology just keeps getting better and better.
Fantastic idea!

WOW!! Very Kool

Just Noticed this last night & it looks awesome!

oh that is awesome!!!

I must have an iPad 2 asap!

This looks so cool! I wonder if any of my blog readers are using an IPad.

Yay!! This IS cool! I use my iPad a great deal, and I know plenty of people who put in most of their internet time on their iPads. Yay!



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Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare!!

This recipe comes courtesy Rachael Ray!! The quote comes courtesy Lidia (that should suffice, if not … Bastianich … bastards, lol)!! Spaghetti, kale and portobello mushrooms … basically. I changed (tweaked) minor details … I omitted nutmeg (not a fan, used it before a few times with pasta dishes using ricotta, and just wasn’t fond of its unique taste and overpowering tendencies … certainly wasn’t subtle to say the least) … substituted chili flakes instead!! Kale cries out, screams for this, along with copious salt and black pepper too. Oh, I used linguine piccolo in place of spaghetti as well.This is actually the second Rachael Ray inspired recipe that I tried. The first one was her individual meatloafs … mini-meatloafs!! I make that all the fucking time, and always think of her when I do, giving her credit for such a great, easy idea. This time I also got the greatest tip from her … when you remove the stem from the portobello leaving the cap to be thinly sliced before adding to the frypan, she suggests scraping the ribs removing what would result in tiny black flecks covering and coating the pieces as you slice them, something you wouldn’t want to add to the dish anyways, combining it with the pasta and making a Goddamn mess of the whole thing!! Not attractive, or eye-appealing!! How fucking smart … thanks Rach!! BTW, this is completely different than when you grill them on the BBQ, leaving the ribs intact, sopping up any olive oil, chili flakes, lemon juice, parsley, and garlic goodness (my favourite combo) … or any ingredients you choose to fill the caps with!! Soon motherfuckers, soon … BBQ, are we there yet? Once again I made way too much food … this was for two!! Guess that means today=leftovers, lol!!

Oh, notice the 2 bowls and platter used for the antipasto … they’re part of my WP Bistro set!!

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PF Flyers Number 5!!

Incurring shitloads of difficulties/problems finding/buying these!! Can’t get ’em in my home and native land!! WTF happened to with glowing hearts? Not gonna divulge the ones I want either motherfuckers (gonna keep you guessing, lol)!! Exploring US online shopping sites only sucks!! WAY TOO MUCH dinero for shipping/taxes/duty charges!! Almost equal to the fucking cost itself!! Looks like I’m forced to shop UK online sites again, and with the strong Canadian dollar, it’s worth it … HUGE $AVING$!! Haven’t found my exact model, and size … YET!! Keep yer fingers x’ed y’all!!

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Hangover helper!!

Overindulging in a few extra pints of Guinness celebrating Paddy’s day, the following day my body was telling me I needed some stick to your ribs food!! My breakfast of champions!! Only I fancy making it for dinner, it’s too much food to consume that early in the a.m. … prefer eating light kickstarting my day. I always vary the ingredients for my four egg omelettes, lots of cheese being the only constant. This version had mushrooms, hot banana peppers, and prosciutto salami. I took extra time/effort to make/serve Rösti potatoes alongside (too bad I drizzled them with ketchup covering my culinary chops, before I snapped the pic, lol). It was so much food, and I did share, only a little though, lol. Damn, did it ever hit the fucking spot … just what the doctor ordered!!

Perhaps, it was the lip-smacking, belly rubbing goodness of Friday’s meal that persuaded me to make another gut bustin’ killer filler dinner keeping along the same theme. Tonight it was my famous four eggs benedict with bacon, drenched with generous dollops of hollandaise sauce (using a whole stick of butter in the process) topped with thinly sliced green scallions served with hash browns!! This time I didn’t share … talk about throwing my “counting calories” philosophy (which I strictly adhere too) out the fucking window!! Plus, I polished off a zeppole for dessert (sorry, no pic) too!! Luckily, ‘eggs benny’ was no harm, no foul as my daily weigh-in proved early Sunday morning!! As far as my arteries are concerned though … this meal NEVER happened, lol!!

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На моём родном языке!!

После предидущего экспериментирования с рукописным посланием…(помните этот провал?),
я подумал: почему бы не сделать одно послание на моём родном русском языке. Я очень горжусь
своим происхождением, и это даёт мне возможность продемонстрировать это. Почему, блин, нет !! Верно?
О, помилуйте, я не могу использовать даный кредит по полной (любой кредит для этой цели) … мои
русские дни по чтению и правописанию (при той небольшой способности, какую я когда-либо имел)
далеко в прошлом. Поэтому я уговорил мою хорошую подругу Ирину перевести для меня.
Не думайте, что я хочу преувеличить, хочу, чтобы было попроще, но в то же время показать кто я есть.
О, если кто из вас в состоянии приложить усилия перевести это так, чтобы можно было прочесть, то
в награду я готов предоставить вам пароль моей закрытой почты от 9 февраля (пароль: Среда).
Наслаждайтесь, долбоёбы !!    Спасибо еще раз Ирине!!



Thanks Irene, my good Ukrainian friend, who happens to be a translator (do I have horseshoes up my ass, or what? Don’t answer, lol!!) for salvaging this mess!! This was my intended plan, my vision … more or less!! Thanks again for all your help!! Btw, despite my pleading, I love you laughingly, somewhat frustratedly saying, “Dan, there just isn’t a translation for motherfucker”!!

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Shopping bulimia!!

I heard a story about this quite some time ago, and saw another one today. A shopping bulimic is a person who shops excessively, only to return the purchases. Psychoanalysts say endorphins are released creating a high, a buzz … they liken it to sex and chocolates. Unaware of the clinical term, I knew this condition existed …  been seeing this kinda shit on a shopping site going on for a long time … people almost proudly bragging of such behaviour. One particular incident involved an individual buying 4 computer tablets, then promptly returning all 4!! Jesus Christ, who the fuck would do that … AND then publicly boast? Whatever causes it, this addiction … whatever goes through these people’s minds, all I can say is “that’s some fucked up shit”!! Reflecting with Tiffany K. upon my personal history (once again danistrulytheman holds his head high), from the hundreds of purchases made, the countless thousands of dollars spent … the number of items returned can be tallied on the fingers of one hand … and, leaving at least one finger (case I need to flip someone the bird, lol) untouched!! Not a word of a lie either … 3 or 4 returns only!! Shit, give me sex and chocolates!! On second thought, keep the chocolates … I’ll take sex … and more sex, lol!!

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Quite awhile back while shopping at The Real Canadian Superstore, I saw this great deal on frozen turkey!! In the bunker were various brands and sizes, and I snagged a beautiful air-chilled, grain fed 5.5 kilo bird (just over 12 lb.) for ten and a half bucks!! Sweet fucking deal, eh?! It was thawing away (very slowly) in my fridge for 5 days … hey, my fridge is almost as cold as my freezer, lol. Read: COLD BEER!! Haha!! Yesterday, I roasted the gobbler and served it along with the usual suspects … roasted fingerling potatoes, stuffing, corn, warmed dinner rolls, gravy, and cranberry sauce … you can’t go fucking wrong!! Should say, you can’t go fucking wrong for days, lol!!

Done!! Roasted (and abundantly basted too) at 350º for 3-3 1/2 hours … not too shabby, eh ?!?!

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Over and over I keep wondering why

And I want to know
Have I gone too far
Have I sunk to a brand new low
And I want to know
If I’ve gone too far
Cause I’ve lost all my self control

Wasting your time with your so called friends

The ones you adore and the ones you pretend
And it’s kind of sad and deranged
But it’s not so bad that it can’t be explained

Guilty as charged
I’ve been convicted and tried
Was it too much to ask for you to take my side
Cause there’s nothing here to defend
When it’s always me
That you blame in the end

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Wolfgang Puck!!

Love his products, love watching him hawking his shit (wares) even more!! Love getting a good deal as well. There’s an online shopping site I frequent searching for deals … truth be told, it’s usually Tiffany K. doing most of the searching, lol. Came across this beautiful 6 piece serving set originally priced at $60 … reduced to a mere $16.88!! A whopping 71% savings. Sounds good, eh? Well, it is …but kinda isn’t too … see with the $13.80 S&H remaining unchanged, almost equaling the purchase price of the item … it brings the total to almost $35 taxes in, and pushes it beyond being such a great deal. Purchasing it under these circumstances makes no sense!! Aware of their policy, I stopped at their outlet store, ordered it … and picked it up AVOIDING the S&H charges!! Also, as a new unopened product, it came with their 30 day return policy … not as a returned, or refurbished ‘all sales final’ price!! Divided equally, each piece cost $3.18 … what a fucking joke!! Wondering if I should ‘call in’ live … talk to the man himself mentioning the great deal I got, lol?

Here it is: nuthin’ fancy, but very practical … and more importantly … insane at the price!!

Bistro White Serving Set

You can’t go wrong buying platters and serving dishes … always need them I find!! Cheers!!

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New beer!!

Been enjoying this craft beer from the Okanagan … beautiful B.C., my old stompin’ grounds!! LCBO recently introduced it (3 weeks ago), hopefully they decide to keep it in their line-up on a regular basis. Hard to tell with them, what they’re thinking … a lot depends on strength of sales. With that criterion in mind, I know I’ll definitely be buying my share … ok ok, more than my share, lol!!

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Love and loyalty!!

I heard this on the news today … a story about a man and his dog!! Seeing the video of them made it even more compelling. Liam Tasker, a British soldier and his bomb sniffing dog Theo, a Springer Spaniel… whose 14 finds of IED’s in 5 months was the most ever by any canine. They were due to come home, but had 1 extra month’s tour tacked on … I’m sure at this point you know what happened next … Liam was killed in an attack. Theo, uninjured … and at a young and healthy 22 months of age died only hours later after returning to the military base at what was described as a seizure. The two were inseparable … those close say Theo died of a broken heart!! Being a dog lover, I have no doubt whatsoever, and now thankfully they are forever inseparable!!

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Bad moon rising!!

Almost called it, “Bark at the moon!!”, or even “Extreme Supermoon!!” All are good choices. March 19 marks the date that the moon will approach Earth closer than it has since 1993 … 18 years ago!! Hence the reference as being an extreme supermoon … technically called a ‘lunar perigee’ … one thing’s for certain for the casual observer, it’ll fucking look bigger, lol!! Speculation abounds about severe/sudden weather patterns resulting!! My good astronomy buff bud Zdenek is eagerly awaiting its arrival … we had a great discussion regarding the event!! Yeah yeah, danistrulytheman is fucking nuts at times eh? Tell me something I don’t know, lol!! Absolutely love shit like this!!