I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


rain run!

I LOVE running in the rain – getting caught running in the rain. Starting out my run when it’s raining – not so much. Today marks 1 month of training, 2 weeks from today and it’ll be 1 year I became a runner. AND, since I’m talking anniversaries; watch for my next blog post – is an ANNI-BIGGIE – fair warning!

I ran 7.5K today. I stopped and restarted, not because I was hurting, but because of an issue w/ my Garmin. Don’t wanna get into it now, give details – will soon enough! First 5.5K was on a 4:36 kilometer pace, so I felt good. Finished the final 2K stronger – sub 4:30 … YES, 4:29 is sub 4:30, lol!

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 5.53.39 PM

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… it’s been awhile!

i’ve been selfie remiss for such a long LONG time. don’t even know why i bother/continue – not exactly liking what i see staring back, maybe that’s why am blogging less and less of ’em? – hey, least i spared y’all my infamous almost nekkid body-selfies … for now, lol!



my mile!

I started this run, as a way of supplementing my other runs. I only ran it after running a strong 4K (or 5K). I’d be out of breath, and would walk briskly to my starting point about a kilometer away. I mean, I had to get home anyways, so I figured it’d be a good way to work on my speed (or lack thereof, lol), and it’s such a beautiful straight run! Looking at my Runkeeper right now, I see that I only started 1M timed runs on August 23 – I ran August 24 too, and my times then, when apparently I was in tip-top shape were 6:39 and 6:40 respectively. Today, April 25, I clocked 6:41 … woohoo, I’ll take it! After those 2 runs, I see I ran the distance 7 more times … funny, outta those 7 runs, 5 times I ran 6:30 or 6:31, lol. I guess that’s my mile time basically … other than my 6:23 PR (must be an aberration). Another funny thing; I quickly grew hating running it. It was all an all out gut-wrenching effort (and pain) every single time. My modus operandi was to run as fast as I could from the sound of the gun, trying as hard as I could to carry my speed as far as I could. Today, knowing that strategy wouldn’t work, eased off from the get-go, and just ran … ran hard the whole time mind you, but just kept running. Hey, not only am I happy w/ my time, I’m more happier I didn’t hate running the damned thing, lol!


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a HUGE pain in the ass!!

I only learnt about this by googling my girl Natalie Morales running The Boston Marathon. Apparently, she was diagnosed w/ proximal hamstring injury – proximal hamstring tear – high hamstring tendinitis … (different names for it) causing her great pain/discomfort. I did some reading on the subject, and it’s definitely a runner’s infliction (ooh, the crosses we bear, lol) … and I HAVE IT!! Well, I have similar symptoms, I can’t sit for prolonged periods without feeling excruciating pain in my rear! And, this all started when I resumed running this year, so putting 2+2 together, I assume it’s related. I haven’t been diagnosed yet by a doctor (yeah yeah … am going, lol), but I’m hoping *fingers crossed*, what I have is something not as serious and will eventually self-heal w/ time. Funny thing is, that I really don’t notice it much in terms of pain when I run – maybe 5% if I had to quantify it, But man, when I’m sitting on my ass, it’s def 100%, and soon as I get a chance, need to get up and walk around for relief!! Maybe should read: Butt man, lol!


3 runs 3 runs 3 runs – yes sir!

… 5.94K – 27:04 minutes! I’ll take it – was a great day for a run, blue skies and cool, albeit a bit breezy by the lake for my liking. Don’t know what to make of my runs lately, I don’t necessarily feel strong yet, not like last year … but my pace doesn’t indicate that?! Funny; my final run, saw a strong runner approaching, so I waited and let him pass – allowing him a generous lead, then took off following. Was never my intention to pass, just to keep pace – but surprisingly was quickly on his heels and knowing I’d be stopping shortly, wasn’t about to pass showing him up. BUT he veered off onto a parallel path – THEN, I figured all bets were off – all’s fair in love and running … so I kicked it into high gear for my remaining 400 meters, intentionally giving him a periphery of speedy danzoles, lol!!