I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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we’re making this shit up

good morning, don’t cop out
you crawled from the cancer to land on your feet
are you crazy to want this
even for awhile

we’re making this shit up
the reasons for being are easy to pay
you can’t remember the others
they just kind of went away

so you’re driving, it’s rush hour
the cars on the freeway are moving like slugs
when you drift off to wake up
do you always hit the brakes

we’re done lying for a living

the strange days have come and you’re gone
either dead or dying
either dead or trying to go

it’s evening, you’re tired
you sleepwalk, a robot out to the street
are you crazy to want this
even for awhile

you’re driving, it’s rush hour
the cars on the freeway are moving backwards
into a wall of fire

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my most recent LCBO adventure

Thought it’d be an in ‘n out as usual occurrence¬†… another hit and run, grab my shit and go!! Cashier-Dude made a bad decision¬†engaging me in conversation ’bout beer no less … BIG mistake motherfucker!! All of the sudden my shoes were cement, I wasn’t moving till I finished saying my peace, lol!! Luckily the store was dead as a doornail (read: no other customer lined behind rushing danistrulytheman in all his informative glory, lol) so I kept on talking, still noticed his proverbial have a nice day a few times though, hinting subtly that he was done and for me to mosey along, lol!! Did pay me mega respect, “you know your beer” … damn straight I do!!

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chick smokers disgust me!!

I see so many pretty beautiful women everyday, here’s just one example: stopped at a traffic light this morning, saw this gorgeous woman in the lane next to me waiting for the light to go green … then the bitch took a hit!! My heart sank, her lungs did too … just not a pretty sight!! Ok, and I know you may think it’s sexist, and maybe it is … think men are better able to pull it off, seems much more acceptable … for whatever reason. Hey, I don’t like cigarette smoke, I don’t like people who smoke (in my presence)!! I’m not even gonna get into everything we already know about its harmful effects, the tobacco industry in general … just making a danistrulytheman observation … women smoking is TOTALLY not cool!!