I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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leftover lasagna pics

Musta been the incessant criticism, poking fun from Tiffany K. …  she was somewhat relentless with it too … prompted me to include updated pics, lol!! Do I have a complex or what, lol? She was questioning the lone wolf mushroom sitting atop the lasagna … I kinda liked the presentation. Hey, voice yer thoughts in the comment box on my blog I told her!! Nobody has special privileges, personally discussing content, danistrulytheman’s intent!! Oh yeah … today’s version included cheesy ooey-gooey garlic buns too … hey, I’m only human, lol!!

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My healthy lasagna!!

My first foray into something like this … kinda scared to even try it, lol!! Honestly am very excited … NEVER before would have even considered it … I’m all about the authenticity, great flavours, great taste!! Finishing off a tub of fat free cottage cheese for breakfast recently, inspired me … thought I’d google its benefits … WOW are they plenty … found a lasagna recipe using it too. See, to me that’s fucking blasphemous, lol!! Cottage cheese in a lasagna?? Well, set my mind in motion, decided right then and there to make a low-fat version using a whole wheat (fibre rich) pasta in the process. Actually it’s Catelli … haven’t used Catelli in a coon’s age … fuck, haven’t SAID Catelli, lol!! Sorry, I make no excuses either … but I’m a high-falutin-Italian-pasta-buying-foodie, lol!! Sauce is my famous homemade version sans minced beef … subbed with lean ground veal instead … more healthy choices, lol. Oven roasted cremini mushrooms and garlic round out the dish!! NO mozzarella, NO provolone, NO ricotta, NO parmigiano reggiano (ok, just a sprinkling after taking it outta the oven … shhhhhAND only for presentation, picture taking purposes, I AM an artist after all, lol), NO romano lupa, NO garlic bread too!! CHRIST … what the fuck am I thinking … no garlic bread?? Now that ain’t right 😉

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my steak ‘n eggs take

Had some leftover BBQ’d Angus striploin steak that I bought from Fortinos recently … sliced it thickly, tightly foiled it, and threw into the oven just to warm it throughout. Made my 5 egg omelette stuffed with provolone, emmenthal, mushrooms and hot peppers. Served with Thomas’ English Muffins (the BEST … and much more expensive than the other common brands, but I’m worth it, lol 😉 ), and Bob’s your fucking uncle!!