I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Zexy Zen!!

Sexy Zen Baby … today was the day! I had these beautiful, quintessential, Saab ALU36 rims w/ ZR tyres in storage, waiting for warmer weather. Recently, I’ve been searching online wanting to swap out my winters for my summers. Having a hard time too, finally said fuck it – drove to see my man Ram (was so nice seeing him btw – he even knew/sensed the changes in my life, that was before he saw my new ride … and then when he did, he immediately understood why I bought the fecking thing – he got it … now, actually am contemplating further simple servicing w/ him) … luckily he wasn’t too busy and he even topped up the pressure to 35psi when done. AND, the best part … he was WAY cheaper than everybody else – $20 … are you f’n kidding me?!?! Driving back on the highway … OMG, difference was night and day compared to the winter tyres – unbelievably quiet, smooth … and w/ so much grip! Chuffed as fuck, you have no idea!! Funny; realized on the drive back, this is my first time behind the wheel (other than the test drive I took mid November last year) with these gorgeous summer rims/tyres since I bought it! Took her for a wash as soon as I got back home – was mandatory!

Zweet!! A few pics y’all!!




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Mackenzie, you motherfucking rock!!

Hope w/ all yer awesomeness we can come to a seeing-things-my-way-resolution! Nuthin’ better than an all’s well that ends well story! AND, you almost were able to right my ship being wronged all by yer London lonesome! You sure stepped up … girl def has my back! Somebody give her a raise licketysplitquick … she’s a keeper!!


WordPress, I loathe you!!

You have no fucking idea! I’ve been blogging here 5 1/2 + years … yet, it’s all I can do keeping me from quitting yer sorry ass! Any, and all changes ya make/implement hoping for/expecting a smoother blogging service, ain’t working! And, making matters worse, ya never listen. Please hear me loud and clear – one more time … LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE!!

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i ain’t got nobody. nobody, nobody cares for me. nobody, nobody.

bop, boze-de-boze-de-bop, se-de-bop

humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla
humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop

ain’t got nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)
nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)
no one (no one), no one (no one)
loop-de-loop (loop-de-loop)
darling, darling (darling, darling)
getting serious (getting serious)
got to see the walls (got to see the walls)
over there (over there)
nobody (nobody), not no one (not no one)
nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)
nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)
nobody (nobody)
nobody cares for me



diggin’ the sam can!

… and the Sam Adams Boston Lager of course! Check out the frothy head! Filthy good y’all!! So much went into the development of this can – google it, see for yourself. Was very curious if we Canucks would luck out w/ the Sam can too? I mean, it was developed for the US market w/ your piddly 12 fl oz cans … wasn’t sure if the Boston Beer Company Sam-can-slammed us as well w/ our upsized 473 ml cans? Yep, check the lip … they did!   I gots me a new friend, and his her name is Sam!


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Life’s a Breeze!

Can’t get over how cool the Breeze app is!! I’ve had it/have been using it for quite some time now … that’s another thing, you don’t use it/do anything – it just is/exists! Right now, am def feeling the pressure achieving my daily goals – I’m currently on a 46 days in a row roll! It’s bang-on bulls-eye accurate w/ all its data too – here’s a sample from yesterday … Chinatown – classic movie! Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway … infamous director Roman Polanski – I digress!




lucky number! days I’ve been alive – give or take (didn’t think I’d post on the actual day did ya, lol)! and today, find out purely by dumb luck, it’s luckier than I previously thought – is exactly one month left enduring his stupidity/idiocy. meanwhile, gonna take the high road … will keep on smiling, and savouring those extra-sheckels I’ll be pocketing till his caboose gets kicked! 18888 y’all!

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I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time, drinking, smoking, thinking, trying to free my mind

I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time
Drinking, smoking, thinking, trying to free my mind
I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time
Drinking, smoking, trying to free my mind
Smokin’ and drinkin’
I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time
Drinking, smoking, thinking, and trying to free my mind
Tryin’ to free my mind
I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time
Drinking, smoking, trying to free my mind
Wastin’ my time
Hey I’m smokin’
Hey I’m drinkin’ tryin’ to free my mind
I’ve been sittin’ here just wastin’ time
Drinking, smoking, trying to free my mind
… my pi day 3.1415 (almost) 4:20!

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now I’ve been walkin’ the earth since the beginning of time and I won’t leave till I receive that 7th sign

please God please I’ll pay any cost
if you’d just stop the world cause I wanna get off

there’s too much hardship there’s too much pain
there’s too many motherfuckers tryin’ to get in my brain


meatballs, mushrooms, and marinara!

… m&m, & m! long story short; know damn well whole roasted mushrooms don’t belong – my 1st intent was meatball sandwiches. out the window that went. made my famous balls, instead served it simply. if served w/ $50 Barolo constitutes simply. next day, became my traditional spaghettini&meatballs (love this) meal. 3rd day turned into ‘the tossin’ the lot, the whole kit and kaboodle – then baking (my fave, btw – sorry, no pics) it. plus, still have 2 more days eats left! sweet, my 5 day eye-talian meal!






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I sign my name with a Capital G

Well I used to stand for something
But forgot what that could be
There’s a lot of me inside you
Maybe you’re afraid to see