I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


I’m standing here with my arms a mile wide

I dunno what made me think of this song (two songs) … but I’m glad I did!! Eventually realized I had this on vinyl … wearing my cans with the volume jacked as I blog this!! What a motherfucking set of pipes on Steve Perry!! If he doesn’t have one of the greatest voices EVER … I’ll fucking eat horseshit … and for good measure drink horse piss too, LOL!! Check out Neal Schon’s fuckin’ ‘fro … Jesus Christ!! It just don’t get no better!! Ahhhhh, late ’70’s I miss ya … take me back, lol!!

Opened my eyes to a new kind of way
All the good times that you saved
Are you feeling
You feeling that way too
Or am I just
Am I just your fool?

A new road’s waiting, you touched my life, whoa
Soft and warm on a summer’s night
You’re the only one, I told you, the only one I love
The lovely one, I’m thinking of

When the summer’s gone
She’ll be there standing by the light
Once she’s been to where she’s gone to
She should know wrong from right
Is she feeling
Are you feeling
You feeling that way too?

I’m standing here with my arms a mile wide
I’m hoping and praying for you
Listen to me and enlighten me
I hope that you need me too, cause

Ooh, ooh anytime that you want me
Ooh, ooh anytime that you want me
Ooh, ooh anytime that you want me to
Ooh, ooh anytime that you need me

Give me all of your sunshine
A spark is all I need
To take it away from all of the shadows
Well what more can I say?

Anytime at all
Anytime at all
Anytime at all

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Frankel Fucking Freak!!

IS RIGHT!! Unbeaten in eight!! Was waiting all day to hear the results from “the duel …” absolutely couldn’t be MORE thrilled with his performance, and the result … truly a horse for the ages!!

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NOW … that’s a turkey burger!!

LOVE LOVE making these, too bad I don’t do it more often. Such a great healthy alternative to my beef burgers!! Oh, and don’t kid yourself, these aren’t like ’em, don’t taste like ’em … and that’s ok, at times think they’re EVEN better. I use my favourite Williams Sonoma Asian grilling rub, then last minute, finish ’em off their accompanying Asian glaze, wish you could try ’em … motherfucking sublime!!

Turkey burger supreme: Boston lettuce, Emmenthal, onions & tomatoes, low fat mayo, heaped onto a BBQ grilled and toasted bun …

Served with my salad: love playin’ & arrangin’ (can you tell, lol?) …

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Latin Flavour!!

Did this yesterday, a combo of Argentine, Columbian, Mexican … throw in Tex-Mex (southwestern) for good measure too!! Went to my trusty “El Gaucho” Juan Meat Market … on my day off no less, went bright and early (check out the time-stamp on the receipt, and the price) since I didn’t have any other plans for the day … nobody wanted/needed a piece of me, figured I’d go early and be home early … no close shave necessary today folks!! A few pics, a few thoughts:

Charred skirt steak (blood red, as it should be!!) …

Sausages: mild Columbian, hot Mexican …

My black bean corn salsa (minus the black beans, substituted red kidney beans … coulda swore I had a can in the pantry, no matter … a professional (home chef) goes with the flow, lol!! Roasted jalapénos, lime juice, tomatoes, onions, create this chilled masterpiece!! Great as a salad, but I love it as a dip for the chips (following pic, lol) …

Tostitos ARTISAN Recipes Roasted Garlic & Black Bean Tortilla Chips (AND YES, did take my time arranging them (somewhat, lol) in the bowl, ’cause I’m anal that way *raspberry*, LOL!!

Spanish Cheese (bought it from Highland Farms), this IS the BEST cheese for fajitas, the fucking best …

And finally the bill …

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“half-assed ain’t me” – danistrulytheman

Never was, NEVER will be!! Guess that’s JUST me though … something needs to be done, I IMMEDIATELY put forth 100% effort, and I FUCKING DO IT, and I don’t stop till it’s done, till it’s resolved with EVERYONE finally&fully satisified … and certainly NEVER NEVER try to absolve, acquit myself by acting-all-douchie with LAME reasoning, eventually apologizing with a caveat (sorry … but?!) whenever I NEED too!! Me? I suck it up, I take my lumps, all for the better …



Jennie from the block!!

My tailor “Jennie” that is!! She’s been my tailor pushing 20 years, and I still go to her out of loyalty, despite the drive … although when I tell ya what she charges, you’ll insist that’s the reason, LOL!! Yeah, yeah, can hear a collective “cheap bastard” from y’all, lol. She and her husband were reading the Bible when I walked in, and they told me/showed me pictures of a recent trip to Thailand were they travel often, buying food (money out of their own pockets too), helping people who otherwise would go hungry. Just tellin’ ya so ya know what kinda people they are … much much better than me, lol. I kept running to the door watching my car, since I didn’t buy a ticket for parking. Told her jokingly, I’m a bad man, “I don’t read the Bible, I don’t buy a ticket” … she quickly retorts, “Don’t buy a ticket, get a ticket” … LOL … that’s a jennie-quote … way to go girl, LOL!!

Jennie posing for me (holding my jeans, lol) …

Jennie working on my jeans …

Jennie continuing to work …

Jennie’s Bible … said she was reading Psalms …

She stopped eating, reading her Bible for me, she knew I drove far, was pressed for time. Almost forgot, total cost for hemming: $4!! Yeah, yeah … “cheap bastard”, heard you’s the first time, LOL!! Thanks Jennie!! 😀

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No smiling, no problem!! Was gonna post this pic along with my Allen’s outing pic since it occurred on the same day, wasn’t happy with it, so I never did … fixed that shit lickity split, lol!! Lighten up, loosen up danistrulytheman and fucking smile … musta-just-bust-out my beloved Pil-Urq y’all see me sporting, hadn’t kicked in yet, lettin’ my goofiness/craziness get the better of me!! Did say “yet” motherfuckers, LOL!! 😉

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My wild sockeye it to me salmon sammie!!

Or burger … whatevs!! Salmon sammie sounds better by a country mile, lol … either way, it’s fucking great, maybe my all time FAVOURITE, LOL. Ok, ok, maybe I say that WAY too much losing a bit of credibility, lol. Must say this one was so scrumptiouslydelish … did it Greek … oh, another thing, think salmon gets passed by … dismissed, not even considered for Greek interpretations which I think is a HUGE mistake. Key: don’t overcook the salmon, you’ll dry it out and it won’t be moist!! Tzatziki and Feta are key too, but figured y’all knew that, lol!! Cedar plank bbq’ed this bad boy …  slight pink showing in the middle of the red, a perfect indication of doneness, don’t be fooled by the charred Vidalia onions, LOVE that btw, ‘that don’t bodder me’ 😉


simpler times

… happier times too!! Judging by me motherfucking LMAO, lol!! Don’t know why, but love this pic (check out the date upper left), hands down, one of my all time faves!! Exsqueeze me as I wipe away a tear … or two, lol!!

a very, very young danistrulytheman

… and fast forward to today, a little something courtesy Tiffany K. … oh, and Howard, lol!!


another outing, another Danforth day!!

Really … these are the best burgers in Toronto!! This day it was cheddar, mushroom & onion … a classic!! Along with one of my favourite suds, Anchor Steam!! Can’t forget the malted grain beverage y’all, lol!! 😉

Oh yeah, cropped the cost this time … ‘don’t dare share’  learned my lesson, I ain’t no dummy!!              … “whaddya mean lettuce and tomato cost extra????” LOL!!

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The BIG F U!!

Last time, which was the first time … I blogged ’bout who knows fucking what with a flippin’ the bird pic included, for unexplainable, unimaginable reasons, not everyone found (or saw the) humour in it!! Someone went and got all-serious-and-up-in-my-face ’bout it too?!?! I know, ‘sup with that shit? Thought it was fucking funny then, think it’s fucking funny again, LOL!! Nothing is funnier (classic sophomoric humour, guess it says a lot ’bout me eh, lol?) …  and in this pic, apparently the person wanted to protect his/her identity (I presume) by wearing rubber gloves, LOL!! Whoever you are … LOVE IT!! Laughing my motherfucking ass off at yer ahem … goodwill gesture, lol … hey, been known to give the finger on occasion … er, once or twice!! 😉

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We all have a sickness

We all have a weakness
But some of ours are easy to identify
Look me in the eye
And ask for forgiveness
We’ll make a pact to never speak that word again
Yes you are my friend

We all have something that digs at us
At least we dig each other

Reminds me that we\’ll always have each other

When everything else is gone

Oh, each other
When everything else is gone

Oh, each other
When everything else is gone

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great summer eats!!

Made this recently (before my Greek streak), BBQ chicken breasts … love ’em plump & juicy (ok, ok talkin’ food y’all, lol), and a fresh summer salad … a simple salad of tomatoes, Vidalia onions, fresh thyme and fresh basil from my garden … and a slight drizzling of olive oil. Love using purple basil along with the ubiquitous green, love the colourfulness that it adds to presentation … looks motherfucking awesome!! I sliced the chicken and served it Tex-Mex style on warmed fajitas, along with a dollop of sour cream, shredded iceberg lettuce, and grated cheese (topped with hot jalapeno peppers)!! Not including those pics sorry, wasn’t too thrilled with ’em, weren’t up to my standards (AND … I’m not a Goddamn professional food photographer, lol … oh, btw, lately all these pic come courtesy my 5 megapixel with LED flash iPhone camera, lol … and they haven’t been too shabby, eh) 😦 … bummer!! Please enjoy these pics though … food was fucking great!!