I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!



Another number runnin’ through my brain, givin’ no explanation either, lol!! Simple, repetitive … love this figure!! BTW … it’s the phony telephone prefix always used in TV and movies motherfuckers, lol!! 😉


building the perfect burger

… apologies Don Henley … y’all get what I’m talking ’bout though, lol!! If I ever can say “I did it, I fucking did it!!” last night was the time!! “I did it, I fucking did it!!” … maybe that should be the post title, lol!! Thinking about all my countless efforts, NEVER has a burger tasted so light, so moist, so juicy and tender!! Did my usual thing: bought certified Angus Sirloin and ground it myself, heirloom tomatoes, bacon and Cambozola Blue round out the condiments. Served it with Strub’s Kosher Baby Dills on the side. Guess ya can call it my Bacon Blue Burger … only thing I did differently (I think) was let them grill on my Crate & Barrel cast iron pan longer than I normally do before flipping … creating an ultra charred crust sealing in the juices and flavour!! These beauties are 7 oz behemoths … and since Tiffany K. wasn’t around to help, I polished off both … alone, lol. I know, I know … gotta watch the calories, gotta watch my weight. Must admit though, it felt fucking great self indulging and enjoying myself two times like that, doubling my pleasure … twice is (always) nice, LOL!!

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I’m here for you so don’t forget

I know that life ain’t always good to you
I’ve seen exactly what it’s put you through
Thrown you around and turned you upside down and so you
You got to thinking there was no way out
You started sinking and it pulled you down
It may be tough you’ve to get back up
Because you know that life ain’t over yet

You can count on me

I wonder why nobody’s waiting on you
I’d like to be the one to pull you through your darkest times
I’d love to be the light that finds you
I see a silver lining on your cloud
I’ll pick you up whenever you fall down
Just take my hand and I will help you stand

Anytime you need someone
Somebody strong to lean on
Well you can count on me to hold you till that healing is done
And every time you fall apart you can hide here in my arms
And you can count on me to hold you till that feeling is
Gone so you can live today
Seems so long to yesterday
Keep on counting on me to carry you till you carry on

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yeah yeah yeah, another omellete!!

Redundancy is thy name danistrulytheman, lol!! Don’t know if I previously wrote about having this meal as my dinner though, don’t fucking care either … probably did, just making excuses, lol. I love having breakfast for supper!! Fucking love it … I love the stick-to-yer-ribs … comfort food feel of it!! Homemade hash brown russet potatoes, 2 toasted english muffins, 5 slices of bacon, and the star of the show, a 4 organic free run brown egg mushroom+hot banana peppers+garden fresh herbs+stringy gooey mozzarella cheese omellete. I made this yesterday, treated myself … a kinda culmination, a private celebration and reflection of the past week’s efforts and accomplishments!! A bit of alone time … a bit of danistrulytheman time, lol!! Lord knows I need it!! 😉

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We dedicate ourselves to lovers causes things —— We dedicate ourselves

There ain’t no time for hearts love and honour
That ship left and I wasn’t on her
And now I smile I wave from the docks
We both know we sunk that ship with rocks

Gee Gee, ya missed the BEST fucking one, lol!! Was gonna (bravely) post this on yer wall too. But, after one second spent second guessing myself, I dared not … scared shitless saying shit on yer site sister, lol!! 😉


Four fucking pounds of meat!!

2 X 2 = 4 … back to school motherfuckers, lol!! I bought these Angus Beef Porterhouse steaks this past weekend. Only snapped a before pic, the grilling process … early grilling process in fact. After they were done completely, and by done completely, I mean motherfucking blue … rare, rare, and more rare, they had a blackened charred crust!! Looked fucking amazing, tasted fucking amazing too. Prepared it Tuscan style, Bistecca alla Fiorentina … marinated in olive oil, smashed garlic cloves, and freshly chopped rosemary, and copious amounts of coarsely ground black pepper, and finally seasoned with kosher salt right before throwing them on the grill. Now, this is the best part … after the meat rests for a few minutes, I run my knife along the bone, removing both the tenderloin and the striploin portions. I then slice them against the grain on a bias, arranging the pieces against the bone in the order they were cut, placing them on a platter, and drizzling it all with olive oil. Served with crusty peasant bread, a glass of chianti classico, you can’t go wrong motherfuckers!!

Godfuckingdamn, I wish I took pictures, the presentation was absolutely mouthwateringly stunning!! Guess I got too involved running around the kitchen doing typical chef’s work … and TRYING to be a perfect host, lol!!

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And who’s gonna take some pity on my lonely tired wings?

Now I’m looking for something
You just wouldn’t understand
With a devil in my heart
And a shotgun in my hand

I count my friends on these four fingers
Who could ask for more?
I said, “Who could ask for more?”

My tired wings, my tired wings

Life is such a lonely game
If you wanna play
The stakes are high and so am I
And sometimes, oh the devil pays
Blood is thicker than water boy
And much deeper than your soul
You don’t find out too much ’round here
It’ll turn your heart to stone
Just turn your heart to stone

Sometimes you gotta let your feelings show
Sometimes you gotta let the cold winds blow
Who’s gonna pay the piper for the song he sings?
And who’s gonna take some pity on my lonely tired wings?

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six one eight eleven

Taken yesterday, wanted to share. Day was hot, so sans jacket … blazer was in the blazer, lol!! The tucked in slim fitting tailored shirt and low rise jeans always makes me look skinny, rock star skinny … and while I can’t carry a tune, I sure the fuck know how to strut my shit … and y’all know I love shakin’ my money maker!!

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Best Butcher … Bar None!!

I love coming here, Juan Meat Market “El Gaucho” … even the name sounds fucking cool!! It’s an ethnic (Argentine) outta the way store. Don’t let the fancy schmancy address fool ya … Beverly Hills Dr. ooh la motherfucking la!! Truth be told, the area is kinda sketchy, lol. Stopped here today (June 17, real time blogging y’all, lol) after work, picked up a shitload of meat, sausages too … everything here is the best, simply the best, not a word of a fucking lie!! Those pigs you see, they even sell them whole, fully cooked (as long as you give a few days notice), sliced and ready to eat for $185. Curious, I asked how many can happily nosh, 20 to 30 was the reply … well I’m having a BIG Q for family, but not for that many people I tell him. Dude says, “that’s ok, we (store employees) can come over and help you eat it”!! LOL, motherfucker cracked me up!! Don’t know about you? But for me having family over means plenty of pre-party planning and shopping … buying food, buying booze. All this while maintaining my regular work schedule too … in fact … working a couple hours extra here&there, ‘case I need to book off a day to recuperate, lol. Hey, as they say, no rest for the wicked!!


Applewood Cheddar Burger!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah … I know, burgers again. Too bad, I mean too fucking bad, lol. Grilled these within the past week!! Angus sirloin, double dose of beefsteak tomatoes (hothouse), my home made bomber sauce … I call it my bomber sauce, ’cause it’s the fucking bomb (mayo, mustard, special BBQ sauce, and prepared creamy horseradish straight from Poland), adding the perfect mix and tang & zip!! I do have a tendency to go overboard, generously slathering it on the buns … did I mention it’s 1/2 the fat Hellman’s Mayonnaise, lol? The special ingredient this time is Applewood cheddar from England (rolled in paprika adding a beautiful smokiness, a deeper taste dimension). Served with potato and egg salad, motherfuckers you can’t go wrong. I’m constantly experimenting … always strivin’ ‘n always tryin’ … Fuck y’all, should be a danistrulytheman quote, lol!!

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Queen Anne Stakes

I realize I previously posted about my predictions regarding the best miler in 2011 being Canford Cliffs. I know I stuck my neck out predicting him toppling Goldikova and Frankel, no small feat. No doubt I always wanna be right, but really hope I’m wrong this time. Deep down, I can’t wish defeat upon Goldikova …  she’s my girl, lol. Hope she hands him his fucking head come this Tuesday on opening day at Royal Ascot!!


words of wisdom? uh duh?

LOL, ok not even remotely. Had fun doing it, being able too. Didn’t know what to say though, talking in front of such a LARGE audience (yeah, right) makes me nervous … broke out into a bit of laughter (so unprofressional danistrulytheman *tisk tisk*) thinking ’bout those huge heifers … MOO, lol!! Thanks to Kid Rock, NIN too!!


BTW: I created my soundcloud avatar days ago, prior to other clowning ‘roller’ antics. Great minds, eh? LOL!!