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Haida Gwaii? Who? What?

I just found out Haida Gwaii is the name of an archipelago that all my life knew as the Queen Charlotte Islands?! Good Sunday morning danistrulytheman, lol!! Makes me think of another thing I read recently … from some guy I don’t even know … goes by the moniker Two – Toes  … LOL, and I’m even gonna give credit for the quote , “change is never a good thing” … my sentiments exactly!!

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you know what my problem is?

… I’m TOO fucking nice!! And I’m UNDERAPPRECIATED … there, I said it!! All this was spawned by a query … and golly gee willikers being the swell guy that I am, put forth a lot of effort and thought into this, which is completely fine, but then I said to myself, “danistrulytheman, being the media slut that you are (ok, didn’t REALLY say that, lol), you should share this shit with the WHOLE world”,  so I am …

My hummus recipe – Ingredients:

1 can chick peas 28 oz.
1 clove minced garlic
1/3 cup tahini
1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt (or sea salt)
juice from 1 lemon freshly squeezed
15 dashes hot sauce

These are the ingredients needed, also you can use a 19 oz. can of chick peas and adjust accordingly. First step is to drain the can, BUT reserve the liquid as you’ll need some. Add the chick peas along with the garlic, lemon juice and salt to the food processor (blender) and pulse a few times. I then begin adding the tahini a bit at a time using a teaspoon, maybe half the amount. I’ll add about half the hot sauce as well, 2 tbsp of the liquid from the can of chick peas, and then purée for 20 seconds or so. I’ll check for seasonings at this point, and for viscosity of the hummus (I prefer a slightly loose version, not runny but not exceedingly thick, and remember refrigerating will cause it to tighten up somewhat as well … you should be able to use a cracker to scoop it from a serving bowl without breaking the cracker, but also without any hummus dripping/falling off the cracker … hope that bit of descriptiveness helps … know I can be wordy/thorough at times, lol). I’ll continue adding the remaining portions of the tahini and hot sauce until I’m pleased with the taste, then I’ll purée for about a minute straight, smoothing, homogenizing it as this is the consistency I prefer. After placing in a bowl to be served, I’ll sprinkle with sumac … adds a distinctive, tart lemony taste. A final note: homemade hummus rocks, great knowing what’s in it (unlike the pre-made store version) and I find it so easy to eat because of this … tastes so fresh (my wife and I polished off half of it just by ourselves) because it is, and unlike the store versions with their typical 3-4 weeks expiration dates, would probably only keep mine in the fridge for a few days, certainly no longer than 1 week. Enjoy!!

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Odds are you’re a big dummy!!

Shoulda read “a fucking idiot” but toned this rant down!! I’m talking about a certain group of people, usually reporters, writers, on-air personalities … since these are the dickwads fucking up the definition of a certain word/term/phrase: odds-on … and with March Madness upon us, am hearing/seeing it more. All of the sudden everybody’s Titanic Thompson with their picks and ill used lingo!! Odds-on does NOT simply imply favourite, most likely to win … a 2-1 favourite is NOT an odds-on favourite!! Stop being so motherfucking-moronic!! If you’re unsure (which you fucking are), saying favourite is sufficient (AND correct btw) … QUIT saying odds-on favourite!! Odds-on is reserved for a special favourite, a heavy favourite to win and should only be used when applicable … and I know this from my horsing around days where this term was frequently used … AND properly (God I miss you Al Michaels, lol)!! Ok, enough venting and blabbering, here’s the lesson, the RULE: odds-on means a greater than even chance of winning … to make that easier for you dummies, here’s an easy way to remember when to use. Even money is 1-1 … when it (a team, a horse … anything you’re referring to in gambling possibilities) is odds-on, the first number IS lower than the second, it has to be … 2-1, 5-2, 3-1, 7-2 while might be favourites, these are NOT odds-on favourites!! A few examples of odds-on: 2-5, 1-2, 3-5, 4-5, 1-9 … as my simple to follow rule states, the first number is less than the second!! In payout terms, you win less than you wagered (provided you win) … another way to remember too!! Got it? Good!! Class dismissed!!

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roccin’ brocc n’ bocc

Elongated … rocking broccoli and bocconcini … y’all know the drill, don’t waste food … EVER!! And with so much leftover broccoli from my previous meal, and knowing Tiffany K appreciates a healthy pie, made this ‘specially for her!! No pizza sauce either, but did add sweet onions … LOVE the way they char & crisp-up!!