I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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i AM a leslievillian!!

… moved here 18 days ago, BEST move of my life… hands down!!

and, girlfriend S-A hit the nail on the head… “you’re high strung”, lol!!

def know this is gonna help loosen those tightly wound strings

… allowing me to become an official chillin’ villainzen, baby!!

welcome to yer new hood danistrulytheman… I LOVE the6!!

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grandiose sang gratis!!

thanks rashers! thanks rupan! was a last minute take-out call, kinda my quick decision resort of sorts. had no idea you were already closed. but, you offering to make me a sandwich even though being closed really touched me. yer a good man rupan, thank you for doing this for me! and, thanks for the freebie (i really appreciate that)! well, i did run as fast as i could, all the while was still in disbelief (didn’t know if i was running for the great eats, or wanting to get there before he changed his mind)! two kinds of pork, curried taters, pickled red onions, and cilantro, on a toasted bun! the proverbial pics y’all… gratis!








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musta been a shithead in my former life!

… and, now god is blessing me! still, can’t believe all the kindness/niceness here?! it’s regular canada amped up 10X! it’s infectious… i really REALLY am so blessed!!” roti from heaven” was my alternative blog-post, but shithead in any title rules y’all! speaking of ruling… riverdale neighbour tyler says, “east end is the best”…  ya got that shit right bro!

ok. heaven’s aforementioned roti… from eadrey’s!





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today is my 7 year blogiversary… can I get a hell yeah?!

Got this train rockin’ and rollin’ September 17, 2009! And, it’s been full steam ahead, pedal to the metal ever since! Good or bad, or indifference… I’ve put in my time!

Ya’d think WordPress would send me a plaque or something commemorating my never-quitting stubborn persistence? Nada!

… hell yeah, motherfuckers… hell yeah!!