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zuppe di pesce

Our Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes … sans two!! Mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, and scallops [ya know, food that keeps on movin’ while ya keep on eatin’ … lol –  certainly not for the squeamish (squirmish? … LOL)] in a white wine tomato sauce … AND so much too!! Served it piled-mile-high on capellini … had it swimming in sauce (makes for great bread dipping – 4 kinds too, lol) … oh, and puh-leeze don’t EVEN begin to rag on the freshly grated parm regg … I wrote that book motherfuckers!! Just love cheese with my pastas … ANY pastas!! Oh, and I gotta give credit where credit is due … had this wonderful fish dish catered courtesy “an” Italian place … no danistrulythemanhandywork here folks!!

A coupla pics, enjoy …


Stew pics

LOVE this meal, so hearty, so wintry … so European!! It takes a lot of shopping, then prep work … but once it’s done, it’s done, and the best part … leftovers for days!! All the ingredients go into my Rival™ Crock-pot® … it’s an old unit,  made of porcelain – HEAVY, and simple … only 2 settings (low and high) unlike the plasticky programmable ones they make today!! Newer ain’t necessarily better!! I like that … gonna make that mine, insert it here, lol. “newer ain’t necessarily better” – danistrulytheman. Ingredients usually remain constant, only slight variations … lots of root (root-type) vegetables: potatoes, turnips, carrots, onions … stewing beef AND stewing veal (for a twist) … is always tomato based … and I always add mushrooms as y’all know, lol!! Secret ingredient: Del Monte French Style Seasoned Green Beens … there you go, “food of love” … “happy happy”Emeril“yummo”Rachael, lol!! Served with 8 year old white cheddar (sublime), an Italian peasant loaf … once again, too much yappin’ … enjoy the pics motherfuckers!! 😉


I’m not a professional writer, I only play one on this bullshit blog!!

That’s what made me think, gave me pause when I eloquently wrote on another site without nary a response. I mean I did receive a “like” for my thoughts … y’all remember my good friend S.S.? … well she’s now my best friend S.S. … LOL!! I always know I can count on her, but when my words didn’t elicit any other response, it finally dawned on me (5:05 a.m. – I even remember the time, don’t ask, lol) it was only visible to three people in total … and one of them was me … sheesh, lol!! All for naught? Not a motherfucking chance … gonna copy/paste for it to live for eternity on danistrulytheman … and for ALL to see, hopefully more than the trifecta (moi, S.S. and the cheerful cheerleader, lol)!!

Here’s the transcript:

Nobody will be happier than I when this contest is finally over. Hardly ever show my mug here anymore, or have anything to say … appears I’m not the only one either, I haven’t seen much of the regulars lately as well … Maureen, Katrina, Dawn, Sandra (no, not the one exiled to Indonesia – Smith … not to mention Carrie XOXO). And for the record: I never bothered to sign up and enter the Shopping Spree. TSC, you blew it big-time this time – London Calling was great … contestants were allowed to enter once and ONLY once, then wait and see who wins … all I’ve seen for the past month+ is so many complaints from so many wanting codes, wanting to enter multiple times (I assume there’s a limit) daily, and then when they are unable or not allowed whine & cry (boohoo), threaten to quit and never shop again?! Please, by all means go ahead and quit … and quit filling tSC FB with all of all your spam!!


… exiled to Indonesia … lol, that shit still cracks me up!! 😀

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“the world’s slowest fastest camera” – Ramesh Raskar

Funny description, lol!! He’s from MIT … means he’s smart motherfuckers, lol!! It captures one trillion exposures PER second … that’s the fast part, and insanely unbelievable when you try to analyze/comprehend it!! It takes an hour to make these few seconds of video, to strand together the images … that’s the slow part!! Is very very cool, enjoy motherfuckers!! 😉

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Meatball Sandwich!!

This is my classic recipe!! Ingredients can vary slightly … proportions too, typically use equal amounts ground veal and pork, a couple of beaten eggs, a handful of romano (or reggiano), chopped onion (sometimes grated), a clove of garlic finely chopped or minced, breadcrumbs (sometimes panko, sometimes not), and liberally seasoned with salt & pepper and marjoram and/or oregano, then thoroughly hand mixed and formed into slightly bigger than a golf ball size. Pan fried in olive oil to sear ‘n blacken the balls, then plopped into a stock-pot of my home-made marinara sauce, and finally allowed to gently simmer for a couple of hours. Great on pasta … spaghettini or linguine, but LOVE it in a sandwich too!! Today also included roasted mushrooms, two kinds of peppers and melted aged provolone in this heaping feast … oh and served with danistrulytheman’s ubiquitous broccoli rabe, lol!! VERY IMPORTANT: Must be served on a crusty Italian roll (this ain’t no white bread soft ‘n mushy mangiacake sub sandwich) sopping up all the oozy-ooeygooey-goodness!!

… posted at 1:17 … ok, now that was done on purpose, lol!! 😉