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thought I was gonna vomit!!

… first walking to my car, then driving home … and that wasn’t the worst of it … nauseousness kept lingering!! Thankfully SS previously prepared me (really reminded me) beforehand of what might happen … IMMEDIATE SENSORY PERCEPTION OVERLOAD is best I can describe throwing on a pair of prescribed glasses for the first time (in my old-man lifetime) …  haven’t been accustomed to sporting them for almost 35 years, ‘nstead choosing wearing contact lenses … goodbye periphery – hello tunnel vision best sums it up!! Was barely able to drive home alone without getting into an accident all you macaulays out there … thankfully any ralphing is waning!! AND big thanks to Cincinnati Melissa, Toronto Perry and TO TJ for quickresolutionofmyphonecallpissedoffness (within a couple of hours too, btw) regarding issues of said headgear … LOVE great customer service, and you guys fucking rock … kudos, and thanks!! 🙂

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twenty years

Was hungry as that proverbial horse today. Normally don’t eat too much for lunch, and honestly, I don’t know how the rest of y’all do it, day after day. Went to my fave BBQ Chinese fast food take out joint (these places are all over the city), and every time I show my mug the owner reminds me that he’s known me for over twenty years. “Twenty years” over and over he keeps yelling as he laughs and smiles. Then I have to remind him, we’re BOTH getting old, lol!! He must be doing something right (look at the pics) … AND look at all the food he gave me – $7 + $1 for water shoulda been the price but it wasn’t, I’m embarrassed to tell ya what he charges me so I won’t … just look at the pics, lol!! 😉

LOVE this – so much to choose from …

BBQ chicken and pork over rice in the ubiquitous styrofoam container …

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enjoying the bounty

… from yesterday’s Junction Farmers Market venture (… and today’s Highland Farms trip)!! Love, LOVE serving/eating food this way … family style … whenever possible. Doesn’t matter if it’s only Tiffany K and I or the whole gang … nothing beats plating the food (and drink, lol … and allowing everyone to enjoy each other’s company), letting people serve themselves at their own pace, everyone relaxed and not rushing – eating a bit at time, invariably going back for more, and more … and more, lol. Sitting/standing … eating/drinking … talking/laughing ( … AND with music playing in the background, at the perfect volume of course – only takes a second of deathly silence to suck the life outta ANY party, lol) … such a fun, festive, social setting don’t ya think?!

Heirlooms, burrata/bocconcini, Acropolis, Maldon & Dark Opal basil …

Pyramid’s succulent sauerkraut heaped on razor thin sliced Ace’s bread …

… btw y’all, shit IS the bomb … fareal!!

Carrafa crushed olives …