I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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food truck! Food Truck!! FOOD TRUCK!!!!

Company next door was having some sorta huge open house today. Lotsa activity early this morning (6:15 am) setting up a tent, etc., getting prepared. Lookie what else came (around 10 o’clock)… Caplansky’s food truck!! My man Daniel told me it was gonna be gratis too… hell, he even went and got my lunch for me, lol. I didn’t realize till later that they had 3 choices. Mine’s the pulled chicken, btw (ginger ale to drink too). Was really good, even went back for another side of fries later in the day. There were tables and chairs for sitting ‘n eating too, was very well organized. Only a few pics as I was working!

View from our store


View from my truck


My lunch


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substitution mass confusion clouds inside your head

i can’t feel this way much longer expecting to survive
with all these hidden innuendoes just waiting to arrive
it’s such a wavy midnight and you slip into insane
electric angel rock and roller i hear what you’re playing
it’s an orangey sky
always it’s some other guy
it’s just a broken lullaby
bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love
bye bye love

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six years strong…

wastin’ time like it was free

started this blogbitch september 17, 2009… 6 danistulytheman wordpress years strong and counting… 1650 prolific posts – if i do say so myself! another year, another milestone – time for lotsa danbackslapping… ya can’t keep a good man down! time for neglect from jealous cunts again too! i’ve always been bigger and better than ya, and i always will be!

and i only would do for you you what you do for me

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I’m going to Vancouver, I’m going to Vancouver, I’m going to Vancouver!!

Am so motherfucking stoked!! Booked the bitch July 21st, thought it woulda been a been a long, long agonizing wait, but surprisingly the time flew, and now… tomorrow’s the day! I’m gonna savour every moment, and squeeze in as much Vancouvering as possible… ’cause I know it’ll be over as fast as the snap of yer fingers! Wish me bon voyage… motherfuckers, lol!