I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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cruisin’ up and down Eglinton

… like it was nobody’s business!! And why exactly? Well that’s a different story. In fact this is kinda a private post for Tiff K.. I went out of my way today for you, spent all day long driving back and forth on the boulevard, and I’m still not sure what I was looking for … lol!!

But, you are worth it … man are you ever worth it babe!!

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It sprung. It’s here. We’ve been so lucky this year with the transition from winter to spring. Usually we have that deep packed snow that takes forever to melt, and then leaving the ground all lifeless in appearance. It’s always mucky because of this too. This year, however we didn’t get that much snow, therefore no melt. The lawns are growing, plants are growing, my backyard looks incredible for March. It helps motivate you into doing yard work. This morning, before I leave, I think I’m going to dig out that rose bush I’ve been meaning to extract from my flower garden. Ahhhh … spring is in the air.

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Amy Bukkake!!

Fuck you bitch!! Your ill conceived attempt at humour (at least that’s what I think it was) comparing dried chicken to the travesty in Haiti is not only mind-boggling, it’s reprehensible!! Exactly what is the correlation between overly cooked takeout grocery store bought chicken and the horrific tragedy that occurred, and the still continuing pain and suffering ongoing in Haiti? Seriously, how do you find this remotely funny? This has no place in a silly, harmless … at most, just a fucking filler piece. You are the recipient of danistrulytheman’s dingy bitch of the day award, today, tomorrow, and for as long as another ‘dumb broad’ (close your eyes and imagine Frank Sinatra saying this) pulls a boner!!  I hope you fucking choke on your chicken!! Cunt!!

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That’s a hell of a lot of Lezajsk!! Eight fucking cases!! Dropped over $300 today on this sweet Polish nectar. I was so excited with my purchase that I went grocery shopping after and bought some beautiful Rainbow Trout for tonight’s dinner. Really thrilled about that too … oh, and it also gave me an opportunity to plan, and visualize my Easter dinner. I’m inviting family over for a huge feast, as per usual. I’ve decided for the entree to serve grilled thick-cut lamb loin chops, and an oven roasted stuffed boneless center cut pork roast. How fucking good does that sound? Of course I extend an open invitation to all my WordPress friends, especially the bitches … lol!! Ok, ok, I mean everyone!!

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strutting around like I was cock of the fucking walk!!

That was me today shopping at The Bay … like I owned the fucking place, like the other shoppers didn’t exist, like they opened the store specifically for danistrulytheman!! Godmotherfuckingdamn!! I was on fire, I was looking good, people were fawning all over me, and I was fucking eating it all up, digging all that shit!! What a great, great day!! Oh, and to the employee named Thelma… hell yeah bitch, I’ll be your Louise motherfucker!! Oh, and to you fucking ignoramuses out there, The Bay is AKA The Hudson’s Bay Company … famous lately for these always understocked,  but highly desired red beauties!!

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beef tenderloin

Snapped up a shitload of it on sale!! I bought 4 whole loins, and then I trimmed them, and then cut them into 3 1/2 inch thick pieces … monster motherfucking medallions … and then I froze the fucking lot!! They look just like these in the accompanying pic … these aren’t mine though … they’re  Kobe Beef Tenderloin, as you should be able to tell by the incredible marbling … and to say that the price is astronomical would be a fucking understatement … it’s priced in the motherfucking stratosphere!! Mine? It’s good quality Canada AAA, and like I said the price was right!! Spring is upon us and I can’t wait to bring back the Weber and grill these bad boys!! Soon motherfuckers … soon!!