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That’s it … thirteen measly dollars!! After leaving the house this morning I pulled into the gas station and start pumping … a quick pat of my back pocket where I keep my wallet (it’s a reflex, constantly doing it, lol) with my free hand, and feeling nothing (I immediately panic … another reflex, lol) … I check my front pocket where I keep my money … and nothing again. I FORGOT my wallet, and my money roll at home. I stop filling my tank and hang up the nozzle knowing I’ve got enough petrol for the day and that I have enough loose change to cover the amount owing. After paying, I snap this pic … for the time being this is what I’m worth … $13 …

And after this, with home not even 5 minutes away, and I’m not late or anything … seems easy enough to drive back and get my wad and wallet. Right? Not a fucking chance!! See the way I figured it … with my shit luck of late … having no money, credit cards, debit cards, not even my driver’s licence for a day would probably do me some good in a strange danistrulytheman convoluted course of action kinda way, and turn my fortunes around … at least that’s my thinking, albeit wishful thinking perhaps. But in the mean time, how much Creemore does thirteen dollars get you these days, lol? 😉

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She’s an angel of the first degree

You can take all the tea in China
Put it in a big brown bag for me
Sail it right ’round all the seven oceans

Drop it smack dab in the middle of the deep blue sea

Because she’s as sweet as tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

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OMG … I’m sorry!!

the bakery that is, and for vowing never to return. Allow me to explain; occasionally I’m in the mood for their focaccia, yesterday was one of those days. And I’ve blogged before about it, and how VERY good it is. But after inquiring (not to only one staff member, but two) re: brioche buns … I was curious why they never seem to be available. I’ve read many blogs insisting that they DO make them (and their website confirms this) … and I also wanted to know the price. Seemed easy enough, right? Eventually it became clear that they aren’t really available, but they do make them as a special order (just give us a couple days notice I was told), no matter the amount you want, even if it’s 2 or 3. Weird. No, I prefer you stocking them on a daily basis, so when I get a craving for Brioche buns, I simply walk in and purchase what I want … as opposed to clairvoyantly knowing days in advance I’ll be coveting brioche buns and calling, placing my order. Did I say weird, lol? Ok, so that’s that … and during this explanation was pretty much pleading to find out the cost … they were avoiding answering, they didn’t know (appeared that there wasn’t a fixed/set price and they were making it up as they went along) … intimated that they were expensive … maybe $1.25 each. Yep, more weirdness. I walked out swearing (and SWEARING, lol) I’d never be back because of their ineptness, and my now throbbing head. Arriving home, told Tiffany K to enjoy it while it lasts, it’s our last loaf. But a funny thing happened; nibbling away (with cheese) … found myself loving it more than I could recall. This focaccia REALLY is the best … and it didn’t last long – we polished it off lickety-split … I shamelessly hang my head and take 80% credit (pig … oink, lol) and YES, I’ll be going back, but now with blinders on and mouth shut … no questions about brioche or anything else, no small talk of any kind for that matter … nothing – nada … grab a focaccia and go … whambamthankyouma’am!! OMG … yes, I’m sorry for saying all of this TO MYSELF (and imaginarily throwing up my arms in frustration, lol) … please forgive me, let’s forget any of this ever happened (should be plenty easy for you, since you were oblivious to my thoughts and feelings … that everything was completely unbeknownst to you, lol), never mind any of my silly talk about quitting you, lol … see ya soon …well, till I have a best focaccia ever hankering that is, lol!! 😉

brown paper bag + bread basket …

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another year, another pic

… courtesy my recently purchased Cameraapp for iPhone on my birthday, very early in the morning, seconds before slipping off my jammies and jumping in the shower, lol!! Meant to post a week ago, sorries for my tardiness y’all!!

happiness more or less … but I’m a lucky man. happy 49th motherfucker!!