I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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OK, finally gonna say it!!

Meant to blog … and to do a seriously long-winded blog as well (as if any of it matters, lol) … ’bout rock ‘n roll’s greatest drummers of all time!!¬†Honestly? Couldn’t be bothered ’cause as y’all know, as well as I do too … lists mean SHIT … people will always have their opinions, and no matter what I say/think, I ain’t gonna change that!! So I always refrained from this sorta shit … till now!! And here it is … ok, finally gonna say it (blogpost *wink wink*, lol) … no reasons, or rhymes, nor nary an explanation … none needed … ONLY MINE!! Agree, disagree … I don’t give a fuck!!

1: Keith Moon

2: John Bonham

3: Danny Carey

And depending on the day and my mood, it quickly can (and HAS btw, lol MANY MANY times too, lol) flip-flop like a (slap) Happy Jack flapjack, LOL!!

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quaffing my Kellerbier

This is real time blogging folks. For once no editing, perfection be damned … balls to the motherfucking walls y’all, lol!! Relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying my Creemore, more precisely¬†Kellerbier¬†… it was their upscale seasonal offering, but now it’s become available year round. I’m guessing Molson’s greedy input had something to do with it?! But perhaps not too greedy … since its introduction cost $2.95 a can, BUT now surprisingly dropped to $2.80 … but what’s more noticeably interesting is the dinero divide between Kellerbier and the original Creemore (Premium Lager): originally (and till now for that matter) was always 35¬Ę more¬†(and bear in mind,¬†BOTH¬†are¬†VERY VERY¬†good) so¬†opting for the pricier one at times was prudently decided by the fatness of my money roll …¬†but now that gap has shrunk to a mere 10¬Ę per 473 ml tin cup … I no longer will be asking myself …¬†what’s in your wallet?!

New can, same great taste …

BTW, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Kellerbier is only sold at the LCBO, while the original¬†Creemore is sold at BOTH the LCBO and The Beer Store¬†… another little bit of an advantage, making it twice as easy for the thirsty throngs!!

Ok, as promised … 5/27/12 @3:21 p.m. … countdown, and I’m punching the publish button (deep breath, lol)!!

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The 47 Society

Found this group on the internet, everything you wanted to know about 47. I know it’s a prime number and at this moment we’ve only discovered 47 perfect numbers!! Numbers are great, numbers are fun, I love numbers … numbers are numbers!! Hey, how do you join? I wanna be a part of ANY society, lol!!¬†XLVII motherfuckers!!

The 47 Society

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Catch my knowledge higher than the day

Nothing, and I absolutely motherfucking¬†mean nothing beats sitting in my backyard on a lazy Sunday afternoon on my reclining patio chair AND with my door open to the motherfucking gills¬†AND with a frosted mug of frosted brew in my hand, groovin’ and listening to this masterpiece¬†AND with the volume set to¬†CRANKED¬†from an era when music was¬†MUSIC, and musicians MUSICIANS … gradually¬†building and finally culminating into nine and a half glorious minutes of climactic crescendo!! It was pure orchestral bliss¬†AND¬†it was meant to piss¬†off¬†‘the stupids’¬†AND it did … AND¬†YES!!

What I don’t know, I have never shared

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somebody wants you!!

… well it’s def not a ref to Uncle Sam “I want you” … and NO, not a VH ref to “Everybody Wants Some”,¬†lol!! And I ain’t saying if it’s a ref to a sheriff’s posse riding bareback, a-hootin’ ‘n a-hollerin’ coming after your outlaw ass wanting you (dead or alive? YIKES!!) My advice? … walk softly, go barefoot (OMG, don’t tell me, not a supplementary¬†danis quote, lol?) Yep, damn straight motherfuckers)!!

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Frankel primed and ready!!

Motherfucker is poised to obliterate the field in the Lockinge Stakes at Newbury on Saturday. Back despite a potentially career ending injury, AND appearing to have regained top-notch form without losing nary a fleet-footed step,¬†the¬†horsey set is eager with anticipation, the whole world will be watching …¬†danistrulytheman¬†too!!

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Fuck you. Die. Bastard.

I tell you this, one of three Americans die outta cancer,
You know? Asshole.
You’re gonna be one of those.
And if I ever see your fucking face around,
In Europe or Italy,
Well, that time I’m gonna kick your ass.
Fuck you. Fucking Americans, Yankee.
You’re gonna die outta cancer, I promise.

I want your balls smashed, eat shit. Bastard.

You know you’re gonna have another accident?
You know I’m involved with black magic?

No one does what you did to me.
You wanna know something? Fuck you.
Hope somebody in your family dies soon.

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13.6 ounces of goodness!!

Initial post/thought was “13.6 ounces of glory” … changed it to goodness!! If my first instinct WAS better, if I fucked up …¬†PUH-leeze lemme know?! I calculated the weight/size after butcher bagged a big-ass scoopful (and after converting metric > imperial, and then dividing X 2) … one burger for danis yours truly¬†… and one for Tiffany K¬†of course, lol!! Funny fucking thing (ok, not fucking funny … but certainly interesting, and completely unintentional as well) is that 13.6 ounces equates to EXACTLY 85% of 1 lb … not sure the significance, just sayin’?! Hollowed out the bun (expert chef trick – basic condiments +¬†Emmental¬†only … ain’t room for much else)¬†to accomodate phat-patty, she’s a double fisted bitch … wait a minute, that’s not HER name, AND I didn’t mean one up the vag, one up the wazoo (that’s another blogpost, lol)… minds outta the gutter y’all, LOL!!¬†And it wouldn’t be complete without¬†a side ‘o ‘shrooms sealing the fucking deal,¬†admittedly¬†I’m a self confessing, self professing *wink wink* mushroom addict from WAY back, especially at my Highland Farms¬†where they have THE BEST quality cremini, I can’t walk past ’em without brown-bagging a handful (or 2, or 3, or …) whether I need them, or not, lol!!

thirteen dot six motherfuckers (PUH-leeze¬†don’t say this shoulda been my post, lol):

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WHOLE FOODS … chicken!!

Whole rotisserie chicken,¬†on a one day Wednesday May 9th special for $7.99!!¬†Tried all the others (many many times) but with this price, timing was perfect for upping the ante … upping my game!! The verdict … drum roll please: Visually, the best I’ve seen … hands down winner. Taste is right up there too, wouldn’t say better, but def not any worse either. The others (some, not all) offer a variety of seasoned birds, same story here. Traditional, Barbecue … even Cajun woulda been ragin’ but today wisely went with the Garlic Herb Hen (Herbs de Provence woulda been great too, but when I arrived,¬†none were done¬†for takeout)?! And a final note/comment … found it to be much more moist than most (open up and say ahhhhh-literation, lol). Breast meat/white meat (best indicator) was exceptionally tender, not dry at all!!

Plated: YEAH, fucking told ya …WOW … dig in y’all, lol: ūüėČ

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Sobeys-Wan Kenobi

Rarely shop here … hmmm, white-trash wonder why? Admittedly their flyer caught my eye … and attention lickety split!! Love great deals, and this one ranks as one of the best, and before I continue, shamefully say,¬†“I fucked up big-time” … at this mind boggling¬†steal-of-a-deal price I shoulda bought twice as much (gone quattro ‘steada doing the deuce) … still kicking myself in the arse over it (yeah yeah, the contortionist in me, lol). Think it was a bit of uncertainty over their products, their quality that left me mildly concerned. Suffice it to say, any reservations were immediately alleviated after these bad-boys-were-bbq’d!! Get this: A box of 8 Angus Beef burgers (5 oz) AND Butcher-Style to boot for $5.99 (their top-of-the-signature-line … Sensations)?! Are you fucking nuts? That’s a paltry 75¬Ę/patty … I’m in disbelief …¬†STILL!!¬†Kept wishing I had 80-100 people coming over for a party, lol!! Don’t laugh, I’d have done it too!! Oh, and from a pricing perspective M&M, Canada’s quintessential frozen burger baron sell their version (‘cept their variation ain’t even Angus Beef ) for $13.99 … interestingly, have a trademarked name bragging: Butcher’s Grind‚ĄĘ … and I know they’ll go on sale someday, but how low? Dunno, guessing $9.99 … maybe?! As far as frozen burgers go … these are fucking great, AND combined with the price … are the¬†motherfucking bomb!!¬†Here’s a few pics: the flyer, my purchase (check out what I mean by Butcher-Style), and danistrulytheman’s basic burger: Kraft single slices (2X), tomatoes, onions, mustard, and of course my Heinz 57 Sauce for that¬†extra zest ‘n zen baby!!

And YES … did get the butter too y’all,¬†danistrulythemanisnodummie, lol!! ūüėČ

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Hey hey, hold on to that man‚Äôs heart

He gonna give you some love and affection
I’d say get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, get it while you can
Hey hey, get it while you can
Don’t you turn your back on love, no no!

Don’t you know when you’re loving anybody baby
You’re taking a gamble on a little sorrow
But then who cares, baby
‚ÄėCause we may not be here tomorrow, no
And if anybody should come along
He gonna give you any love and affection

Don’t you turn your back on love

No no no, no no no no no!

Yeah, get it, want it, hold it, need it!
Get it, want it, need it, hold it!
Get it while you can, honey get it while you can