I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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OK, finally gonna say it!!

Meant to blog … and to do a seriously long-winded blog as well (as if any of it matters, lol) … ’bout rock ‘n roll’s greatest drummers of all time!!¬†Honestly? Couldn’t be bothered ’cause as y’all know, as well as I do too … lists mean SHIT … people will always have their opinions, and no matter what I say/think, I ain’t gonna change that!! So I always refrained from this sorta shit … till now!! And here it is … ok, finally gonna say it (blogpost *wink wink*, lol) … no reasons, or rhymes, nor nary an explanation … none needed … ONLY MINE!! Agree, disagree … I don’t give a fuck!!

1: Keith Moon

2: John Bonham

3: Danny Carey

And depending on the day and my mood, it quickly can (and HAS btw, lol MANY MANY times too, lol) flip-flop like a (slap) Happy Jack flapjack, LOL!!

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quaffing my Kellerbier

This is real time blogging folks. For once no editing, perfection be damned … balls to the motherfucking walls y’all, lol!! Relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying my Creemore, more precisely¬†Kellerbier¬†… it was their upscale seasonal offering, but now it’s become available year round. I’m guessing Molson’s greedy input had something to do with it?! But perhaps not too greedy … since its introduction cost $2.95 a can, BUT now surprisingly dropped to $2.80 … but what’s more noticeably interesting is the dinero divide between Kellerbier and the original Creemore (Premium Lager): originally (and till now for that matter) was always 35¬Ę more¬†(and bear in mind,¬†BOTH¬†are¬†VERY VERY¬†good) so¬†opting for the pricier one at times was prudently decided by the fatness of my money roll …¬†but now that gap has shrunk to a mere 10¬Ę per 473 ml tin cup … I no longer will be asking myself …¬†what’s in your wallet?!

New can, same great taste …

BTW, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Kellerbier is only sold at the LCBO, while the original¬†Creemore is sold at BOTH the LCBO and The Beer Store¬†… another little bit of an advantage, making it twice as easy for the thirsty throngs!!

Ok, as promised … 5/27/12 @3:21 p.m. … countdown, and I’m punching the publish button (deep breath, lol)!!

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The 47 Society

Found this group on the internet, everything you wanted to know about 47. I know it’s a prime number and at this moment we’ve only discovered 47 perfect numbers!! Numbers are great, numbers are fun, I love numbers … numbers are numbers!! Hey, how do you join? I wanna be a part of ANY society, lol!!¬†XLVII motherfuckers!!

The 47 Society

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Catch my knowledge higher than the day

Nothing, and I absolutely motherfucking¬†mean nothing beats sitting in my backyard on a lazy Sunday afternoon on my reclining patio chair AND with my door open to the motherfucking gills¬†AND with a frosted mug of frosted brew in my hand, groovin’ and listening to this masterpiece¬†AND with the volume set to¬†CRANKED¬†from an era when music was¬†MUSIC, and musicians MUSICIANS … gradually¬†building and finally culminating into nine and a half glorious minutes of climactic crescendo!! It was pure orchestral bliss¬†AND¬†it was meant to piss¬†off¬†‘the stupids’¬†AND it did … AND¬†YES!!

What I don’t know, I have never shared