I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I Love Lexie Lou!!

Am I the only one who can’t wait for her 2015 campaign? Incessant CaliChrome chatter only adds fuel to my fire. As a longtime (former) railbird, mark my words, barring injuries/setbacks; next year, she’s def the horse to watch. Greatness awaits … you go girl!


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my black friday day bitches!

… it started early, was very cold standing 40 minutes in line waiting for the store to open. once in, got my RCA 40″ HDTV. a bit of a snag trying paying w/ points … no worries if nothing else, danistrulytheman is one persistent SOB. after 45 minutes or so, got what I wanted … half a yard, cash in hand. sweet! PLUS, still will have my original 50000 points returned back to my account,when I’m done w/ them. all’s well that ends well. next stop was Bay Bloor Radio; I knew what I wanted, new Grado cans + a new Grado extension cable (even so, I did have a hell of a fun time playing w/ their wall of headphones) … hey, I didn’t mind wasting my time on their dime – I love places that validate parking smack dab in the heart of the city! oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this deal too … my fave diet pepsi from Shoppers Drug Mart (ok, I know the shit is bad, but I drink one per day, max, … don’t judge, lol). all said and done, taxes included, everything you see here … I paid two bits under $400. yep, bitches … sweet!





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my motherfucking swagger is dialed to 11!!

… despite INCREDIBLE adversity! my plate’s overflowing, never have I dealt w/ so much in such a short span! things turning bad to worse is the norm, y’all … yet, somehow I calm down, dig down, suck it up, overcome all hurdles blocking my path … and still persevere. I am Superdan!!

… yep, it’s in the way that you use it

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can’t quite believe she’s trying to pull this fucking stunt on me

I knew it was a simple case of agreeing to our deal from way back
but she’s trying to tap me up for more money
she says it’s not like that and I’m like fuck off and die
and stick up my two fingers and one more to make three

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Don’t Bait-And-Switch Me Like That!!

… is alright, honestly. was fully prepared, had my bases covered knowing you’d try pulling this con job stunt cunt. curious though, if you were fully prepared for the quick eff you, I smacked you with? so long skank … sayonara!!

Don’t Do Me Like That

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NY, USA Called!!

212 … and I answered!! Saw, it on my call display, was gonna dismiss it as nuisance spam, telemarketers … changed my mind, and just as I was clicking to answer, knew who it was. “Is this Daniel?” the voice on the other end asked,  after I said “hi” confirming everything. Ok, I ain’t sayin’ the name of the company. But, will name the person who took time to call (despite my profanity laced emails), addressing my troubles and concerns. Thanks Mijon!

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while I do appear to fly by the seat of my pants

… it ain’t the case. just that my mind works a million miles per second spewing pertinent permutations giving the appearance/illusion everything’s being made up as I go. trust me … is def a rhyme to dansreason, lol!!

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hear that motherfuckers? it’s me breathing again!

… there’s def a new confident cocksure rhyme to dansreason, and it’s oozing. it’s a oneway non-stop never-ending newfound flowing bounty that was previously oppressed, held captive and trapped that’s FINALLY being released part of me! shhhhh … listen!!

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wake me when the day breaks, show me how the sun shines

tell me about your heartaches, who could be so unkind?
do you dream to touch me? and smile down deep inside
or could you just kill me? hey, it’s hard to make up your mind sometimes

sometimes life is obscene