I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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With Glowing Hearts!!

Canada vs. USA!! Tomorrow, for the Gold … the coveted Gold Medal!! Men’s hockey!! So, a few days ago the US team beat us, for the first time in 50 fucking years of Olympic action, I might add!! Good, get your hopes up assholes!! We WILL annihilate you!! We WILL pulverize you!! We WILL destroy you!! This is OUR game motherfuckers!! That first game (a few days ago) was the most viewed show, not sporting event … show of all time in Canadian TV viewing history. Considering tomorrow’s game importance, and it having a much, much greater significant, ever lasting impact, along with it being played on the week-end, on Sunday, and with a game time of 3:00 p.m. I think it’s safe to say we’ll break that record, and then some!! We will be a nation united, glued to the TV!! Go Canada Go!!

Hard hitting action: Game 1

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my motherfucking mukluks!!

We got hit hard with a another winter blast last night, so I had to dig out these bad boys again. I usually don’t have to resort to using them, ordinarily any shoes on hand will suffice … unless the snow gets very deep, and then in that situation, I will. My Baffin Boots(Canadian made, for Canadian winters)are a quite a few years old now, maybe even 10 years old … but in remarkable condition, in great shape … so much so that they appear almost new. I couldn’t find the exact model, as it probably changed slightly throughout the years, but, these are approximately like my pair!!

Rated to minus 60 motherfuckers!! And with my thick, 100% wool thermal socks, my toes are toasty!!

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greatest motherfucking Canuck!!

We all should aspire to be like Jon Montgomery!! Jon’s honesty, integrity, patriotism, all around great, fun loving, happy go lucky guy, are attributes we all can appreciate!! How can you not love a guy who loves drinking beer, and isn’t afraid to show it!! I’m sure I speak on behalf of the whole country when I say, “What you did, what you achieved, and how you did it, you made Canada so incredibly proud”

Throwing yourself headfirst on a sled down a steep sheet of ice with twists and turns is mind-blowingly insane!!

Gold medal winner!! In the most motherfucking bad-ass sport … Skeleton!! Fuck, Skeleton just sounds bad-ass!!