I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I love Venus!!

Quickie astronomy quiz: Everybody knows that the Sun and Moon are the two brightest objects in the sky, and everyone should know the third brightest … but I really wonder how many do? Did you know? Before seeing the answer in my post I mean, lol!! And now in late April, early May it’s at its brightest for all of 2012. Interestingly it’s a waning crescent, not a even a “full” Venus when you’d think it would be much brighter … and if you know the answer (reason) you get brownie points, and yer-def-the-teacher’s-pet, lol!! Here’s a great article explaining it all …

… and Venus loves me!!

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piled mile high burger!!

Not always able to snap shots … too eager, too hungry, lol!! I only wish you could see the patty, I charred it, I mean I really charred it … but leaving a hint ‘o pink in the middle, was unfuckingbelievably juicy!! Crispy bacon strips, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, lots of ooey-gooey melted Jarlsberg cheese … toasted sesame seed bun with French’s mustard and A1 Sauce squirted on. Sweet potato fries (a healthier choice btw) sprinkled with huge ass Maldon flakes served alongside my homemade blue cheese dipping sauce round out the dish!! Yummotherfucking-o!!

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Fuck you Blake!! She’s country!!

Ain’t about to sugar coat it like Adam, “Damn you Blake”!! 

RaeLynn is:

A hot little number in her pick-up truck
Daddy’s sweet money done jacked it up
She’s a party all-nighter from South Carolina
A bad mamma-jamma from down in Alabama
She’s a ragin’ Cajun, a lunatic from Brunswick
Juicy Georgia peach

A hell raisin’ sugar when the sun goes down
Mama taught her how to rip up the town
A honey drippin’ honey from a holler in Kentucky
Get’s ya flippin’ kinda trippy like a Mississippi hippie
She’s a Kansas princess
A crazy mother trucker, undercover lover

and to quote Christina, “you are a little bad-ass man”!!


“I’m not confident, I’m cocky” – danistrulytheman

OMMFG!! I can’t believe I’ve never blogged/posted this one … and it’s 100% TRUE … my very words, over and over many many times … going back over 30 years too!! Think it 1st came out playing pool in a biker bar in the US, 16 years old and the world was my oyster. Playing with my partner (best friend … side note: I’m two days his senior, can you imagine the 3 consecutive days birthday party celebrations we had, lol?), I’d carefully and precisely line up the winning shot, turn my head towards my opponent and make my shot for the victory. Used to say this shit right to their faces, and these weren’t guys to fuck with either BELIEVE ME!! Thankfully my age allowed liberties … plus, would like to think danistrulytheman’s likability did too, lol!!

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Jamie, I salute you!!

Jamie Moyer that is, and in true danistrulytheman custom & fashion, it shoulda said, “I salute you motherfucker!! Damn!! Man that’s some AWESOME shit you did last night … becoming the oldest pitcher EVER to win a game in the majors … 49 years, 150 days old!! Mucho respect!! I LOVE IT WHEN OLD GUYS DO GREAT!!!!

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She cries alone at night too often

Man got his woman to take his seed
He got the power – oh
She got the need

She spends her life through pleasin’ up her man
She feeds him dinner or anything she can

Man makes your hair gray
He’s your life’s mistake
All you’re really lookin’ for’s an even break

He lies right at you
You know you hate this game
Slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain

Only women bleed


Right In Two

Angels on the sideline
Puzzled and amused
Why did Father give these humans free will
Now they’re all confused

Don’t these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around
Plenty in this holy garden silly monkeys
Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it
Right in two

Angels on the sideline
Baffled and confused
Father blessed them all with reason
And this is what they choose
And this is what they choose

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground
Silly monkeys give them thumbs
They forge a blade
And where there’s one
they’re bound to divide it
Right in two
Right in two

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground
Silly monkeys give them thumbs
They make a club
And beat their brother down
How they survive so misguided is a mystery

Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability
To lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here

Cut it right all right in two

Fight over clouds over wind over sky
Fight over life over blood over prayer
Overhead and light
Fight over love over sun
Over another fight…

Angels on the sideline again
Benched along with patience and reason
Angels on the sideline again
Wondering when this tug of war will end

Cut it right all right in two

Right in two…


as promised … AND expected!!

Otherwise my ass is grass with y’all … my exceptionally critical, and excitingly expectant, hanging on every word followers/blog readers!! Ok ok, so maybe I’m embellishing/stretching it a bit … but sheeshgive a brother a break, lol!!

… and here they are: my leftover meatball pics …

Day 1: semi-sub-sammies (fresh, soft buns are key) with hot peppers, melted provolone and the 2cheese combo from the day before …

Day 2: meatballs sliced and baked with melted mozza … now served open faced civilized style (with steak knife & fork) … YUMMO!! (my fave outta all 4 variations) …

Day 3 (… 4 too): do I know how to vary my menu … AND stretch a dollar (&blogpost) to boot or what? Tossed with spaghettini and served with a buttery garlic roll …