I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I hurt myself today to see if I still feel

I focus on the pain the only thing that’s real
The needle tears a hole the old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away but I remember everything

What have I become my sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away in the end
You could have it all my empire of dirt
I will let you down I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of shit upon my liar’s chair
Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear
You are someone else I am still right here

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if it’s Tuesday this must be Buffalo Wild Wings

… was extremely unexpected, the phone call … the invite. And who am I to turn down 1/2 price anything, let alone 1/2 price wings. Ordered 20 wild … but due to a bit of a delay getting danistrulythethirstyman his 2nd Creemore, was surprisingly comped 5 wings. Everyone was extremely apologetic (manager walked over for a personal apology … with my fingers & face all red-hot sauced, and my mouth full – munching on wings … trying my best to say thanks for the gesture, but more importantly wanting to shoo him away … please, don’t ever approach me while I’m in that condition, lol) and honestly wasn’t even creating a fuss for that beer either … not like I normally can, lol … was them that created all the fuss ’bout me sitting there all empty-glassed. Some pics to share … wanted to include gracious waitress but she was so shy … coulda swore she was Polish (with her thick accent, and being in these neck of the woods), but turns out Agi is a sweet little paprikash from Budapest!!

15 wild + blue cheese dip

my other 5 – I mean 10 … WOOHOO

ahhhhh, my Creemore finally, lol

lawyer-boy havin’ at ‘er … as if he’s never seen a chicken wing before, lol

… and the bill

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1.eggs scrambling 2.loaded with lotsa good stuff 3.carefully slid and folded from pan to plate so top meets bottom

My best attempt avoiding the “O” word in my title, lol. Can’t help myself, on another omelette roll of late … damp, wet weather puts me in the mood for stick to my ribs food. This always hits the gut-filling spot … prolly be doubling (or tripling) down with that ragin’ bitch Sandy unleashing her fury … already felt that cold wind firsthand *shivers*. Now? I’m hunkered down!! A few pic y’all. 😉

havarti, ham, cremini, tomato, red onion omelette & hash browns w/toasted English muffin

some shrooms showing through the eggs – LOVE IT

almost done y’all

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Ain’t got no quarrels with God

When you grab a hold of me
You tell me that I’ll never be set free

I swim but wish I never learned
The water’s too polluted with germs

Two pints of booze
Tell me are you a badfish too? Are you a badfish too?

Ain’t got no time to get old
Lord knows I’m weak

Won’t somebody get me off of this reef

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but if this ever changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry

when you were young and your heart was an open book
you used to say live and let live
you know you did you know you did you know you did

say live and let die

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Oh Lord and Master, beholding it’s some fucking Black Hole you’re falling into … Sun

Stuttering, cold and damp
Steal the warm wind tired friend
Times are gone for honest men
And sometimes far too long for snakes
In my shoes, a walking sleep
And my youth I pray to keep
Heaven sent hell away
No one sings like you anymore

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maple leaf chicken wings

… not really in the mood to say much today, just a coupla pics. warmer temps means a chance to bbq, even this late in the year. love seeing the fallen maple leaves in the background as my wings grill away. and finished – tossed with my hot buffalo wing sauce. oh, and served with my homemade blue cheese sauce.

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what do you do when all your enemies are friends

I still remember every single word you said
and all the shit that somehow came along with it
still there’s one thing that comforts me
since I was always caged and now I’m free

LOVE this one … and the elevator music ain’t shabby either, lol. Big Me!!

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many happy returns

… quickie update on the spruce up. I know I know, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear … too many headaches – don’t get me started. Good news is that FINALLY it’s a go … thanks Reno Warrior Hawk!! Been shopping up a storm at the big-box stores – over buying too since their return policy permits taking back unused shit no questions asked. Couldn’t believe my luck today returning to another store, not even big-box … receipt was from July 5 … and before I walked in was hoping they’d give me a store credit, was ready to beg/plead … but dude casually asked for my AMEX, lol. Here’s my great story from Lowe’s yesterday. I was looking for a specific bathroom vanity that I saw online – it was advertised at a clearance price, and knew the last one in the whole province was THIS display model. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I asked the person to get me the person in charge to ask what the best price I could get if I chose to buy it … continually was showing him the DAMAGE  (while I kept planning my negotiation strategies) … but it wasn’t even – only had three tiny nicks, still didn’t stop me from unashamedly planting that, you better give me a good deal seed , meanwhile thinking of the price I wanted to pay. And I knew he was gonna discount it further – they wanted to get rid of it (btw, from overheard conversations amongst employees, always keeping my ears open listening for juicy info … this vendor was being completely discontinued from Lowe’sBONUS, more bargaining ammo, lol) … so I was one step ahead of him when he told me he’d slash it by 50% MORE … of course I was gonna take it for that (besides it’s close to what I was thinking as a GREAT price), but I gave him my best pokerface hiding my excitement and countered with my “fine, but throw in touch-up paint ’cause I ain’t paying for it”. Lady at the paints bent over backwards trying to match it, she was right … stain (not paint) was the answer, and she said I needed clear satin polyurethane too to apply after the stain … I said great, what did I care, it was gonna be comped – $14 worth for both cans, lol. And here’s the best part, as I proceeded to the check-out I asked the worker helping me about the return policy on this … I honestly assumed it was a final sale (read; no returns) since it was the last one, and since it included so many price reductions … I’m not joking – it’s sick what I paid!! He shook his head and said that I could return it like any other purchase!! Are you fucking kidding me I said, lol?! And I ain’t returning it … thing’s f’n gorgeous AND I haven’t even touched up the blemishes yet!! Been walking around the stores doing the construction guy thing too … you know, with a tape measure strapped to my pants … ‘cept I hang it low on the pocket of my low rise jeans for that little bit of cocky construction guy swagger, ‘nstead of the high waisted up to yer armpits old-school look, like all ya conservative douchey-dufus professionals, lol. Yes, I know the latter is the more practical pick … but DAMN, really was rockin’ ma look, lol!!

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plank salmon pics

Yesterday’s sunny and unseasonably warm 19°C permitting a late October BBQ was just what the doctor ordered, the perfect cure for stopping the dizziness … getting off this spinning ride called life. Food truly is love, it soothes the soul … two Atlantic Salmon filets quickly marinated with olive oil, red onion, dill, parsley, sea salt & black pepper … skin side down on a water soaked (for a few hours) cedar plank and into my hot and ready Weber, shutting the lid and patiently allowing it to make magic. Squirted freshly squeezed grilled lemon juice after plating … a glistening finish. Almost gives the appearance of smoked salmon, but it’s VERY moist and tender … AND pink inside. Please folks, NEVER overcook it – it’s a sin against salmon. My planked salmon … kerplunked!!

folded newspaper protects the plate from the charred plank …

you can see that a little bit o’ that pink I’m talking ’bout …

saved the best for last … yep, def pink …

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I’ve seen pigs out sitting watching a picture slide

I’ve seen old men crying at their own graveside

but I never seen nothing like you


heard this the other day, the original version (must plead ignorance – never heard/knew of it) by The Move, not ELO – but still Jeff Lynne. Confusing, lol? Just listen y’all!! 😎

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playing passenger, done with the driving

… passively too – maybe I was sedated, lol?! Truthfully – LOVED it!! Was nice (but strange for a change) not lifting a finger doing any work getting food on the table … ‘nstead giving the two runts full run – complete carte blanche of my kitchen … my domain. And I promise never to bring up the mess again, mentioning it for the last time (yeah, probably will , lol) you left for yours truly … and ain’t complainin’ (but it was REALLY REALLY messy, lol) … the meal was fantastic … and the break from the EXPECTED (just sayin’) dinner duties was greatly appreciated (and needed). You done good!! Should be a TV show ’bout you twos

butternut squash, double smoked bacon & roasted red pepper soup …

smoked herring fritter (a la crab cake), arugula & toasted squash seeds (& curry sauce) salad …

pan seared whitefish, quinoa & roasted veggies, white wine & lemon, dill & cilantro reduction …

AND the best part – dessert (no pic – sorry). Bread pudding with fresh blackberries & raspberries, drizzled with hot caramel & dollops of cool whipped cream. AND from start to finish – took 3 hours total 2 working as a team … kudos!!

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Frankel Finale!!

October 20, 2012 … last time this champion will grace a racecourse … fitting it occurs on Champions Day at Ascot, and with the Queen in attendance. Some have hailed him the greatest of all time, and while it’s impossible to compare horses from different generations – it doesn’t stop us railbirds from trying. And being a bit of a pundit, am posting a tad prematurely …  Farewell Frankel – fourteen for fourteen!!

Frankel’s recent work – galloping at Newmarket racecourse …

Frankel’s race history (minus today’s – my apologies) …


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Recipe for Disaster

Watched the show last night – 1st time ever – certainly not willingly, but with no necessary arm-twisting. Know very little about it to be honest with you. But I do know that yesterday’s televised winner was to have his or her product available in stores this morning – in ALL Loblaws stores … and let me tell you folks – that’s a shitload of stores!! And I didn’t go shopping this morning, I went this afternoon and as you can see from the picture below, the set aside area and ready to go bunker was empty. The store manager took time to investigate and respond to my query. He was very kind, polite and understanding of my frustration (unlike the many indifferent employees of this company – pretty sure I blogged about their clock in – clock out & pick-up a paycheque lackadaisical work ethic before), hell … I could tell he was none too happy as well. And I was one step ahead of him when he mentioned that if their shipment hadn’t arrived, chances are all stores were in the same (sinking) boat. Poor Galen – you must feel like you’ve been kicked in the gonads with this public relations gaffe!! Oh, and since I have your ear … your decision to discontinue PC Memories of Lyon still has me scratching my head … you pissed off MANY 4 peppercorn sauce loving customers. I’m sure it was one of the top selling Memories brand items you’ve ever sold?! Take some advice from a guy who knows a thing or two about more than just one or two things … and bring it back pronto – no questions asked … don’t let Dave Nichol have the last laugh, ’cause trust me I know he’s rolling in the (your empty) aisles and howling now!! 😆

can’t say I didn’t try Tiffany K

gone but not forgotten – you’re in steak heaven now ole friend … RIP

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“and all you highfalutin food blogging people I don’t care if you don’t understand” – danistrulytheman

this is in reference & response (with a bit of Skynyrd thrown in for fun, lol) to a lot of what I see lately, and my little bit o’ rubbin’ it in rebuttal re: previous post. too often too many have tunnel vision for nouveau-chic-cuisine that needs immediate braggin’ rights & blog love. not me. love my old school gems, love a good meal at a steal of a deal. yesterday was def a blog worthy meal. forgot to mention – working girl animatedly & emphatically told me I was gonna love it – yep, I did. + 2 soups + 2 buns + tip = $5.50. beat that foodiebloggingbitches.

but let me say one thing mama, sugar I do as I please

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kale and sausage soup

Portuguese sausage – Linguiça … to be more precise – this ain’t no run o’ the mill Italian sausage (which are great btw) that I’m accustomed to. Once you bite into these, you’ll never forget its distinctiveness. I often see my good friend John with take-out styrofoam containers (so often – I bust his balls ’cause of it, lol), with soup (everyday they offer something different, not that I have to tell you – but just to make it perfectly clear – I AM, lol) from this place (I’ve never been, although I’ve been to many, many Portuguese bakeries) – Courense Bakery on Bloor … and ALWAYS raving about how great it is … and he swears by its health benefits (and he was right, felt stuffed all day afterwards). Today, because of circumstances – and because I was hungry as a motherfucking horse at the time, John and I ventured for a sit down soup brunch – got there at 10:45. John said this was the optimum time, come on noon’s other side and you’re taking a big risk … chances are you’ll be shit out of luck and a sorry sold out soup sob story is what you’ll be hearing … and then, you wouldn’t even be able to cry in it, LOL!! When we entered, the young woman working behind the counter asks me if I like kale and sausage? Uh, HELLS YEAH, lol!! And I know I’m not a soup guy, but after today’s experience, promise to try being MORE of a soup guy …

my bowl and bun (LOVE Portuguese breads) …

look at that creaminess – and all the sausage …

street view …

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“go and get drunk” – Dr. B

Ophthalmologist’s orders, lol … meant as a celebration of sorts; I was normal on 2 field tests – means no glaucoma … good enough reason as any to lift a pint. And when he said this to me and laughed (and I as well) … immediately made me think of what I said – something ALMOST identical two days before … great minds I guess!! 😯

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Polpette con Gomiti

… and properly fancied it up, tired of always mangiacaking it down … oh what the hell – Meatballs with pasta, lol!! This creation came courtesy leftovers (once again), a coupla days back I made a batch of my famous meatballs and homemade sauce. And later looking to vary and extend it further, came up with this … it’s a baked pasta dish (my favourite way of cooking it btw), and that sliced tomato (I’ve NEVER done that before, but I had a very ripe one – and remember; waste not, want not) inspiration was something I’ve seen … I think it was from Lidia (Bastianich), maybe it was Giada (De Laurentis) though?! Cooked the pasta in my stock pot full of boiling water and with a ladle full of sea salt – should taste like the ocean, until very al dente, then drained (but with a bit of the pasta water reserved) and finally combined with the meatballs and sauce … oh, I did layer Auricchio before finishing with the tomato (and that’s Grana Padano grated on top when I pulled it out of the oven) … some pics, enjoy – mangia mangia!! 😀

my balls are simmering …

outta the oven …

drizzled with Acropolis, lotsa Grana Padano too …

the money shot – YUMM

scooped out with a spoon shot – love this …

onto my plate …

and served with toasted garlic bread …