I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Super Mario!!

I came here (a bar/restaurant that shall remain nameless) this past weekend where a bunch of my friends come to hangout, have a drink or two, and shoot the shit. Although I come often, I never stay long. Driving around the corner, much to my surprise I see this BBQ spit set up with a Goddamn pig happily roasting away … well happily for us fortunate fucks with watering mouths, lol. Mario … the pit master in the photo tells me porky’s been spinning for an hour, and in another hour will start cutting and serving. I ask Mario how many people this can feed, not exactly answering my question says, everyone who comes … meaning anyone who wants some gets some … he’s saying it’s free fucking food!! This is why I love this place, and all my friends here, they’re kindhearted, caring, and giving … and¬†EXTREMELY¬†give-the-shirt-off-their-back motherfucking generous!!

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A hundred packs of cigarettes and fifty bottles of booze

Oh lordy mama I’ve been gone and got drunk again
I’d love to chase on after you but woman I can hardly stand
Put away the jury
Judge I’m in a hurry
If you want to know the verdict
Yes I am drunk again (he’s drunk again)


GREAT, GREAT, MOTHERFUCKING drinking song!! Y’all like to drink, right?

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… as in recent, certainly not as in improved, lol!! Goddamn, is this turning into a personal showcase of danistrulytheman photos? Am I in a fucking rut, a fucking funk? Whatever, my blog … my rules …and as my dearly departed mother used to say, ‘if you don’t like it, lump it’ … or my revised, ‘lump it motherfuckers’!!

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Buh-bye C-Note!!

$97.22 to be precise, but who the fuck am I to quibble, lol!! Eighty bucks for gas, rest for 2 packs of smokes, this was the total amount dude in line ahead of me was doling out. Turning my head and quickly sneaking a peek, knew he was driving the BIG-ASS Exhibition (Ford) parked at the pumps. Man that’s some expensive fucked up shit habit … talking ’bout the smoking, not the driving, lol. And, NO I ain’t judging so don’t even fucking start … could give a rat’s motherfucking ass what dude … or anybody else does. Just sayin’ is all!!

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The book of rock ‘n roll motherfucker I wrote it

We got hard drivin’ cuties in their daddy’s car
Shakin’ their thing at every rock ‘n roll star (that’s me)
Got romance, hot pants, and I’m leavin’ dust

Let me tell you \’bout love it\’s in the back of the bus

You got no time just sign on that bottom line
Leave it up to me boy everything’s fine
Daddy said son, do what you should
Rockin’ is my business, business is good

And if it’s so good why am I still fucking broke?

We got hard rock babes in a Chevy Nova
Havin’ high powered lunches with the scumbag that owns us
Studio studio, night and day
Gotta play your songs boy, or you won’t get laid

Daddy said son, do what you should
Rockin’ is my business, business is good