I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Super Mario!!

I came here (a bar/restaurant that shall remain nameless) this past weekend where a bunch of my friends come to hangout, have a drink or two, and shoot the shit. Although I come often, I never stay long. Driving around the corner, much to my surprise I see this BBQ spit set up with a Goddamn pig happily roasting away … well happily for us fortunate fucks with watering mouths, lol. Mario … the pit master in the photo tells me porky’s been spinning for an hour, and in another hour will start cutting and serving. I ask Mario how many people this can feed, not exactly answering my question says, everyone who comes … meaning anyone who wants some gets some … he’s saying it’s free fucking food!! This is why I love this place, and all my friends here, they’re kindhearted, caring, and giving … and EXTREMELY give-the-shirt-off-their-back motherfucking generous!!

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A hundred packs of cigarettes and fifty bottles of booze

Oh lordy mama I’ve been gone and got drunk again
I’d love to chase on after you but woman I can hardly stand
Put away the jury
Judge I’m in a hurry
If you want to know the verdict
Yes I am drunk again (he’s drunk again)


GREAT, GREAT, MOTHERFUCKING drinking song!! Y’all like to drink, right?

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… as in recent, certainly not as in improved, lol!! Goddamn, is this turning into a personal showcase of danistrulytheman photos? Am I in a fucking rut, a fucking funk? Whatever, my blog … my rules …and as my dearly departed mother used to say, ‘if you don’t like it, lump it’ … or my revised, ‘lump it motherfuckers’!!

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Buh-bye C-Note!!

$97.22 to be precise, but who the fuck am I to quibble, lol!! Eighty bucks for gas, rest for 2 packs of smokes, this was the total amount dude in line ahead of me was doling out. Turning my head and quickly sneaking a peek, knew he was driving the BIG-ASS Exhibition (Ford) parked at the pumps. Man that’s some expensive fucked up shit habit … talking ’bout the smoking, not the driving, lol. And, NO I ain’t judging so don’t even fucking start … could give a rat’s motherfucking ass what dude … or anybody else does. Just sayin’ is all!!

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The book of rock ‘n roll motherfucker I wrote it

We got hard drivin’ cuties in their daddy’s car
Shakin’ their thing at every rock ‘n roll star (that’s me)
Got romance, hot pants, and I’m leavin’ dust

Let me tell you \’bout love it\’s in the back of the bus

You got no time just sign on that bottom line
Leave it up to me boy everything’s fine
Daddy said son, do what you should
Rockin’ is my business, business is good

And if it’s so good why am I still fucking broke?

We got hard rock babes in a Chevy Nova
Havin’ high powered lunches with the scumbag that owns us
Studio studio, night and day
Gotta play your songs boy, or you won’t get laid

Daddy said son, do what you should
Rockin’ is my business, business is good

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Moron after moron at the meet and greet

You never met a man like me
You wouldn’t understand
I’m in the rock n roll business honey
Well I’m in a rock n roll band

I’m a fast talkin’ woman lovin’ whiskey drinkin’ good for nothin’ rock n roll star
In a hell raisin’ trouble lovin’ whiskey drinkin’ motherfuckin’ rock n roll band 

I’m a hell raisin’ trouble lovin’ fast talkin’ good for nothin’ rock n roll star 
In a trail blazin’ skin lovin’ whiskey drinkin’ motherfuckin’ rock n roll band 

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Is it fuckin’ druggin’ or guns?

I wouldn’t put my money on the other guy
If you know what I know that I know

I feel the heat comin’ off of the blacktop
And so get ready for another one

But don\’t cry like a bitch when you feel the pain

This is hardly worth fightin’ for
But it’s the little petty shit that I can’t ignore
With my fist hits your face
And your face hits the floor

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Best Chicken … BAR NONE!!

I come here quite often, went today too. Best BBQ chicken, Portuguese style … this ain’t no fucking Swiss Chalet shitheads. Oh, and make sure when you go, you order the grilled chicken, NOT the rotisserie, you won’t be disappointed … trust me!! Oh, and if you go on a Sunday, ’round noonish … prepare for a long, long wait!!

Two containers, two birds … and the presentation, with rice and potatoes, ready to serve!! Mungia Mungia!!

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’89 Preakness Stakes

This was the greatest race ever, in my opinion, and since it’s my blog, the only one that matters, lol. It wasn’t just the race, it was about my passion and my enthusiasm for thoroughbred horse racing, and most importantly it was about the participants, Easy Goer and Sunday Silence, two of the finest examples of horseflesh I’ve ever seen … and for what it’s worth … think Easy Goer was MUCH more superior. In fact from this time period (late ’80s) on, easily place him in the top 5 … top 3 more like it … and on certain days, would argue he’s numero uno. But I digress, I mention this race only because The Preakness Stakes is tomorrow and looking on my racing sites found a link to view it once again. Thing is, it wasn’t the original version … wasn’t the one I’ve always watched. This one had Trevor Denman calling the race instead of Dave Johnson?!?! Now, I like and respect Trevor Denman and his race calling ability, but compared to Dave Johnson’s call of this race … there isn’t even a comparison. Johnson’s call, even hearing it now years later still brings a shiver up my spine … fucking incredible especially from his “and down the stretch they come” to the finish. Chills y’all, chills!! Sorry no vid either, quality sucks shit. Posting pics though … brings back memories, great motherfucking memories!!

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This is why you guys get punched in the fucking face!!

Yesterday I was compassionate, it shouldn’t have happened. I say this with my hand on my heart, completely honest in that belief!! BUT … after returning today, really can see people’s frustration in dealing with you fucks (I mean the corporation, not the individuals obviously) … personally ended up wasting a Goddamn fucking hour ’cause of all your gaffes. Whatever!! Oh, I still feel bad for ‘punched-in-the-face dude’ … that shit ain’t right!!

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seventeen four ++

This pic was in that group I took a couple of months back. Just saw it again deleting pics from my phone … I never published it, thought it was ‘posing’ and blurry … though the photographer loved it, saying it was the best of the bunch. Yeah … ’cause it’s fucking blurry, lol!! Who am I to argue with genius? I dunno … whatever, lol!!

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“both is better” – Usha

That was her answer. My question will follow (just like Jeopardy, geez be patient motherfuckers, lol). First the story of my never-ending ongoing pursuit of BBQ burger bliss. Last year, albiet it late into the BBQ season I became aware of freshly ground goat being sold locally … then being curious began googling it. Interestingly found quite a few people espousing goat as being the best tasting meat for burgers, Packing away my BBQ for the season unable to experiment didn’t diminish my enthusiasm, just put it on the back burner temporarily. Fast forward to today … as luck would have it, an ethnic meat market recently opened for business in my neighbourhood … and I knew that they sold goat, saw it on their website, saw it in their flyers. I decided to drop in on my way home, to gather more info as I’m almost ready to purchase and give goat a try for the first time. They also sell lamb, which I’ve tried numerous times, which btw I love love love’ …  and which I conveyed wanting to get some sort of handle, some feedback, an indication of how they’d compare. Ok, so here’s the question I asked the worker (I think she might be the owner/part owner) “in your opinion, which is better, goat or lamb?”. Oh yeah, definitely asked for her name … can you spell that please?, lol. Knew that I’d be busily blogging about the whole episode while it was still fresh in my mind … Oprah, Usha … Usha, Oprah … LOL!!


And in postscript, let me say, in no way is her english as a second language quote a slight!! On the contrary, she obviously she meant to say “both are good” … her english never allowed it. With her big beautiful smile, I smiled and repeated it over and over telling her how much I liked her answer. Couldn’t have said it better Usha!!

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The further I fall I’m beside you

As lost as I get I will find you

You and me
We’re in this together now
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow
You and me
If the world should break in two
Until the very end of me
Until the very end of you

Forever and ever I am a part of you and me

You and me
We’re in this together now
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow
You and me
Even after everything
You’re the queen and I’m the king
Nothing else means anything

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Canford Cliffs

Ok, so now I’m really sticking my neck out … what else is new, lol!! With Frankel’s incredible performance recently at the Rowley Mile, and with the incomparable Goldikova still racing at age six (fucking unbelievable), I’m going out on a limb and predicting Canford Cliffs surpassing them both … and establishing himself as the greatest miler in 2011!! I know? What am I thinking, lol … but I wanted to post before he begins his 4 year old campaign tomorrow at Newbury … getting a jump, so I can say, “I told ya so”, before everybody else does, lol!!

Below are the 10 top rated horses worldwide: courtesy TIMEFORM

Henry Cecil, GB
Peter Moody, Australia
Freddie Head, France
Aidan O’Brien, Ireland
Sir Michael Stoute, GB
Yoshitaka Ninomiya, Japan
Richard Hannon, GB
Aidan O’Brien, Ireland
Richard Hannon, GB
David Simcock, GB
Mahmood Al Zarooni, GB
Henry Cecil, GB
Mark Kavanagh, Australia

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Mercy Mercy

That was her name, the Rogers tech rep … seems like I’m on the phone with these fuckers way too much lately!! About a week ago, the whole neighbourhood had disrupted service, for about 8 hours total … no internet, no TV, and in the case of my next door neighbour, no phone either … now that’s what I calling fucking bundling, lol!! And with the lastest software update on my iPhone adding a new feature, “Personal Hotspot” which essentially allows me to establish an internet connection for my home computer, or any other device without one, wasn’t too hard done by and didn’t really care… so while Tiffany K. was tapping away on the iPad, I was on my Mac enjoying internet courtesy of my cell … and courtesy a competing internet service provider, lol. And it was fucking blazing too, almost as fast as my ultra-high speed that I normally enjoy … but not today. I noticed my internet was running slow which lead to the phone call and Mercy informs me that I need a new modem to keep it running fast, apparently the one I’m using is outdated. You’d think they would have notified me before I started noticing the problem, precipitaing yet another call complaining. I have two choices, either wait till Sunday to get one delivered, or go and get one myself at the nearest Rogers Store. Mercy locates the store, tell her to call and ask if they have one since it’s not my problem, Mercy says they don’t have outgoing phonelines. Tell her to give me the number and as I’m calling on my cell with Mercy on my landline tell her, “whatever you do, don’t hang up on me!!” So, now I’m talking to two Rogers employees … at once (getting a fucking headache), store dude says they don’t have the modem I need, also tells me NO STORE has any in stock. Goodbye store dude … hello Mercy!! Now it looks like I’m left with one choice … so I snag the Sunday appointment, snag a two week credit too!! What, you didn’t think I’d let them off Scot free, did ya? Mercy me!!