I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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a deserving splurge!!

… first one in a coon’s age! hey, I really, really do deserve this … have been such a good (conservative) boy, lol! lookie y’all, is my fifty dollar pie!! so mofo good too!! wish I snapped pics of golden bottom, blackened edges … uhmm, way too hungry! mungia! #toomuchpieforoneguy




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I can’t feel my life. Makes me wanna cry.

How bad I feel inside. Like I wanna die.

Can’t explain – won’t apologize.

Destination unknown. Wreckage in tow.
Depression grows. I have no home.

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pin me down show me how

looking back to find my way never seemed so hard
yesterday’s been laid to rest changing of the guard
I would never change a thing even if I could
all the songs we used to sing everything was good

I remember watching you once upon a time
dancing from across the room in another life

a little bit of resolve is what I need now

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I feel the question of your loneliness

confide ’cause I’ll be on your side
you know I will, you know I will

my friends are so distressed
and standing on the brink of emptiness
no words I know of to express
this emptiness


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winter gear!

… cranked the wheels to show (off) my snow tire tread. but, not before taking zen baby for an awesome carwash. a bit of a story, will say it did involve a suicide u-turn, lol! being a hands on guy … was my 1st time in an automated carwash in a coon’s age. best part?! no tax … and free vacuuming! woohoo!


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best grocery store pizza Toronto!

… bar none! Helps that Metro had a 3 day sale; XL 16″ for $7.99 making it an incredible deal. But what separates it from others is that it has a thick crust, and more importantly retains heat, unlike those other garden grocery store varieties that lose heat immediately, before you even get it home … reminds me of frozen quality pizza! For both quality&quantity … not to mention the price … we’re talking yer basic pepperoni pie (loaded w/ lotsa cheese too) here folks, I’d pick-up this bad-boy over those other well known pizza chains any day!




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Boy oh Barolo!

Special ordered this December 2 … I blame falling for AMEX’s front of the line privileges afforded me! Arrived yesterday – was well within their 8-12 week delivery window! Beautiful attention to detail regarding package and delivery! Very impressed! Oh, and what’s w/ that awesome order number 95959 … it’s a prime, a palindrome too! I love it, it’s a sign from my number God, means wine’s def got to be exceptional! Can’t wait to try, and I know exactly what I’ll be cooking … more pics then, I promise! Oh, and for all inquiring minds – $100 for the deuce!






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“I am me, I am not you” – danistrulytheman

I can’t anticipate, dictate, or control the actions of others! I can’t think what your thinking, I can’t make you think what I’m thinking! You are wholly responsible for your thoughts/actions, as am I!! Fifty years … finally got it figured out!! Age begets wisdom!!

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Make up your mind and I’ll make up mine. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine!

Those words that you said to me, why wasn’t I listening?

and do this for the last time, and do this for the last time, and do this for the last time

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chili chouriço

I’m the culinary king of adapting, if I do humbly say so myself!! Ok, maybe king of making shit up on the fly, but king nonetheless! So when my Portuguese lady friend Lina recently offered some of her home made chouriço (she smokes the shit herself in her backyard smoker too, y’all), I knew exactly how to put it to good use!! Make my SuperBowl chili as per usual, then slice&toss these badboys into the mix for that extra oomph!! And, with temps reaching minus 25 in these here parts, nothing beats a hot bowl of chili w/ grated Jack and a dollop of sour cream, along w/ plenty of crusty peasant bread (along w/ plenty of beer of course *wink wink*) on a cold Canadian wintry day!!