I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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fourteen seconds till sunrise

tired, wiser for the time

on a good day, I know it ain’t every day
we can part the sea
and on a bad day, I know it ain’t every day
glory beyond our reach

no time left now for shame
horizon behind me, no more pain

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Cams is closed – don’t open till 4?! ‘Sup w/your antiquated late Sunday opening meanwhile losing business shit?! Never mind, not my probs douches – YOURS!! Monkey wrench was for only a blip of a moment… danistrulythemanwithabackupplan!! Always!!

I wanted to order from yous guys for SOOOO SOOOO long anyway… like, forever (but, assumed I was outta the delivery area and never attempted to… till today)! Have read nuthin’/heard nuthin’ but the highest praise/best TO pizza ’bout you! Go ahead, Google online reviews, see for yourselves!

… still can’t believe they delivered this pizza goodness this far… for me, lol!




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Toronto Island & Chili Spaghetti

OK, this time I WAS on Toronto Island! Although the ferry master did deny access due to my vehicle weight, forcing me over, onto the airport ferry again. Was so cool too; got a private escort across the fecking airport tarmac, crossing all runways! Oh yeah, on the otherside, only means of communication to get back? Is a phone in a box, lol!



My Aerial Bird’s Eye View…


Ain’t My Dime…


… Good To Be Home! Dinner…



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new like a baby but lost like a prayer

the sky was your playground but the cold ground was your bed
I said poor stargazer she’s got no tears in her eyes
but smooth like a whisper she knows that love heals all wounds with time
now it seems like too much love is never enough
yeah you better seek out another road ’cause this one has ended abrupt

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Thanksgiving Run!

… happy run! only my second time since September 1, so am chuffed w/the time. wanted to do at least 4K, but was windy, and got tuckered. did run a solo 1K after catching my breath, so essentially did run 4K, lol. being a non-runner of late, love it… love my negative splits too!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.56.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.59.40 PM

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Baked BBQ Chipotle Beans w/ Spezzati, and toasted Jalapeño Cornbread!

… that’s a mouthful, and it was! oh, before I forget, Havarti – old Cheddar was my first choice, but package was sealed. Again, the king of using what I got on hand… pasta, cheese, sour cream. Beans and bread were gratis… courtesy Iris and Tiff respectively. Thanks gals! Hmmm, am I really the king of shite, lol?!