I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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on an avocado roll

my latest helping-my-sorry-old-ass-body kick that I’m on. loaded with lots of the good stuff. a quickie google search, and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout Willis!! today I made sammies on Italian rolls; leftover chicken, red onions, hothouse tomatoes, havarti … and my new superfood friend, the avocado. reheated rice and potatoes (more leftovers – waste not want not) served on the side and bob’s yerfuckin uncle. a coupla pics y’all. :mrgreen:

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we do our time like pennies in a jar, what are we saving for?

waiting for our ship to come but our ship’s not coming back

so give me something to believe
’cause I am living just to breathe
and I need something more
to keep on breathing for
so give me something to believe

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more chillin’ than grillin’

Warm days have been great, I ain’t complainin’. Just that during these days my motivation/excitement level to bbq is through the proverbial roof. But, by the time I get home after stopping and shopping for groceries, and then firing up the grill (doing some prep work while I wait) … day suddenly disappears into night. Temps drop quickly too – maybe just appears that way as I’m special occasion/celebrating drinking my frosty Creemore, lol. Here’s a few pics; two strip steaks (rubbed liberally with garlic salt, cracked black pepper, and my secret – Barberian’s Steak Seasoning), and four Mexican style sausages courtesy my local Fortinos … enjoy y’all!!

fire in the hole

grill marks looking good

the PERFECT char

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I thought we were fine guess you thought differently that day


it’s no big thing really I’m doing fine by myself

it’s just that sometimes I feel like I’ve died and gone to hell

I got too high now I’m falling too fast and I’m outta control

LOVE LOVE my Four Fucking Horsemen!! … gimme a HELL YEAH motherfuckers!!

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