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another day … another one point six million miles!!

Love playing with astronomical numbers shit. That’s the distance earth cruises daily on its trip around the sun … 1,600,000 miles. Y’all remember c=πr2 right? Ok, so most probably don’t …  but 3.1415926 X 93,000,000 X 2 = Earth’s orbit = 584 million and change miles, which is what we call a year … for you really, really stupid fucks out there. Divide this by 365, and that’s how far we travel each and every day. I figured all this out in my mind, fighting insomnia in the middle of night (this is what my brain involuntarily likes to do to kill time when I have time to kill…. fucking puzzles!!). Come morning, eventually dragging my lazy-ass out of bed, I use my calculator to get the exact figure. Oh, btw how fucking weird that 1.6 is close to 1.618 … phi, the golden ratio? Whatever this means, I don’t know … just sayin’!! Oh, it also refreshed my memory and reminded me of absolutely the greatest motherfucking fucking quote ever, without a doubt on this topic, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe” – Albert Einstein!!

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Goldikova and Miesque!!

Absolutely loved this horse – Miesque!! She blew away the competition in 1987 in The Breeder’s Cup Mile, and for good measure came back in ’88 and did it again!! First back to back winner. Fast forward 21 years, Goldikova wins the exact race in 2008 for the first time, and a year later for the second! Another back to back performance. What makes this interesting? Both are fillies(mares) beating up on the boys. Both are considered to best of all time in their division, both have 12 wins(as I publish this post)… and both share another common thread … Miesque’s jockey way back in the day was Freddy Head who now is Goldikova’s trainer!! Talk about a motherfucking coinkidink!!