I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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South St.!! Missed it by that much!!

Firstly, gotta give Max credit for the quote. Get Smart. Twenty minutes prior to pick-up, to my arrival, Boy Wonder informs me he just wants to grab a quick burger before heading home, says he wants South St., tells me the location as well. Initially feel somewhat disappointed, fuck I was thinking after finishing my day, I’d be setting my fat fanny down at any number of great Toronto restaurants, staying for awhile (with any luck, a long while), and enjoying a few beers along with my meal. Boy W saw it differently, and after he mentioned his desire for cheap-eats was actually getting excited and psyched myself about finally getting an opportunity to try ‘n taste the great burgers at South St. that lately I’ve been hearing so much about. When I arrive, point out and mention to him that to get there we’d have to backtrack, something I wasn’t keen on doing. No problem he says, there’s one in our direction, just up the street too. This is the heart of uptown Toronto … Yonge and Eglinton … parking is very difficult anytime of day even at the best of times, let alone rush hour. Driving around in circles unable to park, I frustratingly drive away thinking another lost opportunity, South St. would have to wait!! Luckily, as if the burger Gods were watching over me, driving up Yonge a spot became available  … a mere block away. Stepping out of the car, exactly where I parked, I (we) see this other burger place, Gourmet Burger Co. … what’s this I say? Boy W tells me about it, hasn’t tried it yet, but says he wants to. Today’s as good a day as any I figure, quickly arriving at our decision, we bail on South St. (unfortunately) and walk in!! Glad we did, burger was really good too, so sorry South St. but you still have to wait!!


The Works burger 6.95

6oz GBC 100% beef burger, lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed

mushrooms, balsamic marinated caramelized onions,

bacon, regular cheddar & GBC sauce


Paying upfront at the counter meant no tip was required … make no mistake, this really is a fast food joint. We even split the fries … AND … we didn’t even order drinks!! Wanna talk about being fucking frugal? This is it!! This is as cheap as you could get for two!!

Love how these tiny little places ask for your name, as if they’d lose track of the orders. Place probably seats twenty at fucking best, lol … Christ, he even brought it over … you’re gonna ask my name and write it down … at the very least give ‘Dan’ a shout so I could go pick-up my order, lol!!

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who’s yer daddy?

With the impending marriage of ‘the boy who would be king’  just days away, I can’t help but join with those who believe that the heir-hier apparent’s best man, his brother Harry, may not be of Royal blood after all!! Although I wouldn’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist, or label myself as such, certainly love them!! William was a strapping lad a few years ago, with a full head of hair and broad shoulders, and now seems to have morphed into his father, a thinned haired wimpy Charles. This hereditary trait is very common with the men in the Royal Family, premature hair loss, premature muscle mass loss!! Harry still has a few years to go, but we’ll see if he inherits these characteristics!! Here’s a pic of James Hewitt, the man Diana was having an affair with, this is well documented … not breaking news, not telling ya anything ya already didn’t know!! Confirmed and admitted by Hewitt himself … although he’s aggressively adamant in his public denial of fathering the bastard (can’t say I blame him, lol)!! And for comparison am posting two pics of Prince Harry, looks eerily similar?!?! Could the third in line to the throne be a commoner?? ROFLMMFAO!!

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The fastest horse ever!! Says I!! He was absolutely unrelenting … a motherfucking machine, who was continually pushing and extending his stride, while his natural ability and talent lacking rivals, were unable to match his resolve and determination, started shortening theirs!! Re-watching his accomplishments on YouTube brings shivers up and down my spine, makes the hairs on my neck stand up and take notice!! This clip is from his Nunthorpe victory at York … a racecourse heavily steeped in tradition … a racecourse with a history spanning over an unrivaled 2000 (+) years!!

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Add family to the mix, and the whole combo is one big family Feaster!! But hey … you guys are worth it *wink wink*, lol!! Hit 3 grocery stores in 2 hours today (one more early Saturday morning still to go … plus, already did the LCBO thing, buying beer and wine) … what a fucking zoo!! Went with a list as long as my arm too, and still I had to deviate from the original plan (quickly threw it out the fucking window), that’s ok, rather be flexible, buying only the best, than settling for what they have, only ’cause it was on my list … pshaw!! Helps that I know my way around these markets, and my way around the kitchen too!! Funny, no matter what the holiday, what the food being served … always end up spending the same amount (sorry, don’t even want to say), lol!! Oh, and since I mentioned booze … wanted to point out a peeve of mine!! Why am I overstocked making sure there’s no chance in hell of running out for ‘you guys’, yet when invited to your parties, ‘you guys’ always seem to be in short supply?? When everyone’s trying to have a good time enjoying themselves … nothing worse than rationing, nursing your drink … just sayin’!!


Five Fucking Funny Quotes!!

Least they were way back when … reading them now, they still manage to put a goofy grin on my mug!! All can be attributed to one person: C.C.M.!! All were quick comebacks, quick repartee!! All I’m gonna say about it too y’all … have zipped lips!! Quoting Sgt. Schultz, “I know nothing, nothing” … hey, and since I’m happily tossing around quotes, Manuel too, “I know nothing”, lol!!

you could fuck me 5 times a day like that

you gonna gimme all 8?

oh yes … punish me … I deserve it

I bet those bitches were hot!!!!!!!!!!

you gonna make me cum with your mouth lover?

I am a complete fucking asshole.