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South St.!! Missed it by that much!!

Firstly, gotta give Max credit for the quote. Get Smart. Twenty minutes prior to pick-up, to my arrival, Boy Wonder informs me he just wants to grab a quick burger before heading home, says he wants South St., tells me the location as well. Initially feel somewhat disappointed, fuck I was thinking after finishing my day, I’d be setting my fat fanny down at any number of great Toronto restaurants, staying for awhile (with any luck, a long while), and enjoying a few beers along with my meal. Boy W saw it differently, and after he mentioned his desire for cheap-eats was actually getting excited and psyched myself about finally getting an opportunity to try ‘n taste the great burgers at South St. that lately I’ve been hearing so much about. When I arrive, point out and mention to him that to get there we’d have to backtrack, something I wasn’t keen on doing. No problem he says, there’s one in our direction, just up the street too. This is the heart of uptown Toronto … Yonge and Eglinton … parking is very difficult anytime of day even at the best of times, let alone rush hour. Driving around in circles unable to park, I frustratingly drive away thinking another lost opportunity, South St. would have to wait!! Luckily, as if the burger Gods were watching over me, driving up Yonge a spot became available  … a mere block away. Stepping out of the car, exactly where I parked, I (we) see this other burger place, Gourmet Burger Co. … what’s this I say? Boy W tells me about it, hasn’t tried it yet, but says he wants to. Today’s as good a day as any I figure, quickly arriving at our decision, we bail on South St. (unfortunately) and walk in!! Glad we did, burger was really good too, so sorry South St. but you still have to wait!!


The Works burger 6.95

6oz GBC 100% beef burger, lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed

mushrooms, balsamic marinated caramelized onions,

bacon, regular cheddar & GBC sauce


Paying upfront at the counter meant no tip was required … make no mistake, this really is a fast food joint. We even split the fries … AND … we didn’t even order drinks!! Wanna talk about being fucking frugal? This is it!! This is as cheap as you could get for two!!

Love how these tiny little places ask for your name, as if they’d lose track of the orders. Place probably seats twenty at fucking best, lol … Christ, he even brought it over … you’re gonna ask my name and write it down … at the very least give ‘Dan’ a shout so I could go pick-up my order, lol!!

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who’s yer daddy?

With the impending marriage of ‘the boy who would be king’  just days away, I can’t help but join with those who believe that the heir-hier apparent’s best man, his brother Harry, may not be of Royal blood after all!! Although I wouldn’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist, or label myself as such, certainly love them!! William was a strapping lad a few years ago, with a full head of hair and broad shoulders, and now seems to have morphed into his father, a thinned haired wimpy Charles. This hereditary trait is very common with the men in the Royal Family, premature hair loss, premature muscle mass loss!! Harry still has a few years to go, but we’ll see if he inherits these characteristics!! Here’s a pic of James Hewitt, the man Diana was having an affair with, this is well documented … not breaking news, not telling ya anything ya already didn’t know!! Confirmed and admitted by Hewitt himself … although he’s aggressively adamant in his public denial of fathering the bastard (can’t say I blame him, lol)!! And for comparison am posting two pics of Prince Harry, looks eerily similar?!?! Could the third in line to the throne be a commoner?? ROFLMMFAO!!

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The fastest horse ever!! Says I!! He was absolutely unrelenting … a motherfucking machine, who was continually pushing and extending his stride, while his natural ability and talent lacking rivals, were unable to match his resolve and determination, started shortening theirs!! Re-watching his accomplishments on YouTube brings shivers up and down my spine, makes the hairs on my neck stand up and take notice!! This clip is from his Nunthorpe victory at York … a racecourse heavily steeped in tradition … a racecourse with a history spanning over an unrivaled 2000 (+) years!!

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Add family to the mix, and the whole combo is one big family Feaster!! But hey … you guys are worth it *wink wink*, lol!! Hit 3 grocery stores in 2 hours today (one more early Saturday morning still to go … plus, already did the LCBO thing, buying beer and wine) … what a fucking zoo!! Went with a list as long as my arm too, and still I had to deviate from the original plan (quickly threw it out the fucking window), that’s ok, rather be flexible, buying only the best, than settling for what they have, only ’cause it was on my list … pshaw!! Helps that I know my way around these markets, and my way around the kitchen too!! Funny, no matter what the holiday, what the food being served … always end up spending the same amount (sorry, don’t even want to say), lol!! Oh, and since I mentioned booze … wanted to point out a peeve of mine!! Why am I overstocked making sure there’s no chance in hell of running out for ‘you guys’, yet when invited to your parties, ‘you guys’ always seem to be in short supply?? When everyone’s trying to have a good time enjoying themselves … nothing worse than rationing, nursing your drink … just sayin’!!


Five Fucking Funny Quotes!!

Least they were way back when … reading them now, they still manage to put a goofy grin on my mug!! All can be attributed to one person: C.C.M.!! All were quick comebacks, quick repartee!! All I’m gonna say about it too y’all … have zipped lips!! Quoting Sgt. Schultz, “I know nothing, nothing” … hey, and since I’m happily tossing around quotes, Manuel too, “I know nothing”, lol!!

you could fuck me 5 times a day like that

you gonna gimme all 8?

oh yes … punish me … I deserve it

I bet those bitches were hot!!!!!!!!!!

you gonna make me cum with your mouth lover?

I am a complete fucking asshole.

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Five years ago … guessing?! … hoping?!

I remember this day driving (anxiously) and spending the day visiting family, including two that I hadn’t seen for half a lifetime … 20 some years, imagine that!! Five years ago … was a little younger, a lot better looking … don’t even say a fucking word either!! Christ, I ain’t asking for much … at least give me that, lol!! Don’t know why, but like this pic, probably ’cause I’m looking (acting) silly … as per usual, lol!! Oh, seeing this reminded me how much I loved my Fossil Abacus Atomic Watch that I’m wearing … bought it from my fave online shopping site. Was one of my favourite purchases from them … EVER!! Brought back good memories, that I dug it out to wear today too, lol!! Sorry sexy!! I know, I know …it’s all I can show&share!! Don’t be so shy sexy, lol!!

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Chili April!!

Fuck was it ever … too late in the year for such cold days, worked out well for making my chili though!! Blogged plenty in the past ’bout chili, blogging again!! I always do things slightly differently each time I make chili, so I’ll try to concentrate on those details, the differences!! The biggest change was using my meat grinder, taking a 1.5 kilo sirloin roast and making minced meat out of it!! You can really see the freshness of the beef, thrilled with the purchase … love my LEM!!

Here’s the chili after 6 hours (give or take), slowly simmering in my 12 quart 18/10 stainless steel Lagostina stock pot!! Looks deceiving, trust me there’s plenty here to fill at least 12 hungry bellies!! Near the end of the stewing process, a light bulb went off … and on a whim decided to toss in 5 heaping spoonfuls of frozen peaches and cream corn … thought it was ingenious, substituting it for hominy that I’ve previously used, but with bonuses: being cheaper, easier to include last minute, and adding great colour!! I did mention how ingenious it was, right? LOL!!

I lightly sprinkled ground chipotle chilies, adding a sweet&smoky flavour … another new change!! I always serve my chili on a bed of rice, this time was no different, ‘cept that the rice I used was a combination of at least 6 varieties that I combined in a container and slowly accumulated when each individual bag was almost empty. You can even see some wild rice too … oh, made it in my trusty Wolfgang Puck rice cooker … or ‘nicer’ cooker as ‘twinkle toes’ prefers calling it, lol!!

And here’s the bowls ready to be served, topped with fat free sour cream … love how the coolness of the cream balances and compliments the heat of the chili, you can see I added ‘fresh-shred-chedd too, and served it with a crusty French loaf!! Doesn’t get any better motherfuckers!!

… and since ‘The Dirty (starving) Dozen’ never did show, all this was for Tiffany K. and yours truly, plus leftovers … and what they say about chili being better the next day? Yeah, fuck yeah!!


Technician? My motherfucking ass!!

Asshole!! Whatever you did, running that temporary cable through the trees, fixing my neighbours problem, resulted in disrupting my service shithead!! No Internet, no cable!! High speed, or ultra-high speed (whatever the correct designation is) Internet too. Thanks motherfucker!! And after a call complaining, and given the earliest appointment (tomorrow afternoon … says you) what do expect me do tonight? Play with myself? Sorry … did that, all played out!! The only positive (as if ANYTHING is from this) is that I’m forced to post, to blog from my mobile!! First ever iPhone post y’all … hope there isn’t too much editing necessay when finally I do get my service back, lol!!

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… a fucking slice …

of heaven!! Don’t get a chance to treat myself to Bitondo’s like I did back in the day when I called College & Clinton (and Claremont) home!! Lucky for me today was an exception!! The whole ‘Little Italy’ experience … the atmosphere, ambience is what’s so fucking great!! Love the retro feel of the place, the off the beaten path tucked away and hidden in a residential neighbourhood feel too!! Is it the best pizza? Who knows? Btw, what does that even fucking mean … best pizza?  … too many great joints, and so many good pies to say!! Love going back in time and reminiscing!! Great times, great memories … great fucking food!!

You ever get an opportunity to go … fucking take it!!

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Adirondack Potatoes!!

These were a new item, a new product from President’s Choice … showcased in their latest Insider’s Report® … been trying to buy them since they came out, right from day 1!! They had placards in all Loblaws store I went to saying they were unavailable. That was at least two fucking months ago!! Still was eager about ‘buying and trying’ these so I resorted to calling PC’s 800# and finding out straight from the horse’s mouth what the fuck the deal was … took some effort, some prying, but the representative on the phone divulged that they in fact were offered in a few stores, but were immediately recalled citing freshness problems, and she had no idea if they ever will be offered. I couldn’t even find any indication of the product’s existence when checking their website, and the internet, hence the pic you see is one I scanned from my personal flyer, lol!!


Piece of shit!!

Bought this from Canadian Tire a few days back. I needed a new flashlight to replace my old one that I purchased from the same store a few years ago … least that one worked for the duration!! This one I charged after purchasing, turned it on … and nothing!! Chinese manufactured crap!! So yesterday, running around doing my Sunday errands, my joe jobs, went back to return it (not before I threw it on the ground and snapped this beauty, showing my feelings … and frustrations). Got my money back, but not my money wasting my electricity futilely charging it for 12 hours!! Believe me, if they would have said shit … I would have caused shit!!

Also went to the liquor store on Sunday to pick up some booze … said ‘some’ y’all, lol!! Paying for my purchase, I started chatting it up the cashier … it’s what I do, it’s what I am, I’m just a rock ‘n roll man … about the music playing, since I noticed it wasn’t regular radio station shit playing over their speakers as it had been in the past. He indicated to me that recently they were forced to stop, had to do with copyright infringements, essentially the LCBO was previously playing radio station music, without compensating them!! As I was beginning to leave, after finishing paying, he said this to me, brilliantly summarizing his thoughts … putting it into a nutshell!!

“it’s pathetic, it’s just music” – LCBO employee

… couldn’t agree more dude, just fucking music!!

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16, 17 maybe!!

Not sure exactly, doesn’t really matter either!! 2 pics: a studio shot, one at home. Personally prefer the latter, guess since I’m not smiling, I dunno. Had these saved on file, thought I’d publish now … didn’t want to clump photo postings of me, much better to stagger my sharing. Too much of danistrulytheman at once is too much to look at … it’s too much of a ‘good thing’, lol!!