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My Wild Salmon Greek Burger!!

Leftovers … the best fucking part!! Please read previous post before reading this one!! This is my version at least … plenty of whole plank salmon fillet pieces, layers and layers of moist Greek Krinos feta cheese, spoonfuls of fresh tzatziki slathered generously, thick-cut juicy hothouse beefeater tomatoes, all piled high on a soft hamburger kaiser bun!! Let me tell you folks … it doesn’t get any fucking better!!

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dorky douchey move!!

I’m talking about men who when they aren’t wearing sunglasses, slide them up on top of their heads!! It’s completely, “look at me … yeah I’m fucking cool ’cause I walk around with these badboys up top”. Losers, the whole fucking bunch of you!! Either wear them, or don’t!! Indoors, outdoors I don’t give a shit … just put them only on your fucking face!! Pretty fucking simple!! Worse still is people who take photos with them sitting there way up high, like a Goddamn fucking tiara!!I guess it could be worse, they could leave them hanging down the middle of their shirts circa Magnum P.I. era!!

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Or, fucking heat wave, in any case … it’s motherfucking hot!! With no immediate relief in sight either. Temps hovering around 43ºC – 45ºC for at least a week. Man, that’s crazy hot, eh?!! Oh, and for all of my ‘loopy south of the border neighbours’, just google ‘celsius to fahrenheit converter’ to fully understand what I’m talking about here. Methinks it’s an optimal and appropriate opportunity to showcase Sly and the Family Stone. Check above post motherfuckers!!