I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Woodbine Racetrack 1994!!

Not quite there yet, but getting ready (me and my boxy Boss double breasted shit that I had going on … haha) and heading out the door for The Rothmans International. At least that’s what it was called at the time, Canada’s annual premier turf race, won by many, many, great horses such as Dahlia, and the greatest horse of them all Secretariat!! This year’s running went to a good, but not necessarily a great horse … Raintrap. But he did manage to do something, something remarkable all others before, and after, have failed to duplicate, let alone surpassĀ  … to say he hauled motherfucking thoroughbred ass would be an understatement!! In winning, he registered the quickest clocking ever for the mile and a half distance of the race!!

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Victoria Day Weekend!!

Waiting for family and friends to arrive. Boy do I ever look fucking excited, eh? Lindsay Lohan’s mugshots are a fucking party compared to this!! You know what it is, when I have to look into a camera, I get all tense and extremely serious. For me, it’sĀ  a fucking reflex. I’m much better at candid, natural shots, being all relaxed … but apparently nobody ever seems to be taking those. It’s like, stand there and I will take your picture. So fucking contrived … and for me so fucking robotic!! Sorry, it’s all I got though!!

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My new backup BBQ!!

So, you all know how I had this obsession with my homemade hibachi, for use in all the months and time of year sans the summer. That time of year is reserved and allocated for my beloved Weber!! So, the other day I was leafing through all my flyers that I get every week in my newspapers and I came across this ad for a portable charcoal grill … almost like a ‘Smokey Joe’ from Weber. And let’s not kid ourselves, it ain’t up to Weber snuff and quality, but Goddamn it was on sale for $19. What the fuck can you get for nineteen bucks today? Not too motherfucking much!! Oh, and it was a Walmart ad … of all the fucking places … Walmart. Now, I seldom set foot inside this self-righteous holy-roller establishment (last time I did, I questioned an employee as to why the CD section conveniently and purposely omitted ‘Tool’ from their selection. She calmly and politely informed me that they were ‘a family store’ … I calmly and politely inquired ‘if they thought they were God?’ )!! See, this is why I HATE places like this, not to mention their marketing tactics that I see right through, that others appear to be oblivious to, because they continue to go and shop … while I don’t!! Anyways, I capitulated, I succumbed, and I purchased!! Take a motherfucking gander y’all!!

In the backyard, surrounded by splendour … now that’s just fucking showing off, eh?