I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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My Kiehl’s Spiel

… Spiels?, lol!! Ok, ain’t fucking much of a speech or story, just like rhyming … a few pics too of my day shopping at my favourite skincare store yesterday … Kiehl’s Yorkdale!! And puh-leeze don’t assume that ’cause I go shopping for such products that I’m not a man’s man … I’m all man, know that my woman would testify too!! Times they are a changin’ is all, count me in on keeping up …

Coupon incentive courtesy Tiffany K.’s smarts certainly helps … using my hand to block out personal info … btw, nice motherfucking ring danistrulytheman … AND mani, LOL …

Store sign …

But I’m on the outside, and I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colours … LOL

And finally, the booty …

… and no, I ain’t tellin’ ya what I spent, so don’t ask … ‘less yer looking getting smacked upside yer head with my diver’s chrono, lol … real men don’t blather ‘n chatter!!

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“ZEN BABY” – danistrulytheman

“You spent a lot of money, it’s yours to do what you want” – G-Woman … I OWN IT!! Mine, forever … that’s what she was basically telling me!! That was her response to my query when I called today after purchasing yesterday … truthfully my first question was regarding canceling, but hearing her say it the way she did gave me a feeling of extreme pride, and of undisputed ownership that I think I’ll motherfucking keep it!! But, I still have a bone to pick ’bout the cost of the fucking thing … was told it was TWO ELEVEN from someone who seemed like a reliable source, and STILL thought that was fucking expensive … and y’all know me, I’m very very very good with figures, so I know I ain’t mistaken … imagine my unpleasant surprise finding out it was TWO FIFTY-ONE … sheesh!! Way I see it … somebody owes me a double-double-sawbuck, pretty fucking sure and confident Dalton’s Gang won’t be doling out a Goddamn dime … well, well, well … lookie who that leaves, lil’ miss dependable, LOL!! I swear … I ever get a hold of ya … yer ass is grass!!

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I always knew you’d come back to me

Sometimes you hear something in your day-to-day life that strikes a chord … gives you pause … this was definitely of those things, definitely one of those days!! Never even thought much of it at the time, didn’t dwell on it either … kinda hit me later … a delayed reaction. Then realized it was something with a deeper, profound meaning … whoever you are, whoever you meant … just wanna say it made me stop and take notice!! And NOW … I can’t get it outta my mind … sheesh thanks, LOL!! 😉

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seven eight nine

3 numbers in my brain!! Love the consecutiveness … 7,8,9 … fucking perfect, and fucking meaningful!! Lemme explain … well sorta, lol!! Still gotta & gonna keep my cards close to my vest, hehehe!!

7: a lucky number (hopefully proves prophetic … can’t wait)

8: a day

9: a month

There you have it, three in a row … AHHHHH but here’s the rub … only 2 … actually matter!!  Have any real important significance!! Ya’ll good at puzzles? Good luck!! As of now, my lips are officially zipped, lol!!