I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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and now it’s time to kiss your ass good-bye

outta my way
outta my day

dragging me down, why you around, so useless

it ain’t my smile
it ain’t my style
it ain’t my bitch

it ain’t my fall
it ain’t my call
it ain’t my bitch
you ain’t mine

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My Kiehl’s Spiel

… Spiels?, lol!! Ok, ain’t fucking much of a speech or story, just like rhyming … a few pics too of my day shopping at my favourite skincare store yesterday … Kiehl’s Yorkdale!! And puh-leeze don’t assume that ’cause I go shopping for such products that I’m not a man’s man … I’m all man, know that my woman would testify too!! Times they are a changin’ is all, count me in on keeping up …

Coupon incentive courtesy Tiffany K.’s smarts certainly helps … using my hand to block out personal info … btw, nice motherfucking ring danistrulytheman … AND mani, LOL …

Store sign …

But I’m on the outside, and I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colours … LOL

And finally, the booty …

… and no, I ain’t tellin’ ya what I spent, so don’t ask … ‘less yer looking getting smacked upside yer head with my diver’s chrono, lol … real men don’t blather ‘n chatter!!

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“ZEN BABY” – danistrulytheman

“You spent a lot of money, it’s yours to do what you want” – G-Woman … I OWN IT!! Mine, forever … that’s what she was basically telling me!! That was her response to my query when I called today after purchasing yesterday … truthfully my first question was regarding canceling, but hearing her say it the way she did gave me a feeling of extreme pride, and of undisputed ownership that I think I’ll motherfucking keep it!! But, I still have a bone to pick ’bout the cost of the fucking thing … was told it was TWO ELEVEN from someone who seemed like a reliable source, and STILL thought that was fucking expensive … and y’all know me, I’m very very very good with figures, so I know I ain’t mistaken … imagine my unpleasant surprise finding out it was TWO FIFTY-ONE … sheesh!! Way I see it … somebody owes me a double-double-sawbuck, pretty fucking sure and confident Dalton’s Gang won’t be doling out a Goddamn dime … well, well, well … lookie who that leaves, lil’ miss dependable, LOL!! I swear … I ever get a hold of ya … yer ass is grass!!

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I always knew you’d come back to me

Sometimes you hear something in your day-to-day life that strikes a chord … gives you pause … this was definitely of those things, definitely one of those days!! Never even thought much of it at the time, didn’t dwell on it either … kinda hit me later … a delayed reaction. Then realized it was something with a deeper, profound meaning … whoever you are, whoever you meant … just wanna say it made me stop and take notice!! And NOW … I can’t get it outta my mind … sheesh thanks, LOL!! 😉

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seven eight nine

3 numbers in my brain!! Love the consecutiveness … 7,8,9 … fucking perfect, and fucking meaningful!! Lemme explain … well sorta, lol!! Still gotta & gonna keep my cards close to my vest, hehehe!!

7: a lucky number (hopefully proves prophetic … can’t wait)

8: a day

9: a month

There you have it, three in a row … AHHHHH but here’s the rub … only 2 … actually matter!!  Have any real important significance!! Ya’ll good at puzzles? Good luck!! As of now, my lips are officially zipped, lol!!