I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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My Kiehl’s Spiel

… Spiels?, lol!! Ok, ain’t fucking much of a speech or story, just like rhyming … a few pics too of my day shopping at my favourite skincare store yesterday … Kiehl’s Yorkdale!! And puh-leeze don’t assume that ’cause I go shopping for such products that I’m not a man’s man … I’m all man, know that my woman would testify too!! Times they are a changin’ is all, count me in on keeping up …

Coupon incentive courtesy Tiffany K.’s smarts certainly helps … using my hand to block out personal info … btw, nice motherfucking ring danistrulytheman … AND mani, LOL …

Store sign …

But I’m on the outside, and I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colours … LOL

And finally, the booty …

… and no, I ain’t tellin’ ya what I spent, so don’t ask … ‘less yer looking getting smacked upside yer head with my diver’s chrono, lol … real men don’t blather ‘n chatter!!

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“ZEN BABY” – danistrulytheman

“You spent a lot of money, it’s yours to do what you want” – G-Woman … I OWN IT!! Mine, forever … that’s what she was basically telling me!! That was her response to my query when I called today after purchasing yesterday … truthfully my first question was regarding canceling, but hearing her say it the way she did gave me a feeling of extreme pride, and of undisputed ownership that I think I’ll motherfucking keep it!! But, I still have a bone to pick ’bout the cost of the fucking thing … was told it was TWO ELEVEN from someone who seemed like a reliable source, and STILL thought that was fucking expensive … and y’all know me, I’m very very very good with figures, so I know I ain’t mistaken … imagine my unpleasant surprise finding out it was TWO FIFTY-ONE … sheesh!! Way I see it … somebody owes me a double-double-sawbuck, pretty fucking sure and confident Dalton’s Gang won’t be doling out a Goddamn dime … well, well, well … lookie who that leaves, lil’ miss dependable, LOL!! I swear … I ever get a hold of ya … yer ass is grass!!

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I always knew you’d come back to me

Sometimes you hear something in your day-to-day life that strikes a chord … gives you pause … this was definitely of those things, definitely one of those days!! Never even thought much of it at the time, didn’t dwell on it either … kinda hit me later … a delayed reaction. Then realized it was something with a deeper, profound meaning … whoever you are, whoever you meant … just wanna say it made me stop and take notice!! And NOW … I can’t get it outta my mind … sheesh thanks, LOL!! 😉

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seven eight nine

3 numbers in my brain!! Love the consecutiveness … 7,8,9 … fucking perfect, and fucking meaningful!! Lemme explain … well sorta, lol!! Still gotta & gonna keep my cards close to my vest, hehehe!!

7: a lucky number (hopefully proves prophetic … can’t wait)

8: a day

9: a month

There you have it, three in a row … AHHHHH but here’s the rub … only 2 … actually matter!!  Have any real important significance!! Ya’ll good at puzzles? Good luck!! As of now, my lips are officially zipped, lol!!


kindhearted deeds done dirt cheap!!

Apologies Angus … and Bon, lol!! I won this Toronto Blue Jays jersey in a contest. An Alomar (recently inducted into baseball’s hallowed shrine … The Hall of Fame) jersey no less, name’s on the back, gonna have to trust me on that one. Drove this morning to-my-local-Purolator-where-you-come-to-pick-up-your-shit-’cause-you-weren’t-home-when-we-came-by-in-the-first-place-to-give-it-to-ya, LOL!! As I arrived, I noticed the CiNTAS The Uniform People dude doing the floor mat exchange thing that they do … apparently they’re not just uniforms, lol … as I was walking in to pick up my package. Returning to my car, I immediately (and excitedly) opened it wanting to check out my prize … and while I was fully aware it was an XL …holding it up gave me a new perspective on XL … to say I couldn’t contain my laughter is an understatement … and honestly was kinda distracted, I was giddy about the $20 enclosed gift card … BONUS, lol!! Waited a few minutes for big-boy to return to his van … yelled out at him, told him I wanted to give him this, a present from me to him … didn’t know him from Adam, but thought he’d appreciate it more than I would … he did tell me his wife loves Robbie Alomar too. Dude’s obviously a big guy, so I asked him how much he weighed … he answered two-twenty, but he didn’t stop there, wanted to tell me more (I’m trying to lose … blah blah blah, LOL) always an addendum when you go asking people their weight, lol. Even when I asked his permission for pics (promised not to show his mug, although I don’t think he wouldda minded or cared less) was happy to oblige not questioning why, or what my intent was (my FUCKING BLOGHELLO, LOL!!), and both pics aren’t cropped/altered in any way. What you see, is what I shot!! His name is Justin as his name tag indicates … he thanked me, we shook hands … ’cause that’s what real men do motherfuckers … and I drove off. Wear it well!!

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Who’s got short shorts?

I’ve got short shorts … and YES, I assure you I’m-a-hundred-%-hetero despite of it, lol!! Found this pic … danistrulytheman and Rork, one of my best friends back in the day!! Was best-man at his wedding too, am kinda tempted to post a pic, but not today!! Long gone are those muscle legs ‘o mine days, lol … can easily be attributed to my pursuit of athletics (and my youth), although seeing us fucking drinking you’d be hard pressed to know that. Sporting my Stan Smiths, what else?  … cut yer hair, ya long-haired motherfucker, LOL!!


And maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you

Baby I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time

Baby I\’m amazed at the way you pull me out of time

You hung me on a line
Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you

Maybe I’m a man and maybe I’m a lonely man
Who’s in the middle of something
That he doesn’t really understand
Maybe I’m a man and maybe you’re the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby won’t you help me understand

Maybe I’m amazed at the way you’re with me all the time
Maybe I’m afraid of the way I leave you
Maybe I’m amazed at the way you help me sing my song
You right me when I’m wrong
Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you


My friend S.S.!! (via danistrulytheman)

Recently re-read this one!! This post ALWAYS meant a lot to me, easily the most important one I EVER wrote (best one too I hope, lol) … especially when I first wrote it, still to this day (and now … definitely moreso recognizing and understanding the development of our friendship) … oh … and as an added bonus am gonna post a NEW pic (uncovered, unmasked, lol) of S.S. with her permission on a new post … oooohhhh, lucky us!!

My friend S.S.!! Was gonna post about her long time ago, did a one-eighty … “fuck that shit”, bitch doesn’t deserve it, lol!! Of course she did, still does … only now I don’t know where to begin since my previous thoughts elude me, but I’ll try!! S.S. is a very special person to me, she was a GREAT friend … sometimes I question why considering things she said … here she is in her own words: 1) “you should be happier without the aggravation i created” 2) ” … Read More

via danistrulytheman

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My taste!!

… talkin’ ’bout “The Taste of The Danforth”!! I think I came here when it was still in its infancy, fuck has it grown!! It’s the largest festival in Canada, last year 1.3 million people came & ate, sure this year’s attendance will be similar. It’s a food festival … is there any fucking better kind, lol? Snapped a few pics to share …

Beef brisket & ‘slaw …

Coupla ‘qued quails

Tons ‘o corn (gotta love the CORN-diments, lol) …

Paella por favor …

Souvlaki …food of the Greek Gods …

And finally (drum roll please) … a beaming (can ya tell, lol?) Tiffany K. with CP24 reporter George L.damn, once she spied an eye of her fav Georgie Boy … shouldda seen the woman beeline it … I swear I’ve never seen her move so fucking fast in my life, LOL!! Is a great pic though … happy she wanted to share!! 🙂

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Old School Burgers!!

Every year, in my quest for the perfect burger, I invariably revert back to simpler times, longing for them … once (or twice) a year I try to go back to recapture these great times and memories by making my old school burgersAND thankfully was reminded of this by my good friend’s picture of her delicious homemade burgers. These are 125 g (roughly 4 1/2 ounces, perfect size btw) … much smaller than my usual big’uns … and that’s the whole point, K(-ing)ISS … nuthin’ fancy!! Added half a grated red onion, a few squirts of mustard and bbq sauce, and tossed in about 1/4 cup of panko bread crumbs, only ’cause I had them … see that’s the thing, you can be somewhat flexible with the recipe … although I recommend grating the onion as opposed to finely chopping it … this little secret provides a couple of benefits: the added liquid (onion juice) created by grating helps bind the burger, and when making smaller burgers, chopped onions can create spaces in the meat, facilitating the burgers pulling apart and separating slightly at times. You don’t want that, you wanna tight patty (ok, minds outta the gutter y’all …said patty LOL)!! Kraft single slices (the thin ones too, fewer calories … see, always thinking, lol) only allowed on this iteration, only basic condiments too … and of course … ONLY cute ‘n ‘lil  Wonder hamburger buns permitted to this party, LOL!! Enjoy the pics!! 🙂

OK, ok, after eschewing extra cals, you can clearly see I doubled-up on the cheese, I couldn’t resist, lol!! So sue me, really can you blame me, lol? So ooey-gooey good, LOL!! … served on my WP platter too!! 😉

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Food pics!!

Sweet n’ Sticky BBQ chicken!! Oh, and WAY WAY too much, lol …

Caramelized sweet Vidalia onions, love ’em … YUM!! (done ’em on my BBQ also btw) …

Black bean & corn salsa redux … with the black beans, lol!! Went heavy on the fire-roasted jalapénos, being the culinary perfectionist, scraped off the skin with my paring knife (whaddy’all expect, lol) and NO (heaven forbid, lol) I didn’t remove the membrane (the hottest part) or the seeds …

K.C. Sunshine’s rockaguacamole™ (danistrulytheman trademark pending, and for MY version, LOL) and chips … made with my brand spankin’ new blue willow beauty