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Headbangers in leather

Sparks flyin’ in the dead of the night
It all comes together
When they turn out the lights

50,000 watts of power
And it’s pushin’ overload
The beast is ready to devour
All the metal they can hold

Desperation on a red line
Call it heavy metal noise

Tight pants and lipstick

She’s riding on a razor’s edge
She holds her own against the boys
Cuts through the crowd just like a wedge
Ohh, can you feel the static
So many contacts being made
We’ve got up front fanatics
Tearing down the barricade
To reach the stage
Can you feel the rage


On the cheap!!

Isn’t always the case, doesn’t often work out this way … but made this ’cause of the prices … Longo’s advertised ‘our lowest price of the year’ on Atlantic Salmon – $3.99/lb … also bought a 10 lb bag of cooking onions for $1.99 – very good price … AND a 10 lb bag of Yukon Gold potatoes that I bought during their previous week’s sale for $1.79 – even a better price!! Highland Farms had green cabbage (HUGE) and locally grown rapini both priced at $1.49 … the head and the bunch (cabbage and rapini, I mean, lol)!! Cabbage was a basic braising in butter  … was very simple and easy, and as is usually the case with these type of recipes, very delicious. Funny thing: never made it before, never bought it for the matter … and I LOVE foods from the cabbage patch – broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprout, kale, rapini obviously … happy I finally did. Once again, lots of leftovers …

Poached Salmon ‘n onions …

Tender cabbage …

My famous rapini …

Lemon potatoes with caramelized onions …

Plated: with focaccia from OMG Baked Goodness (voted best in the city) …

Very European, very simple, earthy & hearty!! BTW, did ya notice my Wolfgang Puck, lol? 😉


been plurked, rejawed, now wordpressed!!

Plurk probably shouldn’t count, only mentioned it since it got this motherfuckingballrolling!! Rejaw was the first, and y’all know (and love, lol) me … gotta give credit where it’s due. BUT, really found a home here at WordPress … paid my dues, have been incredibly prolific considering I ain’t a blogger nor a writer!! Was I (am I) any good at it, who knows? But let me say this, I love scrolling through and reading past entries … my life chronicled&encapsulated, makes me smile … and makes me smile more knowing that bottom line … it’s REALLY for me!!


two minutes, twenty seconds!!

That’s all it took … looks like I was Blazin’, lol!! Was excited thinking about it, don’t you dare dare me, lol!! All along was contemplating giving their page a “Like”, eventually figured … what fucking for? A one time entry? And then having my News Feed bloated with a bunch of numbskulls boasting the same shit, didn’t make much sense, so I saved it all for my blog!! The plan was to meet lawyer-boy (ah, the best laid plans), but when he couldn’t get excused from court, and considering I was already committed to the joint … and considering I was starving, tired & exhausted too … had a long fucking day, was no Goddamn way I was gonna leave at this point. Flying solo ain’t my favourite, ‘specially when it comes to food … even my woman was MIA … and although she won’t go past medium-hot, says she wants to taste her food … still woulda been happy-as-hell-having-her-tag-along, enjoying her company. Nevertheless, doggie-bagged Tiffany K. ’cause I’m such a “Giving” guy (oops, wait … that’s my Renee, lol). Snapped lots of pics, lawyer-boy called over 2 hours late … surprised I was still there waiting (thanked me too) till he eventually showed, stuck around for 20 minutes visiting, better than nothing, right? Did I say “Giving” , lol?


iPad ordering (from my table … fucking fun&cool, but still working out the kinks) …

In The Land Of The Free, it’s 12 wings/6 minutes … here 10/5 … ‘sup with that shit, lol? Canada always gets fucked with the exchange rate, lol …

2:20 later … remember, no wiping … YEP, I have NO shame lol 😉 …

I knew I’d be ordering more wings after the Blazin’ Challenge, was thinking ten … which Rochelle Rochelle said I could split, so figured 5 Wild/5 Hot, but held off placing the order until I first completed the challenge … ‘ncase the residual heat woulda been too much to take. Afterwards said “fuck it” … ordered fifteen … AND ALL Blazin’, lol!! It’s as if I did the challenge two and a half times, lol … twentyfuckingfiveblazin’ wings … danistrulythemandontplayhalfassed!! What can I say, love, love my heat (onion rings in the background also were great) … don’t these saucy bad-boys look fucking deadly? …

More iPad ordering … check out my special request (told y’all I did her doggie), lol …

The bill of course (lawyer-boy had to start his own) …

THE BEST PART: My free (well, I did earn it) t-shirt …

And the back … “like walking on hot coals, ‘cept you eat ’em”, lol …