I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

My friend S.S.!!


Was gonna post about her long time ago, did a one-eighty … “fuck that shit”, bitch doesn’t deserve it, lol!! Of course she did, still does … only now I don’t know where to begin since my previous thoughts elude me, but I’ll try!! S.S. is a very special person to me, she was a GREAT friend … sometimes I question why considering things she said … here she is in her own words:

1) “you should be happier without the aggravation i created”

2) “why would u like me, me wonders…….. i seem to do nothing but antagonize you”

I know … not only did I put up with that shit, I kept coming back for more, lol!! Honestly, it wasn’t that bad … and if it was, I ain’t sayin’!! My recent out of the blue correspondence lead me to finally blog about her. She freely admitted looking on my site occasionally, but not spying (I prefer lurking, lol). See this is something I love about her, completely honest, and extremely trustworthy … fuck, I trust her more than people who are closer to me, some I trust only as far as I can spit on them. Anybody else would have purposely omitted saying that, or outright LIED about it … but not her!! That’s a quality to be highly admired!! Goddamn … if only trust was a warm, wet cunt, eh?!?! Oh, and btw S.S. you’re ALWAYS welcome to sneak a peek (it’s others I’m more concerned with, lol) … you can be my WordPress bitch any fucking day, lol!! I’m not going to drone on and on boring everyone, or gush too much about how wonderful she is … ‘specially now knowing she’s gonna read it, but I’ll tell a couple of stories …

Throughout our emails, she would constantly use British slang … and I know my share (not as much as her), I used to buy UK magazines (mostly car mags … side story: Tiffany K. was getting on my case for years to throw them fucking out as they sat piled up collecting dust, but I spent so much money on them, I had such a hard time … finally relented … sadly chucked the whole lot) so I knew plenty of terms. I also loved watching Fawlty Towers … oh, and that’s another thing, S.S. had EVERY fucking show from the BBC listed as likes on FB, but not this one?? What’s up with that shit? This one was the fucking best … loved Sybil calling out, “Basil, Basil”, lol. I remember one day, saying to myself, “she hasn’t said ‘arse’ yet, how long will it take?” TWO fucking days, LOL!! I was pissing when I read that. Eventually, would have asked her what’s with the Blimey Limey lingo? … I mean fuck … I ain’t no John Steed, and she’s ain’t no fucking Emma Peel!! … THEN, when the fun stopped, the Brit slang stopped … and THEN I realized how much I missed it!!

I was constantly on her ass, wanting pictures. Bitch never sent me shit for a long, long fucking time!! Close your eyes and imagine danistrulytheman on his knees pleading for pics … it was pretty much like that!! Finally she sent ONE … the one I’m posting … since, like I said … it’s the only ONE I have. But she sent it with this whole story, a long story … I kept thinking, just send the fucking pics, save those words for naughty stories, lol!! Actually, I was touched by her passionate tale and enthusiasm, that I researched about where the picture was taken, and its historical significance!!

I know what y’all are thinking, I think highly of her … so why aren’t we close friends any longer? Well, basically … she went cuckoo for cocoa puffs, lol [JOKING!!]!! Not sure of her take on us now, but without a hint of hesitation … I still consider her, and proudly refer to her, as ‘my friend’!!

OMG, is that a motherfucking HEYS TravelMate, lol?


Oh, and she loves motherfucking kick-ass music!! What’s not to dig about her?, lol!!

Author: danistrulytheman

I'm still a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

3 thoughts on “My friend S.S.!!

  1. Yes, it IS Heys, and i just didn’t list ALL the British shows i love.. (i’ve added it now you nosey parker.) I can’t reach for that spice without saying “BASIL, BASILL!!”, only order a Waldorf salad for one reason, and out of the blue i sometimes say “i know nothing… dragon fly”. You miss that? You sad twat…. and thank you.

  2. Hells yeah!! … and you’re welcome.

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