I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

my skirt


… steaks!! Skirt steak y’all!! It’s the quintessential cut of meat for many Tex-Mex style types of food. I’m talking eating with your hands food … tightly wrapped in a fajita while you fight a losing battle trying to eat it without it bursting, or any juices dripping down your chin … good luck!! These bad boys (surprisingly, finding these ain’t as easy as you’d think, but as always is the case … perseverance pays off) came courtesy (not implying they were free … I paid, lol) my local Whole Foods Market. And the beauty is once you grill the steaks, there aren’t any rules … make the fajitas as you wish, use anything/whatever tickles your palate. Today, went with my grilled poblano and sweet onion relish, shredded Queso panela, a bit of lettuce, and a dollop (or 2) of sour cream (fat-free) smeared on the shell. Wrap ‘n tuck the sucker and have at ‘er … served with my black bean, peaches & cream corn, tomato, jalapeño salad … well, life ain’t too bad!! 😉

tortillas, fajitas … tomato, tomahto … AND straight from Mexico, how authentic is that? …

even more authenticity …

my fave: poblano & onion relish …

beans ‘n corn salad …

flames and smoke … my little bit of hardwood charcoal heaven …

took the pic, grabbed my plate and bbq tongs  … we’re done folks …

2 steaks – 1 mouth …joshing Tiffany K … JUST joshing, lol …

and finally … voilà … 

Author: danistrulytheman

I'm still a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

2 thoughts on “my skirt

  1. The steak looks terrific and I really like that Poblano and Onion relish!

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