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the best grilled rapini w/ sweet onions!

Yep! I said it (my fave btw)! And, in my Le Creuset dutch oven no less! Not one to read/follow rules, prefer to make up shit as I go … bear in mind, many, many years of cooking/techniques in my back pocket help. I get the pot to a scorching high heat, add olive oil (here’s the secret blogging tip: start w/ very little olive oil and continue adding if needed as opposed to the opposite. It’s very important – keeping in mind the onion and rapini will release liquids as you keep cooking. It’s very crucial you allow for this compensation. For this grilling method we want dry, not wet. We can always add, can’t subtract), then the sliced onions, seasoning as I begin searing. After a few browning moments, next comes the broccoli rabe  followed by more seasoning. Look at how high heat fry cooking essentially grills everything w/ not a hint of sogginess! Sweet! A final sprinkling of chili flakes seals the deal! Enjoy!