I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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NY, USA Called!!

212 … and I answered!! Saw, it on my call display, was gonna dismiss it as nuisance spam, telemarketers … changed my mind, and just as I was clicking to answer, knew who it was. “Is this Daniel?” the voice on the other end asked,  after I said “hi” confirming everything. Ok, I ain’t sayin’ the name of the company. But, will name the person who took time to call (despite my profanity laced emails), addressing my troubles and concerns. Thanks Mijon!

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“Mr. Reese, could you try not to get fired before lunch?” – Harold Finch

… LOL, line cracked me up, had only been on the job less than an hour. Wonderboy does have a propensity to rub people the wrong way … and he def don’t take no crap from no one, not even while undercover. Was a scene from last night’s episode of Person Of Interest … best show on TV bar none. Finch and John were both working *wink wink* in a fictitious New York City hotel trying to prevent a murder, Mr. Reese as a bellhop no less, lol … and ya know that shit didn’t sit right with him right from the get-go. Not gonna get into the show, or the plot, either you’re a fan and watch already, or you’re not (your loss) … really should check it out. Oh, and after the day was saved … billionaire boss, in his true altruistic and philanthropic nature … BOUGHT the hotel, LOL!!