I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

cabbage rolls … my new kitchen mission!!

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Kitchen Mission … I like that!! And I better not see a show on the Food Network with that title either. I’ll be fucking pissed … sue your thieving motherfucking plagiarizing asses too!! Ok, so get this, I’ve become so fucking obsessed with this lately. I’ve never ever made cabbage rolls before, really had no desire to so either. When I think about, find it kind of odd considering my European roots. But for some reason I’ve immersed myself in this latest cooking quest of mine … another notch on my chef’s knife. I’ve been scouring cookbooks and the internet, drawing from both what I feel would work, and what won’t. Sorry, Tyler Florence, but a big fat F U to you … and usually I really like your shit, but not this time pal!! It certainly helps (actually, helps a lot) that I have kitchen skills. I take what is useful, and helpful (and weed out what is nonsense). Frankly, I cringe at what chefs nowadays want to create as nouveau cuisine. I’ve decided on a combination of a few recipes. So, yesterday at my favourite Highland Farms, I sought out my Polish ladyfriend (well, one of my favourite ladyfriends … she’s the head of the cheese dept.) and started asking her for advice and any tips she could offer me, and in the meantime I started talking about my thoughts and what I felt would work. Well, next thing you know, about half a dozen employees (all Polish women) gathered and started giving their 2¢ worth. I couldn’t fucking believe it … I was holding court with these b’s right there and then … and I learned so much from all of them!! My friend actually took a knife and showed my how to cut the large vein of each cabbage leaf without cutting it out completely and leaving a chunk of the leaf missing as other recipes call for … that means you too Tyler Florence. She practiced her technique on an outer leaf which is to be discarded anyways. What she did was slice the outer side of the vein parallel to the leaf, thinning it out, but leaving the leaf intact. She said, “How else are you going to roll up the cabbage without having any of the filling come out?” Genius, shear motherfucking genius!! I’m well on my way … I bought many ingredients already, and will probably tackle this in a week, or two. I can’t wait!!

Author: danistrulytheman

I'm still a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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