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Old School Burgers!!

Every year, in my quest for the perfect burger, I invariably revert back to simpler times, longing for them … once (or twice) a year I try to go back to recapture these great times and memories by making my old school burgersAND thankfully was reminded of this by my good friend’s picture of her delicious homemade burgers. These are 125 g (roughly 4 1/2 ounces, perfect size btw) … much smaller than my usual big’uns … and that’s the whole point, K(-ing)ISS … nuthin’ fancy!! Added half a grated red onion, a few squirts of mustard and bbq sauce, and tossed in about 1/4 cup of panko bread crumbs, only ’cause I had them … see that’s the thing, you can be somewhat flexible with the recipe … although I recommend grating the onion as opposed to finely chopping it … this little secret provides a couple of benefits: the added liquid (onion juice) created by grating helps bind the burger, and when making smaller burgers, chopped onions can create spaces in the meat, facilitating the burgers pulling apart and separating slightly at times. You don’t want that, you wanna tight patty (ok, minds outta the gutter y’all …said patty LOL)!! Kraft single slices (the thin ones too, fewer calories … see, always thinking, lol) only allowed on this iteration, only basic condiments too … and of course … ONLY cute ‘n ‘lil  Wonder hamburger buns permitted to this party, LOL!! Enjoy the pics!! 🙂

OK, ok, after eschewing extra cals, you can clearly see I doubled-up on the cheese, I couldn’t resist, lol!! So sue me, really can you blame me, lol? So ooey-gooey good, LOL!! … served on my WP platter too!! 😉