I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


kindhearted deeds done dirt cheap!!

Apologies Angus … and Bon, lol!! I won this Toronto Blue Jays jersey in a contest. An Alomar (recently inducted into baseball’s hallowed shrine … The Hall of Fame) jersey no less, name’s on the back, gonna have to trust me on that one. Drove this morning to-my-local-Purolator-where-you-come-to-pick-up-your-shit-’cause-you-weren’t-home-when-we-came-by-in-the-first-place-to-give-it-to-ya, LOL!! As I arrived, I noticed the CiNTAS┬áThe Uniform People dude doing the floor mat exchange thing that they do … apparently they’re not just uniforms, lol … as I was walking in to pick up my package. Returning to my car, I immediately (and excitedly) opened it wanting to check out my prize … and while I was fully aware it was an XL …holding it up gave me a new perspective on XL … to say I couldn’t contain my laughter is an understatement … and honestly was kinda distracted, I was giddy about the $20 enclosed gift card … BONUS, lol!! Waited a few minutes for big-boy to return to his van … yelled out at him, told him I wanted to give him this, a present from me to him … didn’t know him from Adam, but thought he’d appreciate it more than I would … he did tell me his wife loves Robbie Alomar too. Dude’s obviously a big guy, so I asked him how much he weighed … he answered two-twenty, but he didn’t stop there, wanted to tell me more (I’m trying to lose … blah blah blah, LOL) always an addendum when you go asking people their weight, lol. Even when I asked his permission for pics (promised not to show his mug, although I don’t think he wouldda minded or cared less) was happy to oblige not questioning why, or what my intent was (my FUCKING BLOGHELLO, LOL!!), and both pics aren’t cropped/altered in any way. What you see, is what I shot!! His name is Justin as his name tag indicates … he thanked me, we shook hands … ’cause that’s what real men do motherfuckers … and I drove off. Wear it well!!