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Perfect Pastizzi!!

In the kitchen early in the a.m. making/baking pastizzi – a Maltese delicacy … these are ricotta cheese filled, the most common variety. It’s an annual holiday thing I do for Tiffany K to take to her work for their annual holiday thing that they do … from what I know, and I don’t know much since I don’t ask too many questions (better that way, lol), is that all staff contribute some food for a potluck of sorts. Last year everyone was raving about them (after repeatedly asking, “what are they?” “how do you say the name?” since they didn’t have a clue as to what they were), and who wouldn’t be – it’s cheese stuffed phyllo pastry for Chrissakes!!┬áNaturally she (I) have to out do everyone else, so I order pastizzi from my secret pastizzi place (best in the city by far), drive outta my way to pick them up, and as I previously mentioned, rise and shine extra early (I know, things I do, lol) to bake three baking sheets full, two dozen total. Eight at a time is pretty much the max, you don’t wanna overcrowd them or they won’t puff properly, and at 35-40 minutes per sheet … AND with them having to be done and out the door by 8:00 … well you do the math … did I mention things I do?! ­čśÇ

tray #1 of tres


tray #2


tray #3


the perfect pastizzi