I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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ok ok, last one … least for awhile

… I promise!! As if I have to even begin to apologize/explain myself to y’all … yet here I am. Bear with me gang, your loyalty will be rewarded. Been on a music diggin’ kick lately (can ya tell, lol?) , other blog posts haven’t been there recently for a variety of reasons, and if I ain’t happy, ain’t pushing Publish … lots of trash-tossing lately folks.. Heard this today on my Psychedelic Sunday with Andy Frost … GREAT GREAT song by Three Dog Night … and with Christmas and the holidays upon us … and the song’s feelgoodfestiveness felt throughout … figured one more for the road … as it were, wouldn’t hurt. So please listen and enjoy (btw, Happy Holidays y’all). No need to worry, concern your pretty little heads with what appears to be a danistrulytheman absence … ’cause I’m sayin’ it ain’t so … will be back with a vengeance, BIGGER and better than ever … with plenty of verbal assaults strategically strewn about, lol. Ya can’t keep a good man down …

slipping away sitting on a pillow. dress up tonight why be lonely … celebrate celebrate dance to the music