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Starbucks Spell Fail!!

… uhmm, a made up word? Ok, so spelling’s not their (Maria, Mahaffey, or Ester – take your pick) strong suit … but DAMN MOFOS, they make a mean Cinnamon White Chocolate Mocha … I LOVE that brevage, lol!!


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“I don’t know what it is, but something doesn’t smell right” – concerned Sobeys customer

… “Yeah, it was the salad” – unconcerned Sobeys employee. It’s never been on my list of go to stores. Allow me to politely and delicately explain. I find the clientele to consist of people I normally don’t see shopping in other grocery stores … a store where patrons proudly sport socks ‘n sandals like it’s nobody’s business. Can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve seen women with big-ass hair rollers pushing their buggies (I know who you are – have you no shame, lol?), parading about as they would if they were home alone, out of view of scrutinizing eyes. Newsflash Nellie: ya ain’t, lol! But this stench of spoiled food, Sobeys salad gone bad saga (and I ain’t exaggerating – that shit REEKED) wafting through-out store was the final straw … but not before I plugged my nose, quickly grabbed groceries I came to get, paid and vamoosed … THEN, it was the last straw!! 😛