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Vitamix … it’s here!!

WOW, that was fast!! Ordered the fecking thing Sunday (bought it from an online shopping site), and Thursday afternoon am gushing like a proud papa. Ok, this is a quickie post, with a few pics (tryin’ to hurry … my excitement is gettin’ the better of me, lol). After posting, I first need to read all the info, really make sure I know the Vitamix front to back, don’t wanna fuck anything up. Plus, have tons of shopping still to do … and I know I’ll never Aspire (get it, lol?) to become a professional Vitamix blogger … but don’t be surprised if I occasionally show y’all my amateurish side! 😀

Shipped box is top notch, ya know what’s inside reeks of QUALITY


Speaking of inside … a peek


Wet container – NICE


AND Dry container – BONUS!!


Thrilled to death with the white


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Long Way To Neverland

… and he’s armed to the fucking teeth … just beat him to the fucking punch