I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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sock it to me!!

Whoa!! How much do I love my bank? How much does my bank love me back? First Mackenzie w/ her never-ending, relentless awesomeness/helpfulness, then Hanan coming on board too … ya both went to bat for me, not letting me get fucked – by your employer no less … speaks volumes! Thank you Mackenzie, thank you Hanan! With that issue finally resolved … today, A stepped up as well regarding a separate matter on the same account! After our brief chat yesterday vowing to make things right with a gift card, informs me after speaking with customer care, all they’d be able to do would be a $20 gift card. Was kinda bummed about the amount (sensed he was as well) … so he suggests we scrap the gift card idea (honestly, never was a fan – I mean it’s like mailing cash, was skeptical/scared … lost/stolen, etc., leaving me still screwed) and asks me if direct depositing $50 (the amount I mentioned yesterday btw) into my account would make things right? Hells yeah!! Hells yeah … that’ll make things plenty right! Kept telling the dude, “you’re the man”! I not only love when people know how to get shit done, they actually go about getting shit done!! Thanks A … you def are the mofo man!! I did say whoa, didn’t I?

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Mackenzie, you motherfucking rock!!

Hope w/ all yer awesomeness we can come to a seeing-things-my-way-resolution! Nuthin’ better than an all’s well that ends well story! AND, you almost were able to right my ship being wronged all by yer London lonesome! You sure stepped up … girl def has my back! Somebody give her a raise licketysplitquick … she’s a keeper!!

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… it’s been a long haul … Christ, I bought those two toilets LAST summer … I’ve been sitting on them ever since, lol!! Went through too many to count potential renovators – but I’ll point out/name a few that come to mind. Ben, Stephen, Tony – all three of these cocksuckers committed to do the work, then last minute bailed – completely motherfucking unprofessional btw. AND, I still stand by my “if I ever see his work van, I’m chucking a brick through the windshield” words outta my pissed off mouth at the time regarding one (ain’t saying) who I feel COMPLETELY screwed me, wasting a waiting for your lying ass to show up day. Then came along Oswald – asshole … same story. Next up: Miro – who finally picked up his phone and after our talk asked me to email him with all the pertinent info – I did minutes later. Never heard back from him as he promised … well, not till 3 weeks later with lame-ass excuses, but still he had the nerve to ask me if I still wanted him to do the job … yeah motherfucker, as if … go fuck yourself!! Which finally brings me to my man the Hawk … dude was upfront from the get-go, said it was a 2 week job and it was. Said he could only work 1 week straight (the next week he’d be absent to finish another job), but that he’d return the following week to complete it … and he did – exactly as he said.  Hawk-eye arrived promptly at 8 a.m. and stayed till 5 or 6 o’clock … a few days he even stayed much later, was only one day he left earlier (3 o’clock), and only because he did all he could do. Nine long-ass days later – now he’s gone, and now it’s done!! All’s well that ends well … right motherfuckers, lol?!?!