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on my Christmas wish list!

… I want this!! It oozes beauty and refinement with its bespoke craftsmanship … especially with the personalisation … and if you do follow the link, please be sure to click on Edit Personalisation to see how my iPhone sleeve would look!

… and if you’re in the giving spirit this holiday season, I’ll provide you with my details and shipping address. Hey, I’ve been nice, lol!


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bespoke potato chips

Specifically and intentionally titled my post what I did ’cause they’re from England (and if you have to ask … well PLEASE don’t, lol). I bought these the other day while shopping at Whole Foods Market!! They weren’t on my shopping list and I seldom succumb to impulsive purchases, musta been the big beautiful display they had strategically positioned in the store, and that quirky packaging  … ok, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol. Never thought much of them, that I even bought them … was only later lounging watching HD boobtube that I was craving a snack and I remembered having these, why not give them a go I figured? WOW, unbelievably good. Was immediately impressed with the flavour, taste … the texture and crunch, started reading the back of the bag learning more … and became even more impressed… hand cooked … product of England … variety of potato: Lady Claire … even where they were grown: Herefordshire, I didn’t even have a clue what I paid, and mid-munching went to check my receipt that I conveniently left on the counter for referance purposes if needed (ingenious … brilliant, lol), checked the price – $2.50 … well, they ain’t cheap, but they’re VERY VERY good!! And today being a man about town, popped in for four bags more … yessir yessir!!

My original purchase …

And moments later, lol … oink oink

And today’s haul y’all … even went with a Sweet Chili & Red Pepper

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar (the Whole bag, YIKES, lol!!) …

… oh, and today was paying attention, that two fifty is a two week sale price (ongoing), regular price – four bucks … yep, made off like a spud bandit, lol!! 😉